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  • I Want To Tell You That I Disable All Of My Accounts & That Is The Truth

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I want to be unblock from Chat okay & I am gonna only use one account & that Kid Danger (Henry Danger) & i am gonna Disable all of my other Accounts & i am never gonna make another Account again. Please Unblock Me From Chat

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  • Best Friend Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!
    Yo-Yo Pose
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  • My friend wanted to know if you guys get paid...?

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  • Hey, it's Roach from the CoD wiki. I'm currently working on projects on the Nazi Zombies Plus wiki, but there's been a problem. Recently, a guy by the name of WaywardJester completely erased 30 pages plus a userpage, but I've restored them. I fear he will strike again if we do not do something. I haven't seen any moderators or admins on the wiki since I joined back in September of 2016, so I came to you. Can you help end this problem for good?

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  • Please unban my friend Thursday September 24 2015. He is not me, as you can see by this chat. Anyways, he was just trying to help a friend, and they were both harrassed by a troll named United Republic. According to Algorithmz, you should have checked before you banned to see if he was a dupe.

    • Thursday September 24 2015 has joined the chat. 
    • 9:55Chase McFlyHi
    • 9:55Thursday September 24 2015Hi Messanger, I need to talk to you in PM please
    • Btw, NEVER EVER try to ask a admin to unblock a user on his behalf, if you are requested to, even if they insist
    • 9:57Chase McFly?
    • 9:59Thursday September 24 2015Okay, a user on community central named Scotty Gaither asked me to request a admin on Alternate History wiki to unblock him, and I was like "hey let's do something nice for a user" But they accused Me of being a sock, I can PM you to explain in full details this sad story.
    • 9:59Messenger misses family friends and quotevPM me
    • 9:59Chase McFly
    • 9:59Thursday September 24 2015I did
    • 10:00Chase McFlyWell, to be fair, admins don't know who's not a sock
    • 10:00Thursday September 24 2015But they just assumed and IMMEDIATLY blocked me
    • 10:01Chase McFlyThis happened on the Elite Force Wiki last year
    • However, then the trolls made real socks and vandalized everything
    • Not sure what to say here
    • Thursday September 24 2015 has left the chat. 
    • 10:05Messenger misses family friends and quotevthey think korra and I are trolls too
    • 10:05Chase McFlyWhy?
    • 10:05Messenger misses family friends and quotevbecause we are friends with Thursday
    • 10:05Chase McFlyUgh
    • Why must they think friends of people who want to help people who are being harrassed by trolls are trolls themselves?
    • 10:07Messenger misses family friends and quotevI have no clue
    • 10:08Chase McFlyHowever, it's wrong to jump to ocnlsuions right away
    • *Conclusions
    • 10:21Messenger misses family friends and quotevyeah
    • 10:23Chase McFlyWe should take a stand and tell them on that wiki not to make a conclusion
    • Thursday September 24 2015 has joined the chat. 
    • 10:28Chase McFlyHi
    • 10:28Thursday September 24 2015Yeah and not to mention, this United Republic who blocked me in the other wiki, trolled me in Cimmunity Central sending me inappropriate PM,s telling me to "get rekt" as well as insulting my family, and when I reported him to a mod, this stupid "CallofDuty4" blocks me for "abusing multiple accounts" .
    • 10:29Chase McFlyOh daer
    • I'll convince them to unblock you
    • 10:31Thursday September 24 2015I don't know. They might assume you are a sock as well, don't take a risk please
    • 10:31Chase McFlyI'll see if I know anybody on that wiki
    • Can you link it?
    • If I know someone there, i'll get them to help
    • 10:32Thursday September 24 2015I am indefinitely blocked on Community Central, and I can't even edit my own talk page 😭
    • Htet Yee Win 1 has joined the chat. 
    • 10:33Chase McFlyOk
    • Htet Yee Win 1 has left the chat. 
    • 10:34Thursday September 24 2015This is the first time, I have ever seen a admin so rude and abusing their power.
    • 10:35Chase McFlyWow
    • 10:35Thursday September 24 2015Ikr
    • 10:40Chase McFlyI'll see what I can do
    • On CC wiki?
    • 10:42Thursday September 24 201510:50 United Republic ur mom is so ugly That's the PM that UnitedRepublic sent me
    • 10:42Chase McFlyHorrible
    • On what wiki?
    • 10:43Thursday September 24 2015On Community Centrak, just 5 minutes prior to me being blockef
    • 10:43Chase McFlyWoah
    • 10:45Thursday September 24 2015And nothing happned to them at all
    • 10:45Chase McFlyOh god
    • So unfair
    • 10:47Thursday September 24 2015and when my friends Korra and Messanger try to help me, these fucking faggots assuse they are trolls
    • Thursday September 24 2015 has been kicked by Chase McFly. 
    • 10:48Chase McFlyNo bad words
    • Thursday September 24 2015 has joined the chat. 
    • 10:48Chase McFlySorry
    • 10:48Thursday September 24 2015Sorry
    • 10:48Chase McFlyIt's okay
    • Just don't do it ever again
    • 10:48Thursday September 24 2015I'm just expressing my anger at the incident
    • 10:49Chase McFlyI know
    • But you can say those "darn imbeciles" instead...
    • That's allowed
    • 10:49Thursday September 24 2015Okay
    • 10:49Chase McFlyThey are not trolls!
    • This needs to stop!
    • 10:51Thursday September 24 2015These darn imbeciles don't deserve their admin position at all, they are darn hypocritical stupid people, who use the power they are given, to hurt people rather than help them
    • 10:51Chase McFlyYeah,
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  • ello_____wassup!

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  • Have you heard of the scams on Worldwide gaming games? It has gotten outta control. You need to help us with this.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • What the title said.

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