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  • I live in My imaginary world to escape my reality one. And I
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is No longer a cashier (thank God).
  • I am female
  • Bio People want to believe that romantic relationships are wrong. That there's this "need" that in order to be happy, you have to have a relationship, and it's like you can't be happy single, but I disagree. There's nothing wrong with being/staying single. But, at the same time, there's nothing wrong with having a romantic relationship either, as long as one or the other is healthy. You have to love yourself before you can love anybody else. Let's take The Heroes of Olympus series for example. A lot of readers don't like it because it has a lot of romance in it. But so what? They're teenagers, a mixture of boys and girls, for God's sake. What do you expect? Romance is everywhere and can happen at any time. The majority of people on this planet have had a romantic relationship at some point or another. It's natural. I don't have any problem with someone staying single as long as they don't demean good and healthy romantic relationships at the same time. And if someone who is currently single but wants to have a relationship, you have no right to tell them to do otherwise. That's THEIR decision to make, not yours to take away from them. There's also no such thing as a "forced" relationship. Unless, you know, one of them is held against their will to agree to date someone. Now THAT'S forced. But when it comes to a boy and a girl meeting for the first time, sometimes a good meeting and there's an attraction between them both; or sometimes not the best first meeting, but after a while they get past their differences and start to build a relationship, that's not forced and it's not wrong. Romance can happen at any time, anywhere, even in the most unusual of circumstances. It's between the boy and the girl in the relationship to decide where their relationship goes or how their relationship is, not the whole damn world, and that needs to be respected.

    And you know what? Not every story has to involve some kind of death. You can create a good story without someone dying.

    If any of you would like to contact me personally, you can do so on any of the following conjoining wikis:

    How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

    Riordan Wiki:

    Pokémon Wiki:

    Friend Code: 5172-0096-6469

    Hunger Games Wiki:

    You can also contact me and read any of my stories on the following links as well.



    This is just a game website, and if you play on it, let me know! Add me!


    Pokemon Wiki Discord:

    I do have a Discord server, which you can find here:

    You can try joining through the app, which you can download on Google Play, or try through the website,

    If I'm not on when you join, you'll only be able to see three channels and speak in two. You'll have to wait until I get on to add a role to you.

    QR codes for Pokémon:
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Heaven Everywhere - Francesca Battistelli

Heaven Everywhere - Francesca Battistelli

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  • I need to ask you something. Now I know this isn't something big to ask but it's something I need to ask you that I was informed to do. Could you delete some comments I posted on one or more fandoms? I will admit I have done something wrong and I was informed by a kindly staff member who is the Senior Community Manager, Cal-Boy, to have the said comments to be deleted and me and him agreed that having the said comments deleted will prevent future conflict and he told me it will comply with the policies they have on here. So could you help me get the comments I posted to be deleted?

    Also, on the Jessie fandom wiki I am trying to convince another admin on there to do the same, this admin is Anylist Amethyst from the wiki I showed you, now you see, I have bee blocked on there for three months and I get the reason for it. But I am asking him if he could delete the inappropriate comments I had posted under my name on there but he's getting kind of mean about it. Here's the last two comments that me and him left on the message wall.

    Me: There's one thing I will need you to do, but it's something to fit the local community policies.

    The comment or more I posted, I want you to maybe delete them if you can but I can't delete it because I was explained that only an admin or a staff member can do that if asked. And the reason why I want the comment deleted is because it's not a comment that should be on here, I was already contacted by a staff member and he did kindly ask me to stop posting the said comments and we talked about it and so far, he has kindly just been telling me if I could stop doing it and I kindly told him that I will. But he did tell me that if I want the said comments deleted, I would have to ask an admin or a staff member from any of the mentioned fandoms. So if you can, will you delete the comments I show you? Keep in mind, my memory has shown signs of aging so if I forget about one or two comments I want deleted, forgive me. I basically was advised by the kindly staff member to contact any admin or staff members to delete the said comments in order to fit the local community policies. So I know I can't delete the comments myself, all I can do is edit them and that's it, so if you please, could you delete the comments I show you?

    Here's what he posted afterwards.

    Anylist Amethyst: Don’t act all nice now!? You don’t bully my users on another wiki OK? Watch this L flash by your way.

