Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin

aka Shinyember

  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is Aspiring voice actress, toy customizer/artist (hobby), and toy collector
  • I am Female
Oh holo there, I am Ember Sunrize/AnEmberNamedKimari/WingedPawsOfGold (or WingedLPSLover) and this is my Community Central message wall.

Read this before you message me on my message wall

  1. If its not allowed on this wiki or wiki chat it CERTAINLY isn't allowed on my message wall
  2. Don't ask for any personal info, I am VERY protective of my personal info
  3. Don't leave messages that are just a simple "hi" or "hello", you can say those if you add more to them.
  4. Don't be annoying, you can only post one message on my message wall, if lets say a week or more goes by with no reply you can post another one.
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