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Wiki Features are special features for a community that Administrators can enable and disable via the Special:WikiFeatures special page.

Overview Edit


Wiki Features

Features are listed with a description and an on/off switch. All users can see Wiki Features, but only admins can toggle the switch.

Wiki Features is found within the Admin Dashboard, or by directly going to Special:WikiFeatures.

Wiki Features has two different areas: Features and Labs.

Features Edit

Features are optional features for your community that are no longer being actively developed and are stable.

Labs Edit

Labs are optional features that are currently within beta testing and are still under development. These features may not have been launched sitewide yet. You'll see how many communities have each feature activated and will be able to send feedback about your experience with the feature.

How-To video Edit

How To Wiki Features02:02

How To Wiki Features

See also Edit

Further help and feedback Edit

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