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December 29, 2005
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  • Promoting and upgrading EmpyreanSmoke to an admin of Supernatural wiki was a horrendous idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hawks and stalks my activity and undoes all of my edits when there's nothing wrong with them. Could you demote him back to regular user status, please? Even Calebchiam said he's shakily uneasy about him possessing admin rights.

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  • Hi! I was wondering if you would mind helping me with something? On my wiki It lists the name as OUATabc Wiki. I want it to say Once Upon a Time Wiki and I tried changing the wordmark to see if that would do it but it still says OUATabc. Do you know how to change this?

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  • The temporary password doesn't work, so I emailed wikia. Is there anything else I can try?

    I've never forgotten a password before :S



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  • Hi Sannse, I like to say your blog How to Get Unblocked has given me inspiration, I will launch my own blog later on, probably in an hour or so, and would like if you could take a look at it, I hope it will be helpful in some sort of way to the users of the community.

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  • Greetings! As you can see,my nickname is Bigbloodhead,and i'm from Brazil.I'm a bit curious to know what a wikia staf normaly do on the wiki.Is he one of the main people that work for the wiki? I know they may stop vandalismmay or not ban bad users...but what more?


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  • I like your banner it is funny you cant find your keys LOL your funny

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  • Hey, I just noticed that y'all recently put the wiki chat on top of the photos, unlike before. Please change it back.

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    • You didn't answer my question.  Please could you look at the five bulletpoints above, and let me know if you understand what I am saying in each.

      It's the same as you asking me whether I understand how you feel.  Just like I answered that, I would like you to answer me.

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    • I see what you are saying in each.

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  • So, I decided to change my username. I liked it for a while (my current name) but now I don't like it because my old friends are confusing me, and I just don't like the name. Is there any way to revert it to my original name, or am I stuck with this dumb name?

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  • Hi! How do you change your speech bubble comment bubble thing? Because I want it to change it's bubble.

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    • You can change the styling of the speech bubble by using the following codes:


      .comments [data-user="Insert username here"] > blockquote {
          background: (add any color you like);
      .comments [data-user="Insert username here"] > blockquote:after {
          border-color: transparent (color) (color) transparent; 

      Note: The first and fourth values of the border-color must be set to transparent.


      var comments = {
      for (var name in comments){
          $('.WikiaArticleComments .comments [data-user="' + name + '"]').addClass(comments[name].toLowerCase.split(' ').join('-'));

      Note: You cannot add more than one right.

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    • And I want other people to have the same bubble.

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  • soakkmeatsmoregirls is putting my life in danger please report him

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