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An interwiki link is a link to another community. This link is often to another Wikia community, although it may also be to any of the sites listed on the interwiki map. Interwiki links are shortcuts that mean you don't have to use the full URL, and they can help simplify the maintenance of links if a community later changes its URL.

Linking to another Wikia communityEdit

  • To create an interwiki link from your Wikia community to another, use the format [[w:c:wikianame:pagename]]. So for example if you wanted to link to the Jedi page on Wookieepedia, you would use [[w:c:starwars:Jedi]].
  • If you would like to modify the displayed text, follow the same format as with all links, and add a '|' after the link along with the text you want. So for example, [[w:c:starwars:Jedi|test]], would appear as test.
  • Note that non-English communities often have a language code prefix. A German community will often have a URL like, while Spanish communities come under When you link to one of these communities, simply include the language code prefix. Example: [[w:c:fr.wikianame:Page]] (note the dot between "fr" and the wikianame).

Linking to another language version of your community (interlanguage links)Edit

  • To link to a version of your community in different language, use [[languagecode:pagename]], e.g.[[fr:fromage]] will link to the "fromage" article on the French-language version of that community.
  • If you leave off the pagename, it will use the pagename of the article that the interwiki link is placed on.
  • Generally such links are placed alphabetically by language code at the end of an article.
  • Note: because different languages can use different names (such as the English and the French, interlanguage linking must be manually activated by the Wikia community team. If your topic has a community in a different language at Wikia, and you would like to activate interlanguage linking, please leave a request on the Interlanguage link requests page on Community Central.
  • See Help:Interlanguage links for more information about this kind of link.

Linking to an external wiki communityEdit

Linking to a Wikia community from an off-Wikia communityEdit

  • You can generally link to any Wikia community using the syntax:
[[Wikia:c:wikianame:pagename]] or [[Wikiasite:wikianame:pagename]]

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