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March 30, 2006
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Hi, I'm a Senior Community Manager at Wikia. You can leave me a message below, or get help here:
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  • Hey, Brandon. My name's Jake, and I'm one of the administrators for the SWTOR Wiki. I don't know wether you're the right person to ask about this, but because I'm relatively new to Community Central intreactions, the fact that I'm sending this message to a staff member is a victory in and of itself :).

    In an ongoing effort to increase publicity, I added some images to our Wiki's promote section on the admin dashboard about a month or so ago, and for the entirety of that month, they've all been "In Review." Is there a way you (or another staff member) might be able to get those images accepted? That would help me out a lot.

    Sorry for taking up your time, as I can imagine you're a busy guy. Thanks!

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  • Hello Brandon, this is SonicTheHedgehogDude, chat moderator and administrator of the official Twitter account, from the Sonic News Network wiki - the largest English Sonic Wiki on the internet. 

    I'm here to present a short question that shouldn't take more of your time.

    I've started a forum thread on the wiki about the implementation and usage of an automatic chat logging system, a program that can record the public chatroom automatically without any manual assistance. 

    Now, the main problem is to get which system to use. Do you or anyone at Wikia Staff know any chat log systems that can record the public chat in real time?

    I'll like a response, thank you.

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    • StraightEdgeSavior Lol
    • No one loves you, dumbass.
    • Uh, Davenport13?
    • StraightEdgeSavior has been kicked by Davenport13.
    • StraightEdgeSavior has joined the chat.
    • 3:37 StraightEdgeSavior wtf?
    • 3:37 Davenport13 Don't call me dumbass
    • 3:38 StraightEdgeSavior Ahahaha
    • Were you offended?
    • 3:38 Davenport13 Um Yeah!
    • 3:38 StraightEdgeSavior But why? You're obviously a dumbass!
    • 3:38 Davenport13
    • 3:39 StraightEdgeSavior Seriously, that person doesn't love you.
    • 3:39 Davenport13 you wanna play ruff?
    • 3:39 StraightEdgeSavior Uh, play ruff?
    • 3:39 Davenport13 yes
    • 3:39 StraightEdgeSavior You're going to have to explain what that means, genius.
    • God, you are such a dumbass!
    • 3:40 Davenport13 and your chat banned forever
    • 3:40 StraightEdgeSavior uh...
    • 3:40 Davenport13 bye!
    • 3:40 StraightEdgeSavior No.
    • No no no.
    • StraightEdgeSavior has been banned by Davenport13 (undo).

    plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • To follow up, the user StraightEdgeSavior has been blocked for sockpuppeting.

      Thanks for reporting this Daven.

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    • ur welcome corey!

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  • How about Wikia make a PM message wall that lets the user that gets a PM sent to that wall just in case they forget to check there's in chat so they can answer it later & only the person who sent it & the person who recieved it can view it.

    What do you think is it a good Idea.

    Also I think you have a cute Profile Pic.

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    • Interesting idea. The reason we've generally shied away from that is because wikias, and wikis in general, have always been about as much openness and transparency as possible, rather than having private sections. It's certainly not out of the question, though. I will share your feedback with our product team. Thanks!

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  • Hello, I am a Star Wars fan (just like you) and I've a Blog post in Honor of you!  I really like it that you're a Star Wars fan that is a Staff member of Wikia.

    But, now... I want to make a wiki (Even though I know how to make one) in Honor of your presance and it will be a All Canon Star Wars Wiki. I'm just wandering what to name it, Any ideas?

    I do know there are Star Wars Wiki's, but this one is for you and me, you know, Co-owner me and Co-Owner you.  I'd try to give you the highest I could on that wiki.

    Please check out that blog post I made for you, what do think of the blog post and what idea for a new idea for that wiki?

    From Star Wars Fan,

    Wolf (That's my wikia Nickname).

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    • Hi Wolf. Thanks for the offer, but I'm afraid I would have to decline. Like you said, there are already Star Wars wikias. Wookieepedia covers canon content, and currently building out its canon-only section. If you're interested in building a canon resource, I'd encourage you to edit on Wookieepedia. Thanks!

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    • I'm a little bit nervous about that, but I do want to make a Star Wars Wiki.

      But, why Decline?

      I just want to make it to celebrate Wikia and how far it has gottten and how you've honered Wikia.  You know I wanted to make a wiki just where the rulers are you and me. :)

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    • I declined because I already contribute to Wookieepedia, where I focus almost exclusively on Canon pages; and I'm the founder of Star Wars Fanpedia, a news wikia.

      I'd encourage you to join Wookieepedia as well.

