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# This is a list of 'blacklist' titles.  Changes here will affect all page titles on all Wikia.
# Syntax:
#    - Everything from a "#" character to the end of the line is a comment
#    - Every non-blank line is a regex fragment which will match page names

^Blog talk:Recent posts$
^User talk:Wikia$
^User talk:VSTF Bot$
Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

#Common Spambot created Pages
Main Page\/index\.php
Category talk:Forums
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# Foreign scripts, kept together since they are harder for users of the latin alphabet to distinguish what ones match
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#Common User/User talk Movepage vandalism
User( talk)?:(.*?) ON WHEELS!{15,}
User( talk)?:(.*?) [Vv]andal.*
User( talk)?:Vandal.* (.*?)

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User talk:(64\.58\.144\.10|76\.247\.222\.101|76\.195\.186\.73)
User talk:A[Ss][Ss][Aa][Uu][Ll][Tt][Hh][Ee][Aa][Dd]!?
User talk:Anti-Spammer
User talk:Sideways$
User talk:Soldier 79
User talk:Optimus the F22
User talk:Walky Chris Mikael and Everyone likes to have sex
User talk:Angela is a big fat slutty Bitch with hory bitch tits
User talk:FatDetour
User talk:FuckWalky
User talk:EDD!
User talk:Mikeal had sex with a clitoris
User talk:Jaghater\d*
User talk:Thisguyown\d*
User talk:Adamking$
User talk:Alan2100$
User:Golden Eagle/.*$
User talk:Pluto2$
User talk:10\.8\.2\.\d*$

George He is a
Australian asshole
User( talk)?:Angela is a
User( talk)?:.* is a big fat .
User( talk)?:(Smugface the \w+ dwarf|The return of Smugface)
[0-9]{1,3} buy .+
/SS[ ]*Free

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^Talk:Lo mein noodles\/
^Talk:BBQ Chicken Skewers\/

#City Of Eternals comment spam
^Talk:Ho-Ho Horrible House Guest\/

#Farmville comment spam
^Talk:August 28\/

#Stories and info comment spam
^Talk:Newest Articles\/

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