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March 30, 2006
  • I live in a galaxy far, far away
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is Senior Community Manager
  • I am Batman
Hi, I'm a Senior Community Manager at Wikia. You can leave me a message below, or get help here:
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  • Hiya Brandon,

    On the Wikia Stars page the 'Connect' button under EdBoy3's name is slightly out of place. It should be moved up a slight bit.

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  • Thank you for informing us about that. I wish to not file a counter-notice because it is simply easier to just create a new favicon and wordmark.

    I do have a question though. Upon reading the trademark guidelines on the F1 website, I see that my wiki will require a disclaimer with the words...

    "This website is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula One group of companies. F1, FORMULA ONE, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing B.V."

    ...onto every single page, since we are unaffiliated with them. Do you have a way onto which I can place the text of the disclaimer below every page (like at the main page)?

    Note: final paragraph altered from original version.

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  • Apparently I've been caught in a global block


    I do have two accounts, LadyVader and WildloughRhulain, but I keep each account for separate wikis, one for the Star Wars Fanon wiki and one for the Redwall wikis.

    Blocked by VegaDark for the following reason: This IP address is prevented from editing across the entire wikia network due to vandalism or other disruption by you or someone who shares your IP address.

    I'm not a vandal. The only pages I've been working on have been my character pages over there. Can someone please help?

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    • Nikolai, you are done in this conversation. You are causing needless drama and being completely unhelpful. Please remove yourself from this so we can actually help Lady Vader without having to deal with you causing problems. Thank you.

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    • Brandon Rhea wrote:
      Nikolai, please calm down. Lady Vader isn't the only one who has experienced this type of problem before. Tupka provided a link showing how to change her IP address. Odds are, she has a dynamic IP address that will change on its own, thus solving her current predicament.

      This block has been in place since September 28th, and it only just started affecting Lady Vader. I would venture to guess that it's not even affecting her anymore, given that she's able to post here on Community Central. It's a global block, so it would affect her everywhere if it was still an issue.

      I talk to Wildy about doing the changes to her IP, might be possibly she need a friend to work on that since shes not good at changing IPs, I myself am not good at working IPs or anything else at this point.

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  • Hi! I know you're somewhat busy at that time, but I just wanna say thanks for teaching me a lesson. If you could remember me, I had been globally banned due to harassment. Here were the block details for reference:

    The block was made by Brandon Rhea.

    Reason given: This username or IP address is prevented from editing across the entire Wikia network due to vandalism or other disruption.

    The blocker also gave this additional reason: Terms of Use violations: abusive behavior.

    Start of block: April 6, 2014

    Expiry of block: October 6, 2014

    Intended blockee: Repeater1919

    Block ID: #92245

    You banned me due to harassment; my actions on

    When I got banned, it taught me valuable life lessons. I now learnt to handle my temper and I'm now more emotionally balanced. Now I'm finally going to talk things more maturely. I'm now more friendly. Your actions even helped me become a better person in real life.

    I just want to say thank you for making me a better person. If you haven't banned me before, I think it would be hard for me to improve.

    Can we be friends, if that's fine with you?

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    • Hey Repeater. Thanks for leaving me this message. We don't usually get messages like this, where something positive came out of a negative experience. I'm glad you were able to reflect on the things you said and improve how you talk to people!

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  • I forgot to log out of my account when I went to help my parents and my sibling made a wikia with my account and i need it taken down please i tried to delete everything but i cant get rid of the photos so could you please take this down for me

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  • - how can you say "No longer in use"? Have you surreptitiously deleted all the Wikia tour pages from this site and the dozen or more individual Wikia sites that use them?

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    • It's no longer in use on Community Central, and we no longer provide support for it. The pages were out of date and, due to our lack of support, were not going to be updated or maintained. Local versions were not deleted and can continue to be used as local projects, but it's not a Wikia-supported project.

