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    • I assume there's a reason your account is infinitely blocked. I don't like to upload too many fanmade images, and show images need to be higher quality.

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  • If you have time, could you fix the color coding so that it takes the highest user right rather than having the color code jump between all of the user right levels? I know that you said you would fix this, just a reminder.

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    • I'll get to it as soon as I can, but things are a little crazy right now so it might be a couple days. If you want, you could comment it out and put the CSS you had back until I fix it.

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    • Bobogoobo wrote:
      I'll get to it as soon as I can, but things are a little crazy right now so it might be a couple days. If you want, you could comment it out and put the CSS you had back until I fix it.

      i will wait, it seems more effective than setting it up for each user

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  • Good day, sir!

    I have noticed that the Vocaloid Wiki has the random graphic wordmark feature. Liking it, I have proposed to admins to implement it as well to Evillious Wiki . The proposal involved 21 logos, which exceeds Vocaloid Wiki's 19 by 2. I have heard that having too much would cause problems so my first question is if that number would suffice.

    My second (most important) question is if I could change the links in the code that you have provided and have it inputted to our Wikia's general Javascript code  by our admins. Would that work? Or is there something more to do for it to work?

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    • I could only imagine it getting noticeably slower with thousands of images, you should be fine :P. The slowness is just caused by the fact that it has to wait for the page to load and then load one image, I don't think there's any way to make it much faster than that.

      Anyway, yep, that's it, as long as you have the images uploaded and get the links in properly. All you have to modify is the list of image URLs once you copy the code.

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  • I have a template I would like to see if can be made. May I ask here directly, or should I stick with the Tech Forum?

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  • Hey Bobo, I know it's a lot to ask but could you write a basic blue picture template so I can duplicate it for my sub-categories? I need to get his template right so I can duplicate it for other pages. Thanks if you can help me. :3 |picture|Name|Description| Just this three category template with these title heads Dairyman88 (talk) 04:09, October 6, 2013 (UTC)

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    • You're the one who designed it :) I don't mind doing all this as long as you learn something from it. Here's how you will use the CSS:

      Add the following at the bottom of your MediaWiki:Common.css:

      .itemtable {
          width: 100%;
          text-align: center;
          color: #006CB0;
          background-color: #DDEEFF;
          border: 3px solid #336699;
          font-weight: bold;
      .itemtable tr:first-child td {
          color: white;
          font-size: 150%;
          background-color: #336699;

      Then to make the table, use this code:

      {| border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table itemtable"
      | Picture
      | Name
      | Description
      | [[File:Whatever.png|left]]
      | name
      | description

      Repeating the last row as many times as you need.

      Try this out and let me know if there are any problems.

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    • Alrighty, I think I'm going to use this template now on my pages, thanks again! ^^

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  • I tried what you suggested concerning that redirect display script I wanted to port to my test wiki, and I eventually realized my problem.

    My localhost wiki is not actually on the internet (I use a WAMP stack program to run my test wiki offline), so the api query request had to include the EXACT location of my server (localhost), the name of my mediawiki folder on my computer, then the I had to enter the rest of the query. like:

    localhost/mediawiki/(rest of api query)

    It also turned out I ported the code for the query line a little off, which was causing a formatting error that caused the query to fail.

    I got it fixed, and now the script runs just as well on my test wiki as it does on my Wikia wiki. :D

    My thank you is for making the original code, the suggestions you gave me for porting it, and the fun I had figuring out the solution to make it work on my test wiki. I even learned some more about Javascript/JSON coding in the process. :)

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  • Hi, in the forums you mentioned that custom edit summaries requires some custom script, can you elaborate on that? Since I want to add that function to help improve our documentation.

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