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  • Ok, I PROMISE that I am not making this up. I copied and pasted this. By Bunsen9: Of course, this wiki isn't safe! Your code won't do anything. Starco can just take the firewall down. Sarah, how about you stop this chaos and go back to the School of Rock Wiki? This can be found on the Game Shakers message board. Please take time to go look at the message board. BTW, Sarah is our admin that warned us all about this. This is what Sarah wrote prior tho Bunsen9's comment. Here is Andicruz aka Sarah's post: Andi Cruz Hi, it's Sarah!

    Anyways though, my semi-activeness here has changed ever since I transitioned to the School of Rock Wiki. Everyone, this wiki is not safe at all! And you people might think this is some silliness but as an adult, I know what I'm doing! The link below explains everything!!

    VampireMaster123 and Bunsen9, the brand new co-heads of E.C.B will take over this wiki along with Starco992, Mary de La Wary, Idecline22 and QueenAriel. Everyone has to leave now and go to the School of Rock Wiki, before your accounts get hacked!

    You want to report them, but if you do, things could get worse from there. Staff will start to become the villains here. We need to save this wiki, now! I can put up a code which can protect the wiki for a short period of time. Then, we need to all go to the School of Rock Wiki!

    Thanks, Sarah 2 days ago Quote More

    And lastly, for now, here is a post by Diego And Maddie Rock, another admin, who is helping us. Here it is I copied and pasted it:

    COMMENTS (6) July 3, 2017

    Hello everyone,

    Some of you may have noticed that it hasn't been the easiest of times on this wikia recently. I am going to explain why.

    It all started when two users, Bunsen9 and OliviaHolt hatched a plan to take over the wikia and then eventually destroy the Community Central. They targeted me as the new Co-Head. They said they would teach me badly and then make me fail the test. Luckily for me, when it came to the forum vote, I had quite a few people supporting me. Bunsen9 declined. I didn't know anything about the plan at first. Then when things became more revealing it was all left revealed. Bunsen9 managed to blackmail Andi Cruz (Sarah) and take her away from the wikia. Through her efforts she managed to get back.

    Anyway, this morning we managed to trick them by swiping all of Bunsen9's rights away. He would never be able to make an account again. However, OliviaHolt managed to get him back through hacking. Today, along with someone else (Starco22) they hatched a plan to take Sarah and I down. With the help of Andi Cruz1, we have kept low profile, but Starco22 tried to trick me, but I did my research and found out he was part of their plan.

    I made a report to FANDOM a bit after all this started. However, apparently there wasn't 'enough evidence', even though I provided two useful links. I have provided another link, but I don't think they're on our side. I have tried my other friends on another wiki, but they think this is just a small affair. Sure, it is. This is why we really need your help.

    We need to destroy these twits. This is a call to all of you! Please help Andi Cruz, Andi Cruz1 and I to defeat these messed up retards. They're cyberbullying us and we can't get rid of them, even though we have tried to just avoid them.

    If you have any queries or evidence or anything please contact 'Advisor' Andi Cruz1, or 'Co-Heads Andi Cruz (Sarah) or I (Diego and Maddie rock!). Each and everyone of you count. Please.

    From your Co-Head,

    Diego and Maddie rock!

    July 15, 2017

    Hello everybody,

    This is my update on what's been happening recently on this amazing wiki.

    Everything had kept down quite low, with user, QueenAriel, pretending to be a 'Wikia Supervisor', a CSS error (with a white blanked wikia for two days) and OliviaHolt getting blocked. Unfourtanley, Olivia decided to appeal and become a nice person, but the FANDOM staff declined. QueenAriel was in on their plan, but now is on our side.

    Today another whole lot of drama happened. A new user 'VampireMaster123', who is now the head of E.C.B Wiki (a wiki to destroy Andi Cruz (Sarah) and I). He pretended to be a 'Wikia Supervisor'. I knew something was fishy about him. He tried to convince us, and he fooled Sarah, but not me. He later came out with the truth. Unfourtanley, he had taken Sarah and I's rights. Sarah managed to hack him and his rights are now gone and Sarah and I have regained our rights.

    As much as I am happy that we defeated them for now, I know they won't give up - we're far from the end. Queen Ariel is on our side. Bunsen9 is no longer allowed on this wikia, OliviaHolt is banned from FANDOM sites, along with my close friend, Andi Cruz1 (for apparent threatening; he shouldn't have been blocked for three months), and Starco922 has been banned from a few sites due to hacking. We need your help. FANDOM staff still don't have enough evidence - but Sarah and I are tired of all of this.

