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A magic word is a keyword or phrase recognized by MediaWiki software (on which Fandom is built), which triggers the software to do something special on the page. When editing in the visual editor, magic words on the page will show up as a green puzzle piece.


An example of magic word input and rendering


  • To add a magic word, simply add the magic word to the content of the page somewhere. It will look like code, but after you save (or preview), it will work as intended.
    • Magic words can be added in either editor (source or visual); however, source mode must be used to edit a magic word. Alternatively, in the visual editor, you can simply remove the magic word you wish to change and add the new one.

Common Magic WordsEdit

Here are some of the magic words used most commonly at Fandom:

  • __NOTOC__ hides the table of contents on a page.
  • __TOC__ places the table of contents exactly where this is entered. It overrides the NOTOC switch.
  • __NOWYSIWYG__, disables the rich text editor on a page.
  • {{CURRENTDAYNAME}} produces the current day of the week.
  • {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} shows the number of articles on your community.
  • {{SITENAME}} produces the name of the community.
  • {{PAGENAME}} produces the name of the page the word is placed on.
  • {{FULLPAGENAME}} produces the entire page name, i.e. along with the namespace, of the page it is placed on.

Full list of Magic WordsEdit

For a full list of available magic words, see the Magic words help page on MediaWiki. [1]

Fandom-Specific Magic WordsEdit

Some extensions or features unique to Fandom also have magic words associated with them. Here is a comprehensive list:

Wiki NavigationEdit

These magic words will fill in data for your community's navigation bar. To utilize them, these must be placed on the MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation page:

#categoryX# — where X is a number greater than 0. This gets the top 8 pages from the X biggest category on a wiki.
#category-Foo# — gets the top 8 pages from Category:Foo.
#visited# — populates a list of the top visited pages from MediaWiki:Most popular articles.
#newlychanged# — gets recently edited pages.
#topusers# — gets a list of the most active users.

Category GalleriesEdit

These magic words will apply to the Category Gallery feature when left on a Category page:

  • __NOCATEGORYGALLERY__ - Hides a category gallery from being rendered on a category page.
  • __FORCECATEGORYGALLERY__ - If the category gallery is enabled on a community, but it is not applied to all categories by default, this will add a category gallery to the category page.


  1. Some magic words may function differently, or not work, at Fandom. This occurs because the version of the MediaWiki software used by Fandom is not always the same version as those of either or

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