• I live in San Fierro, San Andreas
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is a gamer
  • I am a Boomer
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  • Hey, can you unblock me on Myths Wiki Boomer? You know who I am, I already messaged you on Leprechaun Films Wiki. I'm SMG...

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  • Would I get admin powers If I returned back to the wiki?

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  • I noticed the request by Monk on there, and i have to ask why in the world did you put such an insensitive comment, forcing him to remove it. The points he made were actually factual, and he can easily back it up by showing warnings made by the 4 pests, how very few people are active there, how you and Sas leave for months on end, how stupid some of the myths are, etc. I think you are a good person, and would like to be on good standing with you, but you must remove the comment or apologize. You have to face the facts:Myths wiki has died with it's current state. It can be revived, but honestly, it's gonna be hard to do so. Monk has finally come to realize what me and everyone else who left the wiki since early 2016 have realized. 

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  • Jim is a boogeyman that the myths wiki uses as a way to silence all criticism

    If you disagree with me, you're a troll!

    I shouldn't even be surprised that your borderline schizophrenic, fascist admin team decided to pass me off using a boogeyman. Bravo. For someone so keen on quoting U.S documents, you sure don't want to follow what they say.

    "Why didn't you mention this sooner?"

    Look at my contributions. I have thoroughly debunked Ali Rocky's little piece of fan fiction, before he had to cry harassment & hate speech and take it down.

    "Anyways, this proves the fact that Jim and his trolls are trying to infiltrate the community and get users to trust them, so they can wreak havoc once again."

    Obviously, because I offered a different opinion, I am a sockpuppet of Gunshow. Obviously. What about the other 5 users who joined the Wiki on January 1st? Are they also vandals and sockpuppets? You are logically inconsistent Boomer.

    "Merchant creating a signature or something for MH007 and commenting a bunch on the forums is perfect examples of him trying to get back in with the community."

    We are now so deep in the paranoia that making CONSTRUCTIVE edits is vandalism. Wow, just wow. 1984 wasn't supposed to be an instruction booklet you know.

    "so I want everyone to be weary of suspicious new users."

    Of course, in this case, suspicious new users = anyone who offers a different opinion, because the world is black and white and you either support Boomer8 or you're a skinhead racist nazi. Yup!

    "Jim doesn't have much of a following anymore"

    'Jim' doesn't even have a Wikia account anymore! The Community Cleansing article literally states that it got closed. There is NO logic in saying that someone who doesn't even have an account has "a following."

    " I don't have a clue how they had moderator abilities, I don't know if they hacked into it or something or if it was a glitch they exploited."

    It could of been that the story was a complete hoax and Ali wanted you to steep to this level.

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  • My original post wrote: The admins need to realize that eventually the editors are going to disagree with them, and they need to do something about it without deleting it, blaming Gunshow and calling it a day.
    Boomer8 on another thread wrote: And also, that Merchant guy is banned for sockpuppetry. He is an obvious sockpuppet of Gunshow's"

    Talk about a sense of irony, huh?

    Boomer8 wrote: I find it quite peculiar how a user who has been here less than a week already

    Okay, so one, you proved the point in my original post yet again. "You are new so your opinion isn't valid." And two, there's something called LURKING that you do before you join a website so you don't make a fool of yourself.

    Boomer8 wrote:and cares so much about this wiki's politics. y

    What's wrong about it? I'm an editor on the wiki. I should be entitled to know how it runs.

    Boomer8 wrote: And the supporting of the skinheads on the Community Cleansing page blew your cover.

    False dichotomy. "You're either with us or you're against us!" shouts Boomer as a user suggests he shouldn't write about others as nazi skinheads.

    Boomer8 wrote: I guess you're trying to push this Neutrality thing so you can get "your side of the story" in on that page

    I did not include Community Cleansing for the neutrality argument. I used it as Ali Rocky claimed that "we can't include insulting remarks on the pages," and that page was my response, as it is filled with terms like racist just pulled from a hat because you don't like the person in question.

    Boomer8 wrote:If you're going to try to start more chaos here can you at least do a better job at pretending you're a different person?

    Making high quality edits that even admins of the wiki have praised = causing chaos. What isn't "chaos" to you, Boomer?

    Boomer8 wrote:As for the Gunshow's proposed Neutrality policy,


    Boomer8 wrote:it is absolutely foolish.


    Boomer8 wrote:The articles are not biasedly written [...]they are written as if the myth was Proven

    Writing articles as if they are 100 percent true or false 100 percent of the time isn't "unbiased." Unbiased would be if they simply reported on the myth, a la wikipedia, and the reader could draw their own conclusions. Dictionaries agree with me.

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    • The politics you want to publish are a little bit of imcrophonesible.But others make sense.

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    • SuperMythGangsta wrote:
      The politics you want to publish are a little bit of imcrophonesible.But others make sense.

      If you want to actually criticize what I proposed, that is completely acceptable from me, in fact, it's what I actually want. You surely put more effort than just banning me and accosting me as a user who hasn't edited in over 2 YEARS like someone we may know.

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  • Hi, welcome to Community Central! Thanks for your edit to the User:Boomer8 page.

    If you need help, feel free to leave me a message; you may also want to visit the forums or join us on Chat. You can also check the staff blog to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events around Wikia.

    Happy editing!

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