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  • Hi Brandan,

    Hi long time no see, I was woundering can you -link- me to my user page on pokemon vortex wikia you know the one where you message me the "welcoming" and i tried to message you back onto my user page on there can you?...-just woundering-


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    • Trainer Micah wrote:

      To: Sannse: I got you reply! And i see thank you for letting me know on the adoption i am woundering can i rename it as a user the Pokemon Vortex i am wanting to adopted is called the same but it as a user has a V.2 onto it's end so you notice can i rename that to where it match's it's wiki as a user- just woundering-

      If not okay then i'll leave it the way it is and i think the link is on the right page for this adoption- so yeah - thank you again onto the message if i need anything i'll be sure to let you know okay,

      So you two know thank's & Chat with you later Kind Regards..

      My pleasure. Also, if that is a message to Sannse, you should do it on her wall. I´m not sure if she can see your message here on Brandon´s wall. 

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    • Okay i will do that now so you know *doing it now* Thanks for the reply again!

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  • Hey, Brandon. My name's Jake, and I'm one of the administrators for the SWTOR Wiki. I don't know wether you're the right person to ask about this, but because I'm relatively new to Community Central intreactions, the fact that I'm sending this message to a staff member is a victory in and of itself :).

    In an ongoing effort to increase publicity, I added some images to our Wiki's promote section on the admin dashboard about a month or so ago, and for the entirety of that month, they've all been "In Review." Is there a way you (or another staff member) might be able to get those images accepted? That would help me out a lot.

    Sorry for taking up your time, as I can imagine you're a busy guy. Thanks!

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    • Hello. Brandon asked me to answer your question as I handle the approval of submitted promote images.

      I'm not actually sure what happened to those images but I don't remember seeing them and they are not on my page of images waiting for approval.

      Could you please try re-submitting them? I notice that a few of them have URLs on them; those would not be approved anyhow, so you may want to crop those or use something different...

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    • Hello, Merry. I've gone ahead and re-uploaded the images. I switched out the ones that included URLs with some different ones as well. 

      Hopefull they went through!

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    • They went through and I have approved them :) You should be all set, but let me know if there are any further problems!

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    • Awesome! Thank you so much!

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  • Hello Brandon, this is SonicTheHedgehogDude, chat moderator and administrator of the official Twitter account, from the Sonic News Network wiki - the largest English Sonic Wiki on the internet. 

    I'm here to present a short question that shouldn't take more of your time.

    I've started a forum thread on the wiki about the implementation and usage of an automatic chat logging system, a program that can record the public chatroom automatically without any manual assistance. 

    Now, the main problem is to get which system to use. Do you or anyone at Wikia Staff know any chat log systems that can record the public chat in real time?

    I'll like a response, thank you.

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    • StraightEdgeSavior Lol
    • No one loves you, dumbass.
    • Uh, Davenport13?
    • StraightEdgeSavior has been kicked by Davenport13.
    • StraightEdgeSavior has joined the chat.
    • 3:37 StraightEdgeSavior wtf?
    • 3:37 Davenport13 Don't call me dumbass
    • 3:38 StraightEdgeSavior Ahahaha
    • Were you offended?
    • 3:38 Davenport13 Um Yeah!
    • 3:38 StraightEdgeSavior But why? You're obviously a dumbass!
    • 3:38 Davenport13
    • 3:39 StraightEdgeSavior Seriously, that person doesn't love you.
    • 3:39 Davenport13 you wanna play ruff?
    • 3:39 StraightEdgeSavior Uh, play ruff?
    • 3:39 Davenport13 yes
    • 3:39 StraightEdgeSavior You're going to have to explain what that means, genius.
    • God, you are such a dumbass!
    • 3:40 Davenport13 and your chat banned forever
    • 3:40 StraightEdgeSavior uh...
    • 3:40 Davenport13 bye!
    • 3:40 StraightEdgeSavior No.
    • No no no.
    • StraightEdgeSavior has been banned by Davenport13 (undo).

    plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • To follow up, the user StraightEdgeSavior has been blocked for sockpuppeting.

      Thanks for reporting this Daven.

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    • ur welcome corey!

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