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User contributions pages list the edits that a particular user has made on a specific wikia. They allow you to see what edits others have made as well as keep track of your own edits.


User contributions pageEdit

User contributionsv2

  1. The user masthead lists a user's total edit count on this specific wikia
  2. This tab gives you access to the users contributions
  3. Here you can filter the user's contributions by namespace and date
  4. This lists all the user's edits and allows you to link to the page and diff

Additional ways to access contributions pagesEdit

  • All contributions pages are in the form Special:Contributions/USERNAME, enabling easy linking. For example, Special:Contributions/Example.
  • To access your own user contributions page, click Special:Mycontributions, or "My contributions" under the menu at the top of the page.
  • If the user has no login name, click on the IP address in Recent Changes or Page History.
  • To access information about contributions across all wikias, contact Wikia staff.

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