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  • Hello Sannse,

    I'm not sure if you've heard about the news on Gorillaz Wiki. But here's a rundown of the whole problem...

    A user named Star jam167 had been banned from the wiki but had made an anonymous account and had posted a picture of lesbians on the message walls of two people (MisterXenomorph & Worldsokayest). They both reported it and an admin (Radical Edward2) had taken care of it. Yesterday, I got an email from MisterXenomorph saying that he had been globally blocked from every wiki site. I reported it to Radical Edward and he said that he had a feeling that Star jam had something to do with it. This morning another user (Karate kid19) and I had gotten a picture of lesbians from Star jam. We reported it & he was blocked. Then Karate kid19 was blocked apparently due to Star jam using her ip address. Radical Edward unblocked her but now two administrators (Aguziel & HighJewElfKing) from the South Park Wiki were getting suspicious whether Karate kid19 is sockpuppeting as Star jam. Aguziel had messaged Radical Edward to let him know of the possible sockpuppeting. If you ask me about karate kid19, I think she seems alright...but you never know...

    I have a few links if you need any evidence. (i tried to upload a picture but I'm having trouble uploading it)

    Links: [[1]] [[2]] [[3]]

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  • This is Aguziel from the South Park Archives. Do you remember me?

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  • User RobSka has been revealed to be 11 on this thread. Just a heads up ^_^

    --AlannaGaming(talk) - "Inspire, Succeed, and rub it in their faces." (guestbook) - SPD Wiki 05:45, August 22, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Please help me create a new page. I am new at this and don't know how to properly do this and I have some interesting information appropriate for Disney wiki wiki! MANY THANKS!

    Daniel D. Brown

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    • Ok i suggest that you make a wiki about the Disney family and their relitives. This would not only give you one topic to talk about but a whole lot. Another suggestion i have is you make a wiki and have a topic about the Disney family and then you can also have room for anything else Disney like movie theorys and so on. I also think that might attract more readers. Anyway those are just some ideas. Its entirely up to you what you do. I hope this helps and make sure you tell me how it goes. And also if you have time maybe check out my wiki at or c:our-fanfictions

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    • I'd say this is something that can go on the main Disney Wiki. There are articles about Walt Disney's family there.

      All you need to do is to go to the Disney Wiki, look for the "Contribute" button and click to get the drop-down. Then you can select "Add a page" to start on your page.

      You may want to work on your article off-Wikia at first, so that when you save it on-Wikia, it looks good. Check out other articles there to get an idea of what you should include.

      And good luck!

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  • Hi, a certain person on the wiki I'm on has been getting to many insults on his message wall. Because of this his getting emails, he already has Too many insults from what I can tell, I'm asking. Can you disable his message wall, that only the admins of the wiki can put a message on his wall. Including this. Nobody but him and admins can reply to the message. If you can do this I'm sure he will be grateful. (If I have to, should I put a link to his message wall?)

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    • I'm sorry, it's not possible to protect a message wall like that. The best thing for them to do is write to staff using the contact form giving links to the message wall and to specific harassing posts. Then we can look at the situation.

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  • I was wondering if maybe you can help me edit on the Pink Floyd wiki? I saw the leaderbord of admins and you were there. I need all the help I can get :)

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  • Hi, Sannse.

    Callofduty4 recently banned me from chat. He claimed that he banned me for harassment, but I was definitely not harassing anyone.

    In chat, I was telling people about how a friend of mine told me that C.Syde65 was spreading misinformation about me. I was asking around for evidence and found at least one witness (Harleyquin). However, I was then kicked from chat by Callofduty4.

    I asked why I was kicked and got no answer, so I continued discussing the matter with other users. One particular user claimed that I was definitely wrong, even though they admitted that they were not there and that they could not dispute the fact that there were witnesses.

    After a long time, Callofduty4 decided to answer my question. He told me to drop the subject. I was indignant, but I accepted it and planned to tell him about the situation and ask him to check the logs. However, before I could ask him to PM, I was banned. For fourteen days.

