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March 30, 2006
  • I live in a galaxy far, far away
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is Senior Manager, Fan Engagement and Support
  • I am Batman
Hi, I'm a Senior Community Manager at Wikia. You can leave me a message below, or get help here:
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  • Hello Brandon, I didn't know any other way to get this to you. I have found something strange: when you google the item "Sea Tea" from the game Undertale the website excerpt underneath the link in google shows a line from what seams to be a romantic fanfic about you. It's nothing explicit as far as I can see, but it is rather weird.

    It doesn't show up in the actual wikia article, but it does show up as one of the quotes linked to the article about "Sea Tea" on the bottom of other articles. 

    Perhaps this is just an inside joke, but just in case it isn't I wanted to give you a heads up. 

    Have a nice day!

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    • So this disgusting fanfic is in the HTML header now? Sneaky vandal...

      I was previously purging pages then using the Console for vandalised articles. Wondering if that does reliably update the meta description of the page...

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    • It appears the vandal was using a bot account to do this, as all of the edits were done at the same date, same time.

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  • Hi there Brandon! I'm not sure if you are the most appropriate person to ask this question, but since we've sort of somewhat talked about how "hubs" are de-prioritized, this is kind of related to that.

    Do you know if there's announcement about changing the bottom layout on all pages? I've been on vacation for around 2 weeks and well... some parts of Yellowstone really do not have internet connection unless you pay (my at&t 4G cellular data was completely useless there) so I'm not sure when this happened; it could also happened beforehand and I just didn't notice.

    Why this is relevant, is that, although one can again use the argument that "the previous hub links on the bottom weren't gaining enough traffic, so removing them wouldn't be anyone's lost"; to a certain degree, it'd loose a conveniency it once had, for to me, and I believe at least to a minority if not a lot of people, we used to be able to quickly identify what type of medium a subject of a certain wiki is focusing on. For example, w:c:miraculousladybug, as I wasn't used to seeing full on 3D animated tv series, I actually first assumed it was a featured film I somehow missed, and was able to quickly see that it was under "TV" instead of "MOVIES" when the bottom label was still displaying.

    One may think by reading what's on the main page would give you enough hints, but unfortunately, and especially for the abandoned wikis, it just aren't always clear. I'm not saying I won't still be able to eventually find out if a wiki is about music, books, tv, games etc.... but um, for instance, I have basically no interest in "GAMES"; so before if I scroll down and saw its label, I'd quickly exit and move on. One may ask why I was there in the first place, and I'd be honest; sometimes, I'd click into adoption requests on wikis that have titles that "sounded" like they could belong to a book series... Cuz as noted before, the book community seemed significantly smaller than Games/Movies/TV, so I figured if there's anything I could do I'd offer. And it's during those moment I take full advantage of the former display of the hubs on the bottom of the page.

    I'm sure the decision of removing the labels were indeed after a long discussion, and me voicing my objections here most likely wouldn't bring it back, but I figured I should still at least give feedback on it. If the links to the hubs really is that redundant, although I'm sad to see it go, there's nothing more I could argue about it, but I do however really wish there's still an easy and obvious way to differentiate what type of wiki one is in a glance.

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    • Hey, we announced it in our August 15th Technical Update. The new footer still has information about what type of wiki a person is on. For example, if you're on Wookieepedia, it says "Wookieepedia is a Fandom Movies Community." Our current main verticals are all now in the global navigation as well, with links to their relevant pages on Fandom. Our Explore Wikia page also shows a number of communities in different verticals.

      As you referenced, hubs themselves were no longer getting any traffic. Although they may have been useful for a small handful of people, yourself included, they were receiving no meaningful traffic and unfortunately it meant we could no longer support them.

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    • OMG! It IS indeed in the very, very, EXACT BOTTOM as you've pointed out! I have no idea why I've been missing it... (probably the lack of previous colors... my bad) And YES, it is pretty much all I was concerning over, so super thanks for pointing it out! However, is it possible to consider matching up the bottom text size with the rest, just so it's not so easy to miss? If that can't be done, could considering making the keywords pop out in a different (and standard) color? Again, I understand the answer may very well be "no", but just some feedbacks.

      I'm super duper grateful for your time-efficient respond! You're awesome!

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    • No problem! I'll be sure your feedback about making it bigger is seen by our team.

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  • Hey Brandon! Long time no chat. Sorry to bother you, but I'm not sure who'd be better to deal with this. If there's someone else I should contact instead, please feel free to point me in their direction. Anyway, User:HTen is a new user on SWF (remember that place?). If you follow that link though, you'll see that his Wikia-wide user avatar is pretty clearly some sort of anime pornographic image—which I'm certain violates Wikia's terms of use. Given that's more your (or at least Wikia's) territory than mine, I decided to report him here and let the higher ups deal with it. Thanks so much!

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  • Hi, Brandon!

    You wrote in the blog of ForestFairy, that there are many more languages. When I want to start a wiki I see a lot of them, but not all I know. The abbreviation does not help me. Is there somewhere a list which wiki languages do exist in this "start a wiki"? Thank you!

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  • DE-KickBot is going to be my wikia's main bot, and i'd like a bot flag for it so it doesnt cause spam!

    Theres some permission at that link, plz give DE-KickBot a bot flag!


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  • Okay, so I got a really major problem. I got blocked from my home wiki for some stuff. I accepted it, it is cleared up and  I moved and I am still waiting for my ban to end but a user is trying to demote me from the Community Council! He is not stopping and he wants me to suffer.

    Could you help?

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  • Hi, did you read my new reply to the message you sent me welcoming as the founder? If you haven't read it, here i am, making sure you know. The help i need is exposed over to my wall on "Regular Time wiki"

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  • i can't sign into any account

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  • I want to promote my wiki so I can get some peoples attention to come and help me with it. I can't though becuase the promoting was disabled and the last update was 2014 and now it is 2016. :(. I hope you guys can finish the new one. My wiki is

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    • Hey. Even without Special:Promote, there's lots of great ideas out there for bringing new people to your community. You can read about a lot of those ideas here. Good luck!

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  • Hey Brandon,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog about social media for Wikia communities. As one of the two people who run @GravityWiki, I'd just like to offer my help in anyway I can to promote other wikia-related social account (especially on twitter). In addition, I (and I think Yazzy too), would be happy to help out any communities looking to develop greater social media presences.

    Nice hearing from you, and don't forget to follow back!


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