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March 30, 2006
  • I live in San Francisco
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is Senior Manager, Fan Engagement and Support
  • I am Batman
Hi, I'm a Senior Community Manager at Wikia. You can leave me a message below, or get help here:
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  • Hello Brandon, I'm a user in vs battles wiki, and for some reason, I'm blocked. I looked at the contributions, and it says I'm unblocked, yet I'm blocked. Do you know what's going on with my profile?

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  • Did the Wikia stars program end? If so, Why?

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    • Wikia Stars are no longer a user group, because ultimately all they did was the same as what Council did, so they merged the two user groups.

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    • Hey. Here's the basic gist: we launched the Wikia Stars program in 2013 with the idea of recognizing the best and brightest wiki users, community leaders, and fan experts on Wikia. That way, we could show the internet at large, media brands, and more who the stand out users were in terms of content creation and management. That also gave us the opportunity to include a lot of Stars in fan conventions, video programming, Fan Studio programs, and the Community Council.

      As Wikia evolved, though, other programs began to take on those same ideas. For example, like Stars, Fan Contributors on Fandom are individually-recognized fan experts who have the opportunity to attend fan conventions, participate on video, and more. So we evaluated the future of Wikia Stars and decided that because other programs had taken on most of its scope, we'd migrate Stars to the Community Council—the one thing we were continuing to offer Stars—and end the Wikia Stars program. Stars was a great test run for what became other programs on Wikia, and we consider it a big success—just one that ultimately was absorbed into other programs.

      We also encourage all former Stars (and anyone else, for that matter!) to sign up for the Fan Contributor Program if they want to continue to make their voices more widely heard and have the opportunity for more recognition within the community and fandom at large.

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    • Thanks for the reply Brandon! I am glad Wikia is making everything user friendly! I am happy wikia is making users feel heard. This is the thing I love most about it! Anyways, thanks for replying! Have a great weekend!

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  • Hello Brandon, I'm a new member in this wiki, more specifically, vs battle wiki, and for some odd reason I was blocked from the wiki. I asked one of the staff members why I was blocked, but they claim I'm not blocked. They assume it's a glitch or error. If you can please respond to my message it will be most appreciated.

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  • Why isn't your profile like all other Wikia staff? You were supposed to say that your occupation is "Wikia Community Support", NOT anything else, since you're Wikia staff. I also don't know why you said that your gender is batman instead of male.

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    • Hi again. There's no rule saying anyone has to say "Wikia Community Support." I provided my job title in that section. As for "I am - Batman," I did that because it's funny. :)

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  • Why did you close Thread:680643?

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  • I just relised it is way more than just one user i can probably list 10 councilers unfit to be in said position.

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  • Waybig101 accidently made me admin and removed himself from beureacrat and i can't make him admin and beureacrat why?

    If you can help waybig101 to become beureacrat pla make him beureacrat and admin

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  • So what super secret special annoucement will be posted on that day?

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  • Excuse me Brandon, will you please send a message to the staff of animal mechanicals? 

    because i already give some information to Andrew about the new character and some new episodes of Sonic Boom season 2 and my episode ideas are:

    New friend new member: when a crested porcupine named Crest helps Sonic and his friends beat Eggman by telling them to combine thier abilities, Sonic made her an honorary member and idealist of the team.

    The power of the quills: When the villagers blamed Crest for attacking them with quills after she turned back and giving the team, the piko hammer and boomerang new abilities by using them, the villagers realized that they were wrong about Crest's quills while Sonic and his friends find that her quills are magical and are very useful in battles.

    Relationship reality: Crest has to avoid Amy,Knuckles,Sticks and the villagers from knowing the truth about her relationship with Sonic and Tails, even if it means avoiding Eggman.

    The three horsemen: Sonic,Tails and Crest have to find a way to stop D.B. Platypus from being forced into changing thier behavior after defeating Eggman, receiving the quick-thinking award from the mayor and formed a secret gossip and magician group.

    Trivia: Amy,Knuckles and Sticks did not appear in this episode.

    plus i added a new episode idea called:

    Crest's secret book: Crest is very disappointed when her friends discover her book, portraying all of her friends.

    Trivia: All the members of Team Sonic are named after some of the characters from Glee in The Songs Of New York: 

    Blaine Anderson [Sonic], Rachel Berry [Crest], Kurt Hummel [Tails], Ryder Lynn [Knuckles], Marley Rose [Amy] and Kitty Wilde [Sticks].

    First appearance: Sonic Boom season 2 episode New friend new member


    nickname: Young Lady

    species: crested porcupine

    inspiration: Ash from the 2016 film [because i want Crest to be exactly like her the quills, the eye shape,the ears, the nose, the mouth even her fur except for her eye color and attire.]

    gender: female

    fur: brown

    skin: unknown


    attire: white shirt, black long sleeved shirt, black jeans, golden belt with a silver buckle, black skirt, white sports tape, light blue fingerless gloves, pink sneakers with 3 pink eyelets on each side, a hidden knot shoelace design and white soles.

    silver [upper] and white [lower] dress with white straps, light pink flats with silver circle-like jewels, silver earings and pink lily-like flower with 2 yellow filaments and anthers pinned in front of her right ear [formal events only along with her pair of black jeans, golden belt with a silver buckle, white sports tape covering her hands from her wrists to her fingers with only her fingertips expose and light blue fingerless gloves covering half of her fingers.]

    alignment: good

    affiliation: Team Sonic, The Three Horsemen

    favorite beverage: berry burst smoothie

    likes: hanging out with Sonic and Tails, reading books, listening to music, making potions, playing her instruments, watching movies, making new books, being called young lady, helping animals, her Sword of Anthem,singing.

    dislikes: Eggman, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, the villagers, Sonic and Tails in danger, rosehips [because she's allergic to them and quills, body and eyes will turned green if she sence any rosehips around], her friends horsing around.

    personality: kind,caring,generous,strong-willed,mature,quick-thinking,intelligent,knowledgeable,beautiful,helpful,independent,self-confident,spunky,honest,hardworking,gentle,forgiving,idealistic,protective.

    skills:quill glowing sometimes her eyes and body excluding her attire,speed,flight,enhanced strength,enhanced jump,quick-thinking ideas, skilled potion maker, animal communication, language translation, sword summoning, sharp hearing, mind hearing [meaning that she can hear thoughts of someone else very well], sharp eyesight,quill feeling [which means that she can feel something from distances].

    moves and techniques: various sword fighting.

    ability type:speed,fly and power.

    Oh and by the way, will you please send this infomation to Bill Freiberger on Twitter before i can give you some infomation about animal mechanicals?

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    • Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that Crest is sometimes shown to be quite curious whenever something or someone makes her puzzled and is very tomboyish and serious.

      and most importantly, she is not voiced by Cindy,Nika or Colleen because she is voiced by a singer due to her fondness of music and singing.

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  • I am here to write this letter to let you know how incompetent Wikia. In June, somehow my account mysteriously disabled for no reason forcing to retrieve it but didn't work but then I have to make it account, but then it got disabled forcing me to do it again and the loop goes on.

    However, once I finally made an account that won't be disabled, I then got GLOBALLY BLOCKED accros wikia for no reason.

    So please, tell wikia to stop.

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