• Bio Hello! I'm Algorithmz, a user on Fandom. You will probably see me mostly around Fandom working with the development and technical aspects of the International component of Fandom. You may also see me helping with PIs (portable infoboxes), technical/development parts of a community, and/or assisting with vandalism or spam. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact me on my message wall. :D
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Welcome to my message wall!

Hello and Welcome to my message wall! This is where you can contact me about really anything! I am in many, many topics regarding Fandom. If you need any help or just want to talk, you can contact me below. :)

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  • Hello Algorithmz

    I'm trying to make a simplefied version of the navbox, here on my sandbox but the thing is that when I am expanding it, it still has some spaces.

    Could you fill them?

    Also could you add the v.d.e part?

    Thanks for your time

    "The Phenomenal" Team69Roll(talk)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey can you please tell me. How do I become a vstf, councilor, helper or chat mod? Please tell me?

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    • Hello A Google User,

      Nice to speak with you again! To become part of the VSTF, IVT (helper group), or to become a Chat Mod, you must be invited by Fandom as they are join by invite-only. To become a councilor, you can either be invited or ask them via. Special:Contact/general and express your interest.


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi. My apologies for interrupting this evening, but I'm afraid the problem user Dylan D. Geltzeiler/Thehedgehog7, under his now currently banned account "Ddg13", is still harassing me here on Community Central wiki & throwing childish tantrums, especially over the fictional monster Ramarak/Alpha Skullcrawler from the movie "Kong: Skull Island" whose page is removed from Villains Wiki with the reason that it is significantly different from the rest of its species & has been now merged into the Skullcrawlers article, & I don't want him keep disturbing me anymore. Would you please permanently disable & ban Dylan D. Geltzeiler immediately? Thank you & have a pleasant week.

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    • Hello B1bl1kal!

      Unfortunately, I am not able to do this because I do not have the tools nor rights at the time. If you're dealing with harassment, I suggest you contacting staff (which, from my understanding, you've already done before). If they haven't responded, it is best to submit another request or reply to the first one. If they have responded, please read the reply and act accordingly.

      Just to help you out, one of the best practices to handling harassment is to NOT interact with the user. This shows the user that you are being aggravated by them (making them want to continue) and this also gives them a reason to respond back to your message. By not interacting with the user, the user then see's that his/her attempts to bother you are failing and will be much more likely not to bother you.

      If you need any additional help, please let me know! Have a great week!

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    • Thank you!

      Actually the urgent request thing was the first thing to take care of before leaving you the particular email regarding this situation immediately. Divide & conquer, right?

      Again, thank you Algorithmz & have a great week too! :-)

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    • Glad to be of your assistance!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello i got a problem i saw you said on a adoptation request that i needed to do it on the dutch wikia but i have found that there hasn't been a staff on there since July 2016 making it for me unposible to get a dutch staff response so how could i solve this problem greeting Tullin

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  • Hello. I saw you edited an image on my page. could i be informed why?

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    • Hello!

      On Community Central, we like to categorize all our images dependent on where they appear. By doing this, we will have a clear view on which picture belongs to which category (such as a template image, help image, staff image, or even userpage image) and can use that for various purposes, mainly being organizaiton. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, you may reply below and I would be happy to answer them.

      Have a wonderful day!

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    • Ah. Thanks i understand now.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • r u funny?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Sorry- just need a bit of help. On the Spotlight Request page it says the wiki must have a pesonalized skin. I don't know what this means. Please could you tell me what one is and if my wiki has one. Here is my link:

    Thanks so much!

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    • Hey Martingloamg,

      A customized skin is the theme of your wiki that is not one of the default options. Right now, I wouldn't consider the theme that you have "customized", but there is a way that you can customize your theme.