    Now I know this doesn't look good on me, and this doesn't look that important. But I'm just doing what Cal-Boy is asking me to do and Anylist Amethyst looks like he's not going to do it, and by it I mean have the inappropriate comments I posted on there to be deleted, he thinks I am just acting all nice to kiss up or get on his good side when I'm not, I'm just doing what I have been instructed to do. So could convince Anylist Amethyst to delete the comments I want deleted from the Jessie fandom I showed you where it's from? Because I don't think he's going to do it unless an actual admin whose higher up than him tells him to do it. So could you help convince Anylist Amethyst to delete the comments I asked him to delete that were posted by me? I'm just doing what I've been instructed to do.

    But I will understand if you can't do that like if it's something that's against the rules or if I have to delete them myself or if someone else has to do that. I don't really know how to delete my own comments so that's why I'm asking for a bit of help.

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  • Hello

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  • Have you heard of me (or any of my wikis )?

    If you have that's great i just wanted to stop by and say hi

    If you have not maybe press the link below

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  • Hello Annabeth and Percy,

    I'm contacting you regarding the Fosters Wiki. In the last few months, I've become an active/semi-active editor on The Fosters Wiki. In these months myself, and a few other users who I do not know personally, have been keeping the site up to date. Primarily, I have been working on updating it and preparing it for the shows next chapter, Good Trouble.

    However, there are some features and pages that are unable to be edited due to me not having Admin privileges. The Wiki has been inactive from Admin influence for quite some time, and I want the wiki to have a chance to flourish and reach its full potential. In order to this, I need to become an Admin. I'm hoping that you can give me the chance to work on the Wiki and help it reach its full potential once more.

    I am no stranger to editing or running Wikis and have much experience. I am a moderator on the Pretty Little Liars Wiki, an admin on The Heiresses Wiki, and an admin on several fanfiction wikis throughout the community as well. If you had planned to return to the Wiki and still had interest in it, then I would be more then happy to work beside you as well.

    I look forward to your response,


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  • It was on app version here is a link of the post i forgot to link it to you yesterday anyway it's:

    Seems Shashank Singh had troubles yesterday in notifications and i gave the link to him in case if it does bug up again in the future is the reply i said suitable in answer?..

    Let me know and if it does act up again can you preform a check to see what causes it.. you know give me tips on what i should do in case it were to happen again if it's (only) temporarly then okay then as long as nothing major happens like that okay.

    Anyway i'll chat with you September 3rd i got stuff to do thing's to get done alright, Chat with you then later..

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  • How do you add a bio to your "about me"? I can't see it:

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  • I had profession permission of making a new account and people are hurting/saying mean things to me here and their, Can you at least half the block time? Please? I haven't done one bad thing on this new account

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  • I know you are grumpy for me making a new account for very personal reasons,I was told it was fine to Make another account. It was also hard for me to make another account becouse there were lots of memories on the old one but that one is all old and unoriginal.

    What I am trying to say is I can abandoned this one and go back to my old one to make you happy.

    Please, the year block was very unfair and I don't deserve it, I liked httyd wiki...

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    Annabeth and Percy
    Annabeth and Percy closed this thread because:
    00:53, June 29, 2018
    • It was only six months.

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    • Me: hmmm, imma check The block: This user is currently blocked. The latest block log entry is provided below for reference:

      16:15, June 19, 2018 Annabeth and Percy (Talk | contribs) blocked Storm And Stormshooter (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 1 year (cannot edit own talk page) (Abusing multiple accounts)

      Me: that does not look like six months to me...

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  • Remove my pointless year block on httyd wiki! I had permission to make a new account becouse I am not using it for sock puppet, I disabled the past account and everyone was okay with it! Your mistaken!

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    Annabeth and Percy
    Annabeth and Percy closed this thread because:
    Not dealing with this.
    11:21, June 26, 2018
  • It nice to see your here.

    Lab rats elite force wiki been pretty rough.

    It caused so much drama back and forth but i can’t take.

    Chars mcfly block me infinity but he say I just to wait for a whole year to get unblocked but it won’t be fair me.

    Chase McFly is harassed me by doing it.

    I trying to talk to him but he won’t listen and bionicforce keeps ignoring me.

    Nothing I can do to help and I try everything I come up with.

    I wish I go back in time to stop this stupid mess getting started in the first place.

    Look like I wait for a whole dumb year to returned lab rats elite force wiki to get unblocked.

    I don’t with I wait that long but nothing will work!

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