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  • Hi!

    I am guessing you are the famous Aii. I have heard a lot about you c:

    Good stuff of course...

    Heh, heh.

    So, do you like k pop?

    I have nothing else to say ;-;

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    • I see, haha.
      And hm, there are so many K-pop songs - mostly of BTS, of course - that are good to me. To pick one, I suppose Fake Love.
      Oh, and it is fine. I understand. c:

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    • Ok! I will be picking a song once I listen to Fake Lovees.

      Will message when has time so even search it up on Spotify.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Title

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  • heyyyyyy!!!! happy birthday to you!! hopefully it's already April 22 at you!

    I wish you happiness and cuteness in this life :3

    I've heard of you so couldn't lose my chance to congratulate you

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  • Hello! How are you?


    I'm in a hyper mood...Ok? Lol

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi . how are you ?

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  • just saying hi to be nice

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  • Hey, do the globally blocked FANDOM users have to move on to Wikipedia? Tell me please.

    Yours faithfully A FANDOM user

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  • Hey, May We Talk Privately? I'll Have To Send You A Link To A Chat On One Of My Wiki's That Hasn't Seen Anyone But Me. Or Can We Talk Through Email? Or On My Profile.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Just Wondering, What's Vanguard? And How Are You Today?

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  • Hey, I Didn't Do The Sockpuppetry This Time. You Must Have Thought That It Was Me In the Chat Again, But I Was On Other Wikis Reading Them And I Was Too Tired To Remember The Names Of The Wikis That I Was Reading And When I Went Back On My Contributes On My Profile, I Saw That My Ban Was Increased. I Don't Know Who Sockpuppeted In The Chat But It Wasn't Me. I Wasn't Here At The Community Central At The Time. You Made Me Cry Last Night And Also Put Me In Shock. I Don't Know Who The User Was, I Don't Know If I've Ever Talked To The User, I Don't Know If I Ever Had A Connention With The User. This Time I Didn't Do The Sockpuppetry. You Must Have Made A Mistake. I Don't Know How You Knew That Veralann Banned Me For Chat Disruption And Sockpuppetry. After I Gave Him My Deepest Apologies, And Then He Redused My Ban From Two Weeks To A Week. I Also Saw That You Blocked Me For "Envading Ban From Chat" When I Would Never Envade A Ban. Once I Get Banned, I Go Through It. I Use The Ban To Think Over My Bad Behaviour. Yes I Haven't Had A Full Week Of Not Being Banned Since My First Ban Ended On The 1st Of March. I Also Apologized To SayuriDarling On The Chat For The Slur I Done On Februray 28th Once I Joined The Chat On March 1st. I'm Still In Shock Because You Increased My Ban Back To Two Weeks.

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    Aiihuan closed this thread because:
    No further discussion is needed.
    11:14, March 8, 2018
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