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Help:Modifying text

Last edited on March 18, 2014
by Kirkburn

You can use the Wikia editor tools to modify the appearance of text to help format, highlight or call out particular areas of interest.

Step by step

  • Once you click the edit button and enter the editor, you will see this toolbar on top of the page.
Editor toolbar
  • Highlight the text you wish to modify with your cursor, and then choose:
      Bold button
      to make the text bold.
    • Italic button
      to make the text italic.
      Underline button
      to underline the text.
      Strikethrough button
      to strike-through the text.
  • To return to normal text mode, re-highlight the text and click on the active button to unselect it.

Editing in source mode

  • If you wish to edit in source mode, you can format your content using Wikitext.

Next steps

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