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Special URL strings Edit

This is an attempt to list all available special URL strings. It is based on a search conducted using w:c:central:Special:PrefixIndex and Special:AllMessages then searching those lists for occurrences of "url". Many of these MediaWiki message do not exist at a pristine wiki. Therefore some of these special strings could be red herrings.

In most cases there is a corresponding MediaWiki message that defines the link used. However, in many cases the corresponding MediaWiki message has been deleted circa March 2007. This suggests that maybe this special URL string mechanism might be being phased out in favor of some other method.

It is not clear to me what the mechanism is behind certain "page-focused" special strings gaining focus based on the current pagename. (I suspect some JS may be at work.) So if anybody in the know cares to explain then that would be appreciated. (It is clear to me how this equivalent function can be implemented using a custom widget definition.)

Special URL string [MediaWiki message] default value on a pristine wiki

Page-focus special URL strings
  • permalink == ???
  • whatlinkshere == Special:WhatLinksHere/{{FULLPAGENAME}}
Page-focus links with unknown special strings
possibly JS triggered only at a User page
  • == Special:Contributions/{{BASEPAGENAME}} conditional upon User: namespace
  • == Special:EmailUser/{{BASEPAGENAME}} conditional upon User: namespace
  • == Special:Block/{{BASEPAGENAME}} conditional upon User: namespace

Red herrings (false positives) value at w:c:central
  • [[MediaWiki:]]
  • [[MediaWiki:]]

-- najevi 16:41, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

Possible confusion in first example Edit

The intro says

... In this example, the three top-level items displayed in the sidebar are "Superheroes Wiki", "Characters" and "Comics".

I can see four single-asterisk items. The addition is "#popular#". These instructions are difficult enough when they're right! Maybe one of you experts can decide whether that fourth item should be as it is and change the number - or do whatever else makes the whole thing fit together properly.

Robin Patterson (Talk) 08:36, December 4, 2009 (UTC)

"most popular articles" Edit

How do you list your "editor's choice", #popular#? "Help" says "You can add articles to the top of this list here: MediaWiki:Most popular articles." - but there's no list there. The default version of MediaWiki:Most popular articles currently says "most popular articles". Do we leave that and show links after it? One line each or run together? — Robin Patterson (Talk) 09:02, December 4, 2009 (UTC)

One page name per line with no leading asterisk. Do not use wiki links (i.e. square braces [ and ]). If you try that and it still does not display then try separating each pair of page names with a blank line. viz.
Project:Manual of Style


yep! the blank line in between successive page names is needed to prevent adjacent page names from merging onto the one line.
-- najevi 10:26, December 8, 2009 (UTC)


Can someone please add a redirect from Toolbar to this page? This wikia is so backwards. Editors can't even create new pages. So stupid. Anno1404 14:31, July 23, 2010 (UTC)