Vanguard is a group of FANDOM users who have volunteered to help make FANDOM's content available on the widest possible range of devices. They often hang out at the Portability Hub, where they're involved in all manner of user-generated discussions on the subject. They have been given additional user rights that allow them freer access to the MediaWiki and Template namespaces, FANDOM-wide.

Want more info? You can read more about the goals of the portability project or even learn how to join Vanguard.



Vanguard members have a few of the same privileges as local administrators, but across all of FANDOM. In particular, they can fully access your site's Template and MediaWiki namespaces. They do not replace or "outrank" your local administrators, and Vanguard team members will make every effort to consult with your active and engaged local team. Additional abilities allow classifying multiple templates at once, highlighting Forum threads, and enabling or disabling features like Europa.

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