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  • Hey, just a suggestion on writing blogs.

    You might want to write it in your namespace or off-line, then publish when it's complete.  That way it will show at the top of the blogroll in its complete form, and people are more likely to see it.

    I've got it on watch as I'm sure it will be worth a Community Highlight. But a blog like yours, that's going to be a good one, should have its time at the top!

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  • I submitted some suggestions in regards to new Nav menu, header feature. Which you kinda suggested that I do. That convo is pretty much done and was thinking about sharing ... except not really sure where to post it.

    Designing your wiki sounded good except its for Support. So that really only leaves 2 others I see, General Discussions or New Features. I thought about posting in New Features .. but my suggestions was not directly related to that new feature. So Idk, unless you know better place to post it, pretty much leaves General Discussions.

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  • to noreplyz to delete thread

    such as this


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  • Hi Fandyllic,

    A while ago, you were kind enough to make a new wordmark for Vanilla WoW Wiki, which is still in use today. With the implementation of the new navigation headers across Fandom, we are now looking for a new, more condensed wordmark to use on Minecraft Wiki. Considering how satisfied I was with the last wordmark you made, and I know you have had an interest in making wordmarks for other wikis in the past, I am wondering if you might be interested in putting something together for Minecraft Wiki. I have opened up a discussion on the topic here. Right now, we're having an open call to anyone who would like to put forth suggestions or examples, but the ideal wordmark may very well end up being whatever you put together.

    Anyway, it is entirely up to you, but let me know if you're interested!

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  • I am the one who asked about how to hide the name of the video.

    Thank you for you help, it works really well, except that now the caption is sticking too close to the video, and looks so out of place comepare with photo gallery. You can see it in this image. Could you help me so it have a space between them like photo gallery?

    Screenshot 2017-06-15 15.10.11
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    • Thank you a lot for helping me.

      I hope you have a good day wherever you are.

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    • I'm in the Silicon Valley and the weather is extremely nice.

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  • I've been beating my head on a problem.  It's WoW related and you're listed as an expert on spells and abilities there.

    I need to find a source, in detail form, of the effects of harmful auras.

    I know, for instance, that Crowd Control is broken down into categories like "disorient, stun, root, etc."  

    A few sites list "examples of Crowd Control spells/abilities" but that's not particularly useful as 1) I don't know how current those lists are and 2) they're not complete lists.

    I know I can go search "Prot Warrior Intercept" and get a few reference sites that will tell me that Intercept Roots a hostile target for 1 second and Slows a hostile target by 50% for 8 seconds.  What I can't do is search out "what roots hostile targets" and get back a list of spells and abilities that do that, or at least not one more current that two or three xpacs ago.

    I need to find a way to discover what spells/abilities cause what debuffs short of wading through the site, spell by spell, ability by ability, and hoping the information I find is both current and correct.

    Frankly, I doubt I'd live long enough to finish the task.  Somewhere around day 35 of that, I'm pretty sure I'd open a vein.

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    • Well, that's a tough task. For one, I'm not sure what you mean by "harmful auras". It sounds like you're talking about player ability AOEs, but I'm not sure I would count a root as "harmful".

      Generally I would direct you to and maybe filter by Effect Aura type, but I'm still not quite sure what you're trying to do.

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    • UnitAura() returns all "auras" 

      UnitBuff()  returns all but as if you had filtered UnitAura with "HELPFUL"

      UnitDebuff() returns all but as if you had filtered UnitAura with "HARMFUL"

      UnitBuff() and UnitDebuff() are just wrappers for UnitAura() with the filters preset.

      What I mean by "harmful aura" is what Blizzard means by "harmful aura" - any aura that would be returned by UnitAura() if it were present on the subject of the function and the function was run with the "HARMFUL" filter applied OR any aura that would be returned by UnitDebuff() if it were present on the subject of the function.

      Wowhead has no ability to select spells by Buff or Debuff applied.  I can run a filter against the database, but the results were worse than useless (defined as "producing results that appear to be less useful than just going in one spell at a time").  Plus, many, many of the spells in its inventory are badly out of date or obsolete.

      If WowHead were current (or had a clearly identifiable tag in an article that indicated that it had been updated to information relevant to the current release of the game) and if it had the ability to produce a list based on Aura applied, I could simply look for spells that apply "slow", spells that apply "root", spells that apply "disorient", etc.  But the lack of currency, the failure to remove clearly obsolete entries, and the inabiltiy to effectively select from the database by filtering on aura applied, it's pretty useless.

      I thought perhaps there was a way to get to the raw data behind it all.  Even a raw-but-complete table of spellIDs and names would be at least a little useful, although it would just drive the mind-numbingly slow process of checking them one by one on four or five different wiki-ish sites trying to find most-current data from which to develop the final list.

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    • Sounds like you'll have to do something more technical via Blizzard APIs:

      However, I can't help you with any of this.

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  • Hellow. I'm an usuary of . ¿Could we talk in private? My Facebook's name is "Mark Corbera Mestres".

    Have a good afternoon.

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  • Can you please help me out on this!!!!

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  • Fandyllic wrote: That wiki has an interwiki link, so it would be smart of them to prioritize it.

    As of this thread you said india:India Wiki have a Interwiki Likn, How did you find that? and which one is linked.

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