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A community's title (also called the sitename), is chosen when starting a community, and is important to its long-term success.

Where will the title appear in a new community? Edit

  • In the title bar of the browser window.
  • As the page title of the Main Page
  • Displayed in the variable {{SITENAME}}, wherever it is used, which generally includes the first line of the sidebar.
  • As the default project namespace

Set your wiki's title during the wiki creation process

Advice Edit

  • Choose a title which will attract people to your community and explain to them what the wiki is about.
  • The title should reflect the URL and subject of the community. For example, "Music Wiki" as the title for This makes it easier for people to find the community they want. Real words are therefore preferable to made-up terms such as WikiMusic.
  • Your page rank in search results is partly based on the title. So if you want your community to show up when people search for "charles dickens", then "Charles Dickens Wiki" is a better title than "Scroogepedia"
  • Because the title for the community will be used by default for the project namespace, a short sitename is better. For example, if the title is "Doom Wiki the best Doom site", project pages would be located at "Doom Wiki the best Doom site:Page title", which is awkward; the shorter title of "Doom Wiki" would work better.

How to change your community's title Edit

After the community is created, it is still possible to change the title.

  • Any community founder or admin (with community support) can request a sitename change through Special:Contact.
  • Once your community is created, you can customize the pagetitle shown in the browser bar with a longer phrase.
  • If you want the title and project namespace to be different from each other, please Contact Wikia Staff to request the change.

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