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You can set global CSS and JavaScript on Wikia by editing special subpages of your user page. Any changes you make will take effect on any Wikia wikis you visit while logged in.

What you can do with these pages?Edit

These pages give you the ability to use JavaScript and CSS to customise your viewing and editing experience while on Wikia. To get an idea of some scripts others have written that you might find useful or would like to try, take a look at the list of JavaScript Enhancements on the Developers Wiki.

How to set it upEdit

On Community Central, edit Special:MyPage/global.css and Special:MyPage/global.js.

These two pages act similar to site-specific personal CSS and JS files, but will affect all Wikia wikis you visit.

Technical infoEdit

  • The files are loaded for every skin.
  • If you want to code JavaScript only for a specific skin, make use of the skin variable in JavaScript, where every wikia stores its skin name.
  • Due to CSS load orders, you may sometimes need to make use of the !important property.

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