Refine procedure? Edit

Procedure (now on redirected page) doesn't seem to work quite as expected. I was working with Here's my revised version for comment:

  1. Paste or copy anything desirable from the page with the incorrect title to the correct one.
  2. Copy to your clipboard the correct pagename then delete the page at the correct title.
  3. Move the second page to the deleted page title, using the "Rename" option in the edit menu.
  4. Open the page history, and undelete the content you deleted. There should be a note at the top inviting you to undelete deleted edits.
  5. Check that you have the version you want. You may need to "Undo" if the last history item merely moved the incorrect material.

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 23:17, January 3, 2017 (UTC)