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AF tag

A sample feed

The ActivityFeed tag allows you to expose Wiki Activity-style recent changes anywhere on your community using simple wikitext.

Step by stepEdit

  • Visit the page you'd like to add this content to, and open it for editing.
  • Add this wikitext to the page: <activityfeed />
  • Publish, and view your new activity feed.


By default, the activity feed shows essentially the same feed as Wiki Activity. You can control certain elements of the feed by adding a few parameters:

Lets you set the number of items listed.
For example, <activityfeed size=3 />
hideimages, hidevideos, hidecategories, hidenewpages
Lets you hide images, video and categories from the feed by setting this value to true.
For example, <activityfeed hideimages=true />
Namespace to exclude - limit feed by removing unwanted namespaces (e.g. remove all blog posts). The space character in namespace names should be replaced with an underscore.
For example, <activityfeed exclude="main,user_blog_comment" />
Allows insertion of formatting directly into the top level of the tag.
For example, <activityfeed style="width:300px;" />
Changes the list into the style of abbreviated user contributions list (one line; icon, name, short timestamp, diff icon) by setting this value to true. Shows content namespaces only.
For example, <activityfeed shortlist=true />

Putting several together would give you a tag like this:

<activityfeed size=5 hideimages=true shortlist=true />

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Further Help & FeedbackEdit

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