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Wikia's current InterWiki map (aka InterMap) is stored in the interwiki table of the database. It is copied from the list below every night. To suggest changes to this list, please go to the talk page.

Note: We don't add new Wikia wikis here now since they can be linked using w:c:pets:page name from this wiki, or using [[wikia:c:pets:page name]] or [[wikiasite:pets:page name]] from Wikimedia projects.

Interwiki linking allows a prefixed internal link style, instead of external link style with the full URL, for example [[Wikipedia:India]] → Wikipedia:India.

The list below can be edited according to your wishes. Don't put everything in, avoid prefixes which are likely to clash with languages, titles involving colons, or Wikia projects. Prefixes are not case sensitive.

A script has been written to copy this list into the database, and this should be done on a semi-regular basis. Please do not change the format of this table.

See also: Help:Interwiki link, MetaWikipedia:Help:Interwiki linking

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