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  • Why am I not surprised that you are being chased by the ladies? lol

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  • Hey Callofduty4,

    We have come across something in my Wiki about removing a few options that we do not use or find a particular use for. Is there a way we can delete them through the JS script? If so, please let me know how so I can change the import page to any of mine (with the correct modification) after your authorisation or the author's permission.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • hello its been awhile...

    just wanted to ask a single question would you so kindly unban my account from chat? pls dont report meh

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  • Please.

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  • I need to talk to you about a matter on a wiki.

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  • Please come onto chat

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  • Greetings, I'm not sure whether this is exactly the right place to do so or not, but I believe I've seen you around chat once or twice on the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki and figured you could help out with this situation.

    Basically, I would like to report a problem with the staff over at the Jurassic World Wiki. Firstly, the founder of this Wiki, Dinowolf56, is consistently aggressive, insensitive, power abusive, and believes that his dictatorship ways of treating his fellow staff members like shit are acceptable; he threatens to demote and block them if they refuse to comply with his orders of making a sufficient amount of pages:

    Furthermore, while trying to deal with this problem by talking directly with Dino in chat, he instantly became belligerent and threatened to ban everyone:

    Dino Threat

    Secondly, former trolls and undetermined sockpuppets from the ERB Wiki, Sliverpie2 and Shopnil, were given admin powers at the Jurassic World Wiki. Ever since then, they have used their powers as if they are merely a joke, in which they've continuosly kicked, banned, and blocked people for unwarranted and false reasons. No matter how much we've tried to convince them that abusing their powers is wrong and a punishable offence, they proceed to threaten us with kicks/bans/blocks for apparently "insulting them":

    I could keep going but I think you get the point. Essentially, I would appreciate it if Dino, Sliver, and Shop were all punished in some shape or form for their actions as the use of their admin powers is highly inappropriate and quite frankly unacceptable.

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    Josephyr closed this thread because:
    Closing, due to the large amount of arguments arising.
    21:41, January 24, 2016
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    • StaticTheSkrill wrote: EDIT, I believe that Dinowolf is using his wiki as an outlet to edit all the things that he wouldn't otherwise be able to on the Parkpedia.

      I came to that conclusion ever since the Jurassic World Wiki was made.

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    • But im not Dinowolf though he made me discussion moderator 

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  • 1st time: I said "shut up" and I was wrong

    2nd time: did I say and bad disrespectful wrong huh did I....NOPE

    Not professional you are just kick-/banned-happy sore Loser *shakes head) :|

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  • Hi there,

    just wanted to leave a quick thank you for giving a helping hand at the Slime Rancher Wikia. So: Thanks :D

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  • You probably have been messaged about this already, but I shall do it again, if it isn't too much.

    As you may know already, most users implicated during the Factpile event were mostly well-behaved, some even having Mods or Admins positions, and their recent mis-behavor was caused by said wiki (Factpile) creating pages, clearly mocking some of said users. Thus, I'm lead to believe that some bans may have been too severe.

    User: GliscorFan had nothing to do in this event, as far as I know, only creating a page that followed the rules of said wiki, he is only related to the events through being friends with some of the users implicated, which seems quite unfair to do a banning from.

    User: Quauntonaut didn't do anything either, only posting a mocking comment on his own page, created against him. This apparently got him banned, globally.

    User: Imagodesattrolante did some actions, granted, but these were very minor compared to others, this doesn't justify (In my opinion) a 3 month ban, nevermind the recent extention to 6 months that were given to him.

    User: ClassicGameGuys wasn't directly involved with the events, as far as I know, what grants a perma global ban here?

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    Sactage closed this thread because:
    Discussion over
    01:17, January 14, 2016
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    • Callofduty4 wrote:
      So in other words, they weren't involved in the raid, but they participated in the raid? So they were involved in the raid then.

      Not sure what the problem is here, so let's go through it in order of increasing magnitude:

      1. You raid a wiki, you get a global ban.
      2. you raid a wiki with homophobic language, you get a longer global ban.
      3. You raid a wiki with homophobic language, and then claim your account was hijacked, you have committed three breaches of Wikia's terms of use, so you get a really long global ban.

      Did you misread the part where it was said that some of the users were editing normally and had no idea what was going on at the time, but yet still got banned because they knew the people and that's all that matters?

      So if they knew the people and edited normally, that's a global ban.

      Pretty sure that's not in the wikia's rules.

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    • Hi - global blocks should be discussed at Special:Contact/general. I believe this thread has run its course - please do not discuss it further on Community Central. Thanks :)

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