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Aliens, robots, space adventures... Don't miss the rich resources in our amazing Sci-Fi communities!

Featured Wikis

Tardis: A wiki about Doctor Who and its many spinoffs, including Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Traveller: The definitive online "Ship's Library" for the Traveller universe.

Marvel Database Project: The largest Marvel Comics reference in existence.

DC Database: An encyclopedia about everything related to the DC Universe.

Transformers: Robots in disguise! This wiki might turn into a battletank when you're not looking.

Stargate: Stargate Command has all the intel for fans of SG-1, Atlantis, Universe, and Infinity.

X-Files: The truth is out there! This wiki has the files on the series, movies, and spinoffs.

Creative Wikis: The Creative Hub includes many wikis where you can create your own sci-fi content

Classic Series

Star Wars

Wookieepedia: The Force is with this ultimate guide to the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Fanon: Want to create your own galaxy far, far away? Visit this fanon wiki.

Star Wars Exodus: A community about the long-running Star Wars Exodus role-playing game.

Star Trek

Memory Alpha: A wiki which boldly goes where no wiki has gone before.

Memory Beta: Novels, comics and cartoons -- Memory Beta covers all the non-canon Trek.

If your favorite scifi doesn't have a wiki yet, you can create one!

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