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  • ... with a request on S:C which I left 2 days ago.

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  • I'm trying to resolve a thing here.

    I blocked an account in Logofanonpedia, because i think it was sockpuppeting.

    Both accounts was being used at the same time. 

    Can you check these accounts for me?

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  • The wiki is inactive, So here is the link; [1], Can you close it please?

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  • I saw your reply to me on sannse's wall. Thanks for your reply. If you could post a message on my MA talk page when you have things worked out, I'd appreciate. Thanks again!

    Also, could you make me an admin on so I can twiddle with settings, css, js, etc.? Thanks!

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  • Can you please reply back to our last S:C please?

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  • Where can I buy one.

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  • Can you remove Bureaucrat access from Rex8 on Test wiki4 Wiki?

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  • Hey DaNASCAT, how are you?

    Sorry to bother you again with such stupid issues, but on the Mortal Kombat Wiki, administrators seems fun to insult me and excuse their behaviour by giving me warnings about how I argue, when "arguing" just means "expressing my opinion freely". And I don't like that, that's dumb and immature. I tried numerous times to leave that in the past and just try to have fun with them, but all the time, I'm just called what I am not, and only the administrators are like this, because they have the power to do so without being reprimanded. And all of them are acting this way except for one, who is completely inactive, so he can't do anything. I have the copy of a report I had previously sent to Special:Contact if you need more info. I'm reporting them again, because on this exact thread, an anonymous contributor said something that I found fun, and naturally gave props to. Then comes the administrator who starts talking, well, I call that shit-talking, you know, with a complete lack of grammar, punctuation and everything, you see in a MLG420 style, should I say (I don't know how to call that), and I just follow, I do the same and just say random stuff, and there, I would deduce I offended said administrator, but I didn't tell me and just went on to the conversation, so I thought he was having fun too, but of course, his pal, the only other active administrator at the time it happened, "saves him", and at this point, I'm just getting insulted, and when I call that out, because they don't have the right to insult me in any way, my last reply gets edited, and replaced with "let me suck your nipples", just look at the "Edited by Dirtbag Daryl" stamp or the history, and you'll see. But I'm sick of having them using that kind of behaviour all the time and abusing their power.

    If that isn't enough to get something done against that, I have as previously stated, a copy of a previous report I can send you; I don't want to have to just go away from a wiki just because of its administrators, because the community is great, really. The administrators and their power abuse is the only problem.

    So, I tell you good luck, and have a nice day,
    Best Regards,
    FrenchTouch (talk).

    P.S.: Also, I don't know who to report this issue to, last time I've been advised to ask for an administrator change on a forum thread, but if the administrators willingly change my denonciations to insulting comments, I won't be able to take care of that without getting banned, reported, and then having said forum thread closed.

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    • I'm only commenting on this once, if you wanna take it on anymore, message me on my wall or something else, I don't really care.

      Now let me make this clear, I didn't want to do the ban at all, and I didn't even mean to ban you for a year, it was a rushed ban and how did you supposedly call me out on the insults? The only thing I actually recall almost insulting you was that one comment about the insult thread you wanted and when you'd taken content from our wiki (that's old af but I'd figured I'd mention it anyway).

      You seem to make it seem that you're the only wounded party in the ban, but after reviewing some of your own comments on such threads it felt like the ban was a necessary action, seeing as you'd spouted accusations including users being "butthurt" and other details like that.

      Seeing that you'd made comments what seemed to try and intentionally start such arguments despite you being told to stop pointless arguing over such trivial facts despite there being evidence what easily overpowered your own you continued to argue for the sake of it, hell, you even involved yourself on a message thread what didn't involve you at all and because of how out of control it had gotten another administrator had to close it, I can't recall whom however.

      Now I will take the liberty of lowering the ban to at least three months when I can, however, you're making it seem like I acted like a Nazi with these supposed jokes and you're making it seem like I'm completely unreasonable which is actually quite the opposite, so that's not really helping you at all in my perspective. Especially seeing as it didn't really seem like jokes, it seemed quite the contrary.

