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To search any Wikia community, you can use the search box at the top of every page. Using the icon dropdown at the left of the search box, you can switch between local and global searches (across a single community versus across all of Wikia).

Advanced Search Edit

Your initial search will likely only search the main namespace, plus a few others. After you search, you may find that you need to expand your search to other areas of the wikia. To do this, click the "Advanced" link that appears at the upper right side of the search results page. It will open a box that allows you to select more namespaces and continue searching.


Advanced search allows you to select more namespaces

Other ways to find pages Edit

How to create a search box Edit

  • To add a search box to any article, just type: <inputbox>type = search</inputbox> in the classic editor. It will produce this box:

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