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  • Hello M.Brandon,I'm Mohamed,a user of many french wikia,and a Rollback of Inazuma Eleven wiki FR(sorry,my english is weird,i do as i can).This morning when i wanted to go on wikia,i saw that my (this) account was blocked,and i didn't know why.I was stuck due to vandalism by "Jr Mime" for more than 2 months,and as i know,i NEVER made vandalism on a wikia site,and i don't even know on which wikia i made that.So i want you to help me by telling me what happened(or something like that).I want to add again that,even when i was blocked,sometimes i could make some edits and even go to the chat,and sometimes no;it was like the blocking effect alternated sometimes( i want to say that,sometimes it likes i was ban,and sometimes no).So please help me by telling me what's wrong with my account and why i'm accused to vandalism.Thanks^^

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  • Hello. Sorry to bother you, but I don't really know where exactly I'm supposed to send "demotion requests" like these. Anyway, I'm a user from the Worms Wiki. On that wiki, there are 3 admins/bureaucrats - Koenachtig, Orangitu, and Danuhau. However, 2 of the admins are permanently inactive, leaving Danuhau the last admin. Since the Worms Wiki is technically "dying", Danuhau and I were the only users left on that wiki. However, I see Danuhau as unfit for the role as an admin/bureaucrat...

    This whole time I wanted to be promoted to an admin and bureaucrat on that wiki. I've been on that wiki for a long time and I improved the wiki, I made several useful edits, long before I even created an account there. From time to time, I asked Danuhau if I could earn my promotion yet. I've only sent him a few promotion requests so far. Usually he just says I "should be patient" and I'm "rushing it", making me wait for no reason at all. Then, not too long ago, I've reached almost 1,000 Achievement Points, and asked him for the last time if I could be an admin yet and I stated my reasons why I believe I was finally worthy of a promotion. I also told him that I would leave the wiki if I don't earn my promotion, because I waited far too long. Then he responded very rudely, saying that he "doubts that I'm even the right candidate for this", and apparently didn't care if I left the wiki. So I left it, since he was being rude and I knew that he was obviously never going to promote me. But RIGHT when I decided to leave the wiki, Danuhau just blocked me. Permanently.

    He really didn't need to, what if I decide to come back to the wiki later? In fact, I already do want to return to the wiki, I changed my mind about leaving it. But I can't, because I'm blocked.

    There are also other reasons why I believe Danuhau shouldn't be an admin or bureaucrat, such as being (somewhat) rude towards users most of the time and sometimes unnecessarily blocks users for a ludicrous amount of time (users such as me and Q*terplx, another former contributor to the Worms Wiki), and also exaggerates sometimes in his counterarguments, like he did to me. I've already stated my other reasons why Danuhau shouldn't have acquired such rights in a ridiculously long message I've sent to the Wikia Team (from the "Special:Contact/general" page), so I'm not really going to write everything this time. I'm simply going to ask you to remove Danuhau's administrator and bureaucrat rights, and removing my block on that wiki would also be appreciated. Thank you.

    (And yes, I know that Danuhau is the last admin on that wiki, but I really don't trust him to take care of the wiki since I left it. Perhaps I could be promoted to an admin instead, later. I'd do a better job than him, and interact with users more properly.)

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    • The Great Lord David wrote:
      ~Boggy B~ wrote:
      The Great Lord David wrote:
      ~Boggy B~ wrote:

      Actually, Danuhau and I aren't the only ones left in the wiki. A new user came after my block, his name is "PartHunter". Also, he blocked me permanently, so there isn't really anything I could do on the Worms Wiki.

      Anyway, I did work hard enough, really, and I did earn the admin status. Yet he refused to promote me and blocked me instead. Seriously, Orangitu promoted him in only a few weeks, and I was also there, supporting him and agreeing to him becoming an admin, and he WAS polite to me and Orangitu at first, thanking us for the support and the promotion. I never had an account at the time. Now I have an account (obviously), yet all he did was make we wait for no reason at all for a few months, and eventually refusing to promote me, which forced me to leave the wiki. And then he blocked me permanently. Seriously, he's too much of a douche-bag to be an admin in my honest opinion, I regret supporting him before he became an admin, really. I should have disagreed to him becoming an admin instead. Besides, he blocked Q*terplx for a long time as well, without even giving us any evidence to back up his reasons for blocking him. I also really dislike the "admins can block for any reason or no reason at all" rule.

      I still think demoting him is best for my wiki, and I would really appreciate it, but if you don't remove his admin rights, that's fine, as long as my block is removed. Oh well, I'll try to reason with him on Community Central. And I'll try not to say anything particularly rude or offensive (I wish I could, though), because that would only make things worse. Thanks for the help.

