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Mouse-over tool-tip

Example of a large tooltip from the Ikariam Wiki's Dump page

Tooltips are simple hover effects you can use to provide extra information to readers when they hover over certain elements on a page, such as text.

Step by step Edit

In order to make a basic tooltip all you will have to do is surround the text you wish to have a tooltip with span tags containing the parameter title="text goes here!", like this:

<span title="This is a tool-tip!">Mouse-over me to see the tool-tip!</span>

This results in:

Mouse-over me to see the tool-tip!

You can also change the way the cursor looks when hovering over the same text or any other text by adding style="cursor:<cursor-style>;". For example:

  1. style="cursor:help;" will produce this:
    Mouse-over me to see the 'help' cursor.
  2. style="cursor:pointer;" will produce this:
    Mouse-over me to see the 'pointer' cursor.
See also: Help:Cursor

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