    Please help us, but also remember 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer' - Anonymous.

    Regards from your Co-Head and Admin,

    Diego and Maddie rock!


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    • Sorry that was kind of long lol.

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    • I'm sorry but I really don't know what to do with all of this. If you would like to talk with FANDOM staff about a particular situation, please use Special:Contact. In your submission, please do more than copy-paste messages. Begin the submission with a clear and BRIEF description of the problem, and then make it clear what kind of help you need. Thanks!

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    • Look. I am not trying to be rude. But our wiki was the listed as the unsafest wiki on Fandom (School of Rock) and everybody there is at risk. Game Shakers Wiki has also become very dangerous.

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    • I don't think you're being rude, and I understand that you are concerned. It's just that all of this information (plus the blog post you linked to) does not make anything very clear to someone who is not familiar with the situation. Who is feeling unsafe or at risk, and what is the nature of the threats? For example, is someone exposing people's private information? Or making threats? From what you have sent, it just seems like a lot of blocking and personal drama.

      Please send in something to Special:Contact if you want staff to evaluate this in a meaningful way. And we need to know a specific description of the problem, and what you hope to have staff do if we intervene somehow. Thanks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello! I'd like to discuss with you in detail about the pawpatrol-fanon Wiki. I apologize for some miscommunication, but I want to explain in more detail what was going on. I'll be on the chat, please PM me whenever you're available.


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    • Hello. I just advised DJ.RJ.Centurion to send in information via Special:Contact and there can be further conversation via email. You guys can collaborate on what you send in, or do separate submissions, it's up to you.

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    • BertH wrote:
      Hello. I just advised DJ.RJ.Centurion to send in information via Special:Contact and there can be further conversation via email. You guys can collaborate on what you send in, or do separate submissions, it's up to you.

      I sent the email myself, as DJ.RJ.Centurion preferred that I handle this situation. Thank you kindly!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I posted a message about this a few days ago, but I'm new at this and can't find it to see if it's been answered. What I would like to know is under what circumstances did the character leave the show. Killed? Fired? Retired? Thanks!


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  • Can you please go to the Yugioh Wiki Fandom and take care of the problems of some users? Thank you for your time.

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  • Please don't ban/punish Consteller28 because of my mistake of reporting him when it was something else then what I originally read. He didn't mean it to the person like I thought, he was saying it to himself. I apologize if I abused the system in anyway and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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    • Don't worry about it. There have been some changes but it's not related to anything you specifically reported.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Sir What is the Purpose of the Top User Leaderboard?

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  • The discussions page here is a mess. May I please become admin so that I can tend to it? I'm on the discussions page almost every day so I can keep up with what's going on. I don't edit any wiki pages but the people on the discussions have a degree of respect for me. I just need the authority to clean up the page and keep it clean. I thought about leaving the fandom for good, but I wanted to try this solution first because I do care about it.

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  • I really want to be unblocked the person who blocked me was speedy I think I really want to be unblocked ill be good

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Having been around a lot of wikis, the only place where a positive response the changes have been located are here on Community Central. Everyone else I've spoken with greatly dislike the changes, and would love it if they were either reverted or at least made optional rather than being forced upon the community.

    I have even shown the new layout to non-wikia users, and they have told me it just doesn't look very appealing. Also from reading the blogs on the subject, it seems a very crucial aspect of wikia has been disregarded. One of its biggest draws was the endless amounts of customization users could do to make their wiki their own. It would have its own identity. I believe wikia was even marketed on that fact before but it's been a while so I don't remember.

    This new design also does not work with a lot of wikis. Most wikis aren't the database discussion wikis like Marvel Comics and such. Most of them are fan wikis that often involve fan-made content. There's also quite a few wikis that feature completely original content and are designed for a community involved with that original content. The designs of the wiki was to match the content and draw in more users. We aren't something professional like Wikipedia or some other website. Most of the users are young adults and teens as well as children. They want to make their sites extravagant and showy. When did each site having its own identity end up being a bad thing? Why does everything have to look the same? This site isn't the creative place it used to be because of these changes. No one I talk to likes them. They've always said things along the lines of "It's just a cringey attempt at being cool and modern." It's actually more modern to allow even more creativity now that I think about it. With a society so hell bent on being individual and unique, making everything seem the same is counter intuitive to today's world.

