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Lyrically is a free smartphone app available for iOS and Android. It provides quick access to every song in LyricWiki's community-powered database of over 1.8 million songs. You can find lyrics using the search function and automatically find the lyrics for the song currently playing in your device's music player. For some songs there is also a link to purchase the song or a ringtone.

How to Get the Lyrically Lyrics AppEdit

Visit the Google Play Store on your Android phone or visit the Apple App Store from your Mac or iOS device for the free download of the Lyrically Lyrics app.

Search TipsEdit


Search Lyrically by artist, song title, or lyric word/phrase. Tap artist names or album names to browse deeper into an artist's catalog.

Lyrically also integrates with your favorite mobile music players for easy access to lyrics anytime you're listening to music. So next time you're wondering what that singer is talking about, simply open up Lyrically and the lyrics will be there waiting for you. Basic player controls are right there in the app.

Supported Music PlayersEdit

Lyrically for Android supports many players including: Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify and Rdio. On iPhones and iPods Lyrically supports the built-in Apple Music app.

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Further help and feedbackEdit

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