      The truth is Danahau is the one who has the power to promote and thus that makes him the one who has to decide if you earned the status or not, not you. You may believe you have done enough to gain the admin position (Im not saying you haven´t) but he is the one who has the last word. 452´s links should provide some help with getting your block removed and maybe in the future, achieving the admin position. As you said make sure to be polite and friendly and not saying anything like "I want you demoted", "you must behave like a real admin", "I demand that you unblock me" and so on.
      Him being an admin doesn't make him "special" or "the boss of the wiki", which means he can't do whatever he wants. Being an admin only means you only have a few extra abilities, such as deleting pages or blocking users. Anyway, Danuhau knows I worked hard, I did work hard enough to earn a promotion indeed, but he refuses to promote me for... Different reasons. He says he dislikes the way I've behaved towards certain users (vandals) and the way I harassed them, although I used to harass them a VERY long time ago and I even stated once that I don't do it anymore, even to vandals.

      And after I said I earned almost 1,000 Achievement Points (990 to be exact) while giving out reasons why I deserved to be promoted, he simply told me I never earned those badges through hard work. That's actually partially true, that one badge he was talking about is the "And One More Thing" badge, which I earned after spamming a few blog posts (I was bored with nothing else to do on the wiki, and I was the only user on that wiki along with Danuhau, therefore no-one could create new blog posts for me to comment on, in order to earn the badge). This is what I meant when I said he exaggerates in his counterarguments.

      He also believed I was immature, only because of a few old links I had at the top of my profile, the "My Website" and "My Twitter" links to be exact. I was only playing with links (bored again) and I forgot to remove them afterwards. Another thing I remember is, he said I was still "rushing it", but that's only because I got tired of waiting for no reason at all while Danuhau does absolutely nothing. He says he's busy with life, although it only takes a few damn minutes to promote someone. Or maybe even less, I don't really know.

      I sent him a message on his Message Wall anyway, on this wiki.

      If he is a bureaucrat and an admin then its up to him to decide if you should be promoted to admin or not. For example, just because a user thinks he should be promoted to a Staff member doesn´t mean they will. Even so, he must have his reasons not to have promoted you yet. For example you said in your message you harrased vandals, that is not really something positive towards your promotion. Harrasing vandals can bring many problems to you and the wiki.

      Well, good luck with the message. 

      Excuse me, but I don't think you read the part where I said "he dislikes the way I've behaved towards certain users (vandals) and the way I harassed them, although I used to harass them a VERY long time ago and I even stated once that I don't do it anymore, even to vandals". And Danuhau knew that. He was probably just trying to come up with excuses for not promoting me.

      And yes, I know it's up to him, because he's obviously the one who's promoting me. And he did have his reasons for not promoting me, I already told you his reasons, and they clearly weren't good reasons. Refusing to promote me because of my supposed "immaturity" (because of two links that used to be on my profile), not earning some random badge through hard work, something I don't even do anymore (harassing vandals), and "rushing" my promotion (I waited for months and Danuhau literally does nothing while I make hundreds of edits). Great reasons for not promoting me, don't you think?

      Anyway, let's just wait until Danuhau replies. I don't really see a point in continuing this discussion, so... Good luck with whatever you plan on doing.

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    • It appears Danuhau is ignoring me. I saw him contributing to the Worms Wiki a while ago, which means he's still active on Wikia, but he never replied to the message I sent him on his Message Wall on this wiki. So, what now? Should I send him another message, perhaps a reply to my first one?

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  • Can you edit my Blog with a correct English? User Blog:Dark Matter X/My first Help: Warning to the enemy of Wikia!

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  • Hi Brandon,

    I've got a special request for you that doesn't pertain to a Wikia but it would be nice if you could help. I've got a friend whose online name is PAPPACLART, and he runs GT Arena. He's currently in need of someone who knows WordPress and would be willing to help him with his site's WP implementation in their spare time. I was wondering if you could hook me up with such a person. Once you find someone I'll put PAPPA in contact with them.


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  • I wanted to create a wiki called Supergirl but it says the wikis already beeen created. When i click on the link it's the superman wiki not supergirl. So how can I create my wiki for supergirl along with the supergirl url.

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    • Tupka217 wrote:
      The TV series which was only just announced to be commissioned and of which we know nothing yet? Try SupergirlTV. or CBSSupergirl. or something.

      Thanks Tupka. And I really hope if they do create  live action they don't destroy like CW did to Young Justice.

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    • This was a great discussion you guys. Nice job.

      I think a wikia for the Supergirl TV series can work once there's actually information about it, and if/when it goes into production. In the meantime I'd suggest doing what others have said and edit the DC Database and Superman Wiki.

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