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Which wikis should be spotlighted? Give your suggestions at Forum:Wikia Spotlight.

Currently, the "Wikia Spotlight" header only appears in English. I'm hoping the technical team will find a way of making the heading appear in each user's preferred language, so please add translations below for the phrase "Wikia Spotlight" (or "Wikia Highlight" or some other short phrase which means we want you to look at these 5 wikis)! Thanks. Angela (talk) 17:59, 4 September 2006 (UTC)

Norwegian Edit

  • Utmerkede Wikiaer
  • Utmerket Wikia
  • Wikia Top 5
  • Wikia anbefaler


  • Destacados de Wikia
  • Wikis destacadas


  • Wikia em-destaque
  • Wikias destacadas


  • Wikia-Rampenlicht
  • Wikia-Hingucker
  • Wikia-Highlights


  • Promowane Wikie
  • Promo Wikia


  • Fremhævede Wikias ("highlighted wikias")
  • Udvalgte Wikias ("selected wikias")


  • Sélection Wikia
  • Wikia choisis
  • Wikia Top 5
  • Wikia recommandés
  • Coup de projecteur
  • Pleins feux sur...
  • Wikias à l'affiche


  • המומלצים של וויקיה
  • המובחרים של וויקיה


Wikian valokeilassa ("Wikias in spotlight")

Swedish Edit

  • Wikias rampljus ("Wikia's spotlights")
  • Utvalda Wikia ("Selected Wikia") –Smiddle U T C A S 19:38, 12 November 2006 (UTC)

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