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Here are more examples of wikitext formatting.

Wikitext cheatsheetEdit

Description You type You get
Insert the current date and time (UTC) ~~~~~ 20:34, 25 November 2014 (UTC)
Insert username link
Will use contents of Custom signature: entry box in Signature section of preferences, if filled in
~~~ Your username
Internal link with jump to section (within a local wiki) [[Help:Links#Types of internal links]] Help:Links#Types of internal links
Link to a category page [[:Category:Help]] Category:Help
Link to a file (image) page [[:File:MediaWiki_logo.png]] File:MediaWiki_logo.png
Link to another wikia [[w:c:community|Community Central Wiki]] Community Central Wiki
Link to a specific page on another wiki. [[w:c:community:Special:Forum|Community Central forums]] Community Central forums
Display wikitext code as typed <nowiki>[[This is not a link]]</nowiki> [[This is not a link]]
Add a line break This is<br /> broken in two. This is
broken in two.
The following work only if the only text on a line of code
A horizontal line ----
The following work only when used at the start of a line of code
Bold definition term

Any colons (:) at the end of a line starting with a semi-colon (;) will be ignored.
Use &#58; to show a colon.

; Wikitext : Special text that is converted by a wiki into HTML or some other code.

Special text that is converted by a wiki into HTML or some other code.

: One
:: Two
::: Three
:::: Four


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