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This extension is enabled by default on Wikia.

Example multiple upload screen

Multiple Upload allows users to upload up to 10 images for regular users and up to 20 images for admins as of 12 December 2014. It is provided by the MultipleUpload extension, written by Travis Derouin but is no longer maintained.

How to use it?Edit

Go to Special:MultipleUpload on your wikia. Click to find the files on your computer and then fill in the summary and licensing information. The licensing and summary will be the same for the entire batch of images, you will have to manually change the licensing information if it conflicts. Files can be replaced though you will be warned similar to uploading the files individually.

By default the files will upload to the same filename as they have on your computer, but you can change this manually if you wish.


When using Multiple Upload, the file upload size limit limits the total size of all the files combined rather than the size per individual file. The current limit is 10 MB for all of the files uploaded together. Thus, Multiple Upload is great for quickly uploading many small files, but not many large ones.

Admins can change the text at the top of the Multiple Upload special page using the system message MediaWiki:Uploadtext.

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