A test page that tests various kinds of links in the Shared Help feature, for the Improving help pages help page.

Note: link behavior should be tested away from Community Central.


  • homepage: pointing to
  • homepage:w: pointing to pages on CC
    • [[homepage:w:|CC]] - CC
    • [[homepage:w:Main Page|CC Main Page]] - CC Main Page
    • [[homepage:w:Project:Test|CC Project:Test]] - CC Project:Test
    • [[homepage:w:Help:Shared Help|CC Help:Shared Help]] - CC Help:Shared Help
    • [[homepage:w:Blog:Wikia Technical Updates|Technical Update Blog]] - Technical Update Blog
    • [[homepage:w:User_blog:Kirkburn/Introducing_the_Community_Page_-_a_hub_for_community_info|A blog post]] - A blog post

Half usable

  • c: for non-CC wiki (404 on mobile; use instead w:c:)
  • c:c to point to CC (404 on mobile; use instead homepage:w:)
  • index.php URL to point to CC (displays Oasis on mobile, plus freakin' huge)
    • [ this here page] - this here page

Not usable

  • w:c:c (same as w:c:community) to point to CC (bad, changes to local link)