      1. Go to your theme designer (open this link in a new tab so you can refer back to this message).
      2. Click "Customize"
        1. There, you will be able to change your background and page format settings. Change these to whatever you'd like.
      3. After changing the "Customize" settings, then click "Wordmark"
        1. There, find/create/edit a 250 × 65 image that best suites the topic and upload the file under Graphic Watermark.
      4. Lastly, look below the Theme Designer tool to see what it will look like before it gets published. If you like it and it is comfortable to your eyes, then you can go ahead and publish it.

      Tip: It would be best to incorporate some of the distinctive artwork from the series into the background and make the color scheme more unique.

      If you need any assistance with anything, please notify me! :D

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    • Thanks so much Algorithmz 

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    • You're welcome! If you need any additional help, contact me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Have you ever heard of it?

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  • Can we chat on your wiki some time? I need to ask you a few questions.

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  • So, I have this friend named. Thurday September 24 2015. Here is an entire chat we had, where you can see that he says was unfairly blocked here. Can you talk to the admin CallOfDuty4? He is absolutely not a sock of United Republic, who was bothering a friend of his who is blocked here.

    • Thursday September 24 2015 has joined the chat. 
    • 9:55Chase McFlyHi
    • 9:55Thursday September 24 2015Hi Messanger, I need to talk to you in PM please
    • Btw, NEVER EVER try to ask a admin to unblock a user on his behalf, if you are requested to, even if they insist
    • 9:57Chase McFly?
    • 9:59Thursday September 24 2015Okay, a user on community central named Scotty Gaither asked me to request a admin on Alternate History wiki to unblock him, and I was like "hey let's do something nice for a user" But they accused Me of being a sock, I can PM you to explain in full details this sad story.
    • 9:59Messenger misses family friends and quotevPM me
    • 9:59Chase McFly
    • 9:59Thursday September 24 2015I did
    • 10:00Chase McFlyWell, to be fair, admins don't know who's not a sock
    • 10:00Thursday September 24 2015But they just assumed and IMMEDIATLY blocked me
    • 10:01Chase McFlyThis happened on the Elite Force Wiki last year
    • However, then the trolls made real socks and vandalized everything
    • Not sure what to say here
    • Thursday September 24 2015 has left the chat. 
    • 10:05Messenger misses family friends and quotevthey think korra and I are trolls too
    • 10:05Chase McFlyWhy?
    • 10:05Messenger misses family friends and quotevbecause we are friends with Thursday
    • 10:05Chase McFlyUgh
    • Why must they think friends of people who want to help people who are being harrassed by trolls are trolls themselves?
    • 10:07Messenger misses family friends and quotevI have no clue
    • 10:08Chase McFlyHowever, it's wrong to jump to ocnlsuions right away
    • Conclusions
    • 10:21Messenger misses family friends and quotevyeah
    • 10:23Chase McFlyWe should take a stand and tell them on that wiki not to make a conclusion
    • Thursday September 24 2015 has joined the chat. 
    • 10:28Chase McFlyHi
    • 10:28Thursday September 24 2015Yeah and not to mention, this United Republic who blocked me in the other wiki, trolled me in Cimmunity Central sending me inappropriate PM,s telling me to "get rekt" as well as insulting my family, and when I reported him to a mod, this stupid "CallofDuty4" blocks me for "abusing multiple accounts" .
    • 10:29Chase McFlyOh daer
    • I'll convince them to unblock you
    • 10:31Thursday September 24 2015I don't know. They might assume you are a sock as well, don't take a risk please
    • 10:31Chase McFlyI'll see if I know anybody on that wiki
    • Can you link it?
    • If I know someone there, i'll get them to help
    • 10:32Thursday September 24 2015I am indefinitely blocked on Community Central, and I can't even edit my own talk page 😭
    • Htet Yee Win 1 has joined the chat. 
    • 10:33Chase McFlyOk
    • Htet Yee Win 1 has left the chat. 
    • 10:34Thursday September 24 2015This is the first time, I have ever seen a admin so rude and abusing their power.
    • 10:35Chase McFlyWow
    • 10:35Thursday September 24 2015Ikr
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