    Could you investigate this situation and unban me if you find that I am not guilty? In addition, could you check the ban logs for August 15 and look at what C.Syde was saying about me on that day? 

    I feel that there have been two serious miscarriages of justice- the first being my ban for no reason and the second being C.Syde's badmouthing being tolerated and denied.


    Themasterofdenial (talk) 22:14, August 19, 2016 (UTC)

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    Sannse closed this thread because:
    19:02, August 22, 2016
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    • Ok as it's clear that this argument is going nowhere I am going to butt out of this and unfollow this, so let me make myself clear you won't see another response from me as I am unfollowing this page so please don't reply.

      I am going to be as polite as I possibly can but given your pride I know you will not take notice of this message and I don't care as I have wasted enough energy and time into this argument and I like Syde am done with this.

      Let me make my previous message more clear I was suggesting you move on from this and maturely learn form it. I was not continuing a debate nor was I adding to it so don't come with," I am going into arguments I have no knowledge of mess," as it is completely false.

      I am not blind nor am I devoted to Syde in any way whatsoever I like him am tired of this argument and I like him see where things are stupid and pointless in progression and want to move on from this discussion.

      Unfair? Let me tell you what's unfair mate, Syde having to deal with you to such a extent that he had a nervous anxiety attack for a constant five days and him having a panick attack on chat. He has enough to deal with in life without you causing more damage.

      What's more unfair you may ask? Me watching my friend break down over a silly user and you constantly making me more and more annoyed dispite how many times I tried to convience him to move on from this.

      The mods having to deal with your back chatting, spam and ignoration of there moderation rules which resulted in your ban, not beacuse it was unfair whatsoever, but beacuse you broke the rules which leads you into a ban

      Sannse having to see the constant flood of messages from this silly argument that you started and probably getting annoyed to such a extent that you might get banned again for leaving messages on message walls.

      Buddy you don't know a thing about injustice and I think everyone on Community Central wiki can agree that this argument has been dragged on for long enough and it's time to end it once and for all.

      You will always have that ban there. You will always have it in the past. You cannot change the past and you won't gain anything from this pointless argument. In the end what are you trying to prove, Syde is a bad user, the mods are bad at there job, how is that helpful in anyway.

      So please stop this petty argument and move on from it. Children continue arguments that are old adults move on from them are you a child or a adult. I am appealing to your maturity in this and asking you nicely to move on and mature bro.

      Thank you 


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    • Enough indeed.

      I trust the Community Central admins/chatmods, and so support CoD's ban. Let's move on now please.

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  • I am sorry okay please forgive me

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  • There is a wiki very similar to the 39 clues wiki, with 751 pages on the wiki, but only 3 different people, CahillFamilyHead975 (61 edits), and Lord Cahill (34 edits). Obviously the edit to page ratio doesn't add up, and nearly all of the pages on this wiki are almost exactly like the one on the 39 clues wiki! Is this plagiarism, or a glitch?! Also, I came to you since I couldn't find anything here on plagiarism.

    Links: Cahill Army wiki: [1]

    The 39 clues wiki: [2]

    They are the same! Minus some unexisting links and photos, they are copies! The wiki activity there only shows edits being made on 3 or so pages that are not copies, along with some threads. CFH didn't seem to know the pages, due to this thread: [3]

    Thanks, LucianVesper11 (talk) 16:15, August 19, 2016 (UTC)

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  • I am a little miffed a feature I've used for years to build the Tokusatsu wikis is suddenly gone and replaced with a very generic easy edit builder.

    I can't customize a new template infobox on Kamen Rider Wiki I've been designing for a Comic book (granted it is a one off as the comic is the only one of its kind, but I was going to make a variant for the many manga pages on Kamen Rider Wiki).

    Is source mode still there somewhere for templates or is it gone for good?

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