Final Chidori

aka Vegeta88

  • My occupation is Occupating occupations with my occupation powers.
  • I am very disappointed in wikia's new article videos. Also, "FANDOM" is a terrible name for this website.
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  • We meet again Final Chidori. I, K.A.M.I.T.R.O.N CYBERGOD OVER 9000 has came back to see ya'.

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  • Profile pic looks like goku
    Tumblr n8pkztJS7X1qztgoio1 500
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi batman

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  • Who is it?(ur profile pic). It look familiar to me

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  • Thank you for suggesting she clear my stuff out for me! Appreciate it!

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  • Hello. :)
    Regarding your message on Sannse's message wall, you can change the Fandom logo from Community Page module by using CSS. The following would do:
    .community-page-entry-point-module .community-page-entry-point-logo {
      background-image:url(<Image URL>);
    <Image URL>
    with the full URL of needed image.
    If your custom image appears squeezed there, then add
    in the CSS above, and if you want the custom image to fill the white circle, then add
    instead. ^^
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  • You don't know a single thing about arguments lying to yourself that my entire statement was ad-hominem is literally screaming Fallacy fallacy. It's also completely taking me out of context and purposely misrepresent me. I don't care about your petulance, if you're not going to bring substantive conversation and argue in bad-faith don't expect me to attempt to reason with you, you're welcome. 'G.F' and GG

    EDIT: Your intellectually weak that's why you're responding now that i'm blocked. I have a user page on wikia, respond to me here if you're brave enough. Later, And if this is your final dance bye!

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  • Even though I removed that unblock request message for Buckimion, I wanna thank you for sticking up for me.

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  • Are you a guy? Or a girl? Sorry but in TotesMadison’s message wall it you said “Brandon gots the hot to me so he’s mine” I’m not sure if that’s entirely it but no offense if I made you angry! SORRY again

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  • I see what has happened to our wiki. about the same thing happned to me.

    heres a little blast from the past if you remember some of us
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