      In fact on the thread you were mostly talking to Dirtbag Daryl, I'd said two things in the entire thread when this had broken out, how you've got myself and Daryl mixed up I have no clue, we've got two very distinctively different usernames and avatars, I never made any comment about you 'trying' at all. 

      I will accept that the one year is harsh, but as I stated it was a rushed ban and you have been a pain in the ass over such trivial matters on the forums, the fact you'd instantly reported such 'power abuse' is rather trivial and almost insulting to the community on here and the Mortal Kombat wiki, if it were such a big issue to you about the ban you should've contacted me on here instead of completely twisting it to make it seem like we're being Nazi's, I was taking action from what I'd witnessed on the thread and I can't really ban another admin except talk to them, that's about it.

      Next time, if you actually feel the ban was in poor action, message the admin first before screaming power abuse like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, because not only is it wasting a staff member's time, it's also wasting time and irritating for the administrator in question especially seeing as you've got me and Daryl mixed up on the thread as well as it making matters worse when users have to see such a petty issue being brought up like someone stealing bread and someone reporting it to the C.I.A.

      I'll lower the ban, but you're not being unbanned, French. 

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    • I never talked about a reply about trying coming from you, but I may have miswritten my thoughts, also officially, I never called your insults, because my edit conflicted with Daryl's modification and ended up, well, nulled.

      I never wanted an insult thread - shitposting is just "non-sense" and "stupid talks" without being spam or flood. And it was just to preserve the thread we did that on. Excuse me if that offended you that I tried to do what I could to have an interesting thread kept open (I may or may not have failed).

      The user I told was "butthurt", (and I think this word is way more aggressive than it was to me when I said it, because I never would have said in the other case, so sorry) Venommm, was shitting on me and then on Dragonspyne for my opinions, and say what -- we reconciliated and forgot the story the day after.

      Also, I think I know what you're saying "arguing over such trivial facts", you mean when I said that some character may or may not be who we think he is, well I was taking the example of Daryl himself who had told me that I was wrong taking something as fact when it is just teased or some like that. Sorry if I was doing what I thought good, once again.

      If you didn't know it was a joke, I think we could have discussed that, instead of well, this issue. And since I guess that, with those jokes, you've been offended, let me apologize, sincerely.

      I didn't "mix up" anything, I just did what I always do, consider the wiki's staff as a uniform team, but if it is not, just tell me so, I now know to only consider you apart from each other.

      Oh, and if I didn't message you, it's maybe because I didn't this to go too far, 'cause as I said previously, that's how things go bonkers and accounts get terminated, what I don't want. If I "scream" power abuse, it's because each time I said something to any administrator or was just giving my advice, it's considered arguing and I'm constantly reduced to being... "Gang-banged" by anyone who feels like it. I personally never had a problem with the rest of the community (because Venommm and I didn't care at all about our "issue"), but if on the chat or somewhere else you've been told so, tell me, I'll apologize on each and everyone of the concerned members' wall, because that's what I always do, apologize when I feel wrong.

      And, I maybe reporting this now, but that doesn't mean that's because of the block, that's because each and every time you use intimidative behaviour, and threaten or plain silence me, like we weren't equal. Also, calling me a "pain in the ass" multiple times and then telling me that I insult users may just be kind of weird.

      Though, I'm happy I could talk to you normally, and I don't know about you, but I'm very literally, and sorry for the language, sick and tired of that shit so, let's just throw that in the abyss of our memories. Oh, and even if this request was answered, there are no procedures against any of us (I learned that inbetween replies), so it doesn't serve much of a purpose. Plus, ain't we here to have fun in the first place? :p

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  • Fwy

    Tim, could view my email then? And sorry I sent it twice in a row, my email has error and ended up sending two copies.

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  • Can you globally block Tearface for some edits I don't like, including in Villains Fanon Wiki?

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    • Hey,

      Requests like these should standardly be sent through Special:Contact. :)

      Though, disliking edits one user isn't enough for a global block. Global blocks are reserved for extreme cases, which this one appears not to be.


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