    Please talk with the rest of staff and rethink the decision to go this route. If things don't change soon, I'm afraid you'll end up alienating a massive chunk of the userbase, which isn't a good thing. Every change since 2014 has been met with great backlash, and it's frustrating to never see anyone EVER take that into account. Even today the Visual Editor is still hated by the dedicated users like myself. What makes it bearable though is that it is an option and not forced upon us like these unfair, unreasonable, disrespectful changes and limitations being implemented what seems to be every so often. Please, fix this. Try to find a way to make all users happy. Like making all aesthetic changes an option, and allowing more creative freedom than ever before. It would attract more users to support individual identity than it would be to go this route.

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    • I absolutely agree with the "No one outside of Community Central likes these changes."

      While I don't think the update is super terrible, it is a pretty bad update. The navbar update in particular irks me for two main reasons:

      1. I hate minimalist aesthetics. It comes off as cheap, lazy, and devoid of creativity. From a visual stand point the new design is not terrible, but it lacks any kind of character or identity. I can see that design/aesthetic working for, but anywhere else feels all the worse for it.
      2. Where minimalism should make complex seem simple, this update makes simple seem complex. That's a roundabout way of saying that the attempt at minimalism has made the navbar menu clunky and finicky with smaller buttons and more obvious sub-menus.

      The 'discussions' update in particular I do NOT look forward to. Let's deconstruct why using the Fallout Wiki discussions board. From what should be a supplementary system to the wiki, how do I access the wiki's content? Either search at the top or click the tiny button at the side. Which means two clicks minimum to get back to the recent activity page when having the wiki's navbar would solve that instantly. Why does the discussions page feel so separate from the wiki?

      Aesthetically, it absolutely does not remind me of fallout. And by the looks of that banner, it's not as though many aesthetic options are available to amend that. In terms of the actual designs of the forums itself, it just feels like a cheap comments section taken from a newspaper website. Devoid of character of any kind. It looks to me like an attempt to copy what Reddit is but without the customisability (I know Reddit is getting rid of that, they're not smart for doing that either). Also; why replace Kudos with upvotes? Now I'm convinced you're trying to assassinate wikia's character.

      On top of this discussions have no search option. How am I supposed to find an old thread like this? All in all, Discussions sound like forums but with all the good stuff gutted out of it.

      But in the echo chamber that is Community Central, the yes-men that run this community will drive every OTHER wikia community into the ground.

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    • Hi Alissa,

      Thank you for your thoughtful appeal. I definitely understand that customization and community identity are closely tied together, and that any changes or restrictions around customization can feel painful.

      Fandom is a business. The content created by editors attracts readers, and we sell space on the site to advertisers who are eager to get those readers’ attention. So we have to balance the needs of all of those groups — editors, readers, and advertisers — to make it work well. We also have to keep pace with modern technology, design trends, reader habits, advertising best practices and numerous other factors that sometimes change rapidly.

      Put simply, change is the name of the game, and it’s our job to try and make sure we keep meeting the primary needs of all of the groups I mentioned. Not everyone is going to be happy with every change. For me, as a “people pleaser” type whose job is help keep users engaged, that’s always been a tough thing to accept. So I understand the frustration. People will almost always prefer the status quo when given a choice. So the choice is not always given, or else nothing would ever change.

      But truly, you always have a choice. You are here because you’re getting something you want from the experience. If you find at some point that that’s changed, then you might choose to not be here anymore. It’s up to you. But I hope before making a decision like that, you’ll take a step back and think about all the things you enjoy about your time on FANDOM and weigh them against all the things you might find irritating or restrictive, and consider the whole picture. I suspect you'll find that you’re still getting quite a bit from your time here.

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    • @aaronbill3

      I hear you regarding the concerns about the desktop layout of Discussions, but as has been said in the past, please remember that the development process for Discussions has been slow and deliberately mobile-first, since already more than half of visitors to the site are using their smartphones, and this number will only continue to grow. Evolution of the desktop layout has been somewhat on hold pending the final header/navigation design that has just been implemented on wikis this week. You’ll see that on Discussions soon which will bring the continuity that you’ve righty pointed out is very lacking at the moment.

      The same is true for search. Forum was never surfaced very well in the on-wiki search either, don’t forget. Discussions will of course be part of search and that work is in progress right now. We’re looking forward to delivering that in various ways in the future, but we’re taking our time to do it right!

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    • A FANDOM user
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