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  • Hello, Isaac! Survivor Wiki ( is having a bug where whenever I go to visual editor, the tribeicon template accidentally shows some muck coding that if a newbie user ignores it, the coding shows up once published. Here is an example:

    Please help. Thank you. :)

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    • Try this:

      |color = kalokalo
      |image = Survivor37MergedTribe.png
      |version = {{version|us}}
      |season = {{S2|37}}
      |tribenameorigin = Fijian word meaning "star"<ref></ref>
      |tribetype = Merged Tribe
      |dayformed = Day 18
      |tribesmerged = {{tribeicon|jabeni}}<br />{{tribeicon|tiva}}<br />{{tribeicon|vuku}}
      |lowestplacingmember = [[Elizabeth Olson]] (13/20)
      |highestplacingmember = TBD (Winner)
      |flagimage = 112407 27107b.jpg
      |insigniaimage = 
      |buffimage = s37 Merge Buff.PNG
      |insigniaimag = 
      }}{{tribehl2|kalokalo|b}} is the [[merge]]d [[tribe]] of {{tribeicon|jabeni}}​​, {{tribeicon|tiva}}​​, and {{tribeicon|vuku}} from {{S|37}}. Their tribe color is blue.
      {| align="center"
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Alec Merlino|name='''Alec Merlino'''|image=S37 alec t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|vuku|''Vuku''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Alison Raybould|name='''Alison Raybould'''|image=S37 alison t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|tiva|''Tiva''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Angelina Keeley|name='''Angelina Keeley'''|image=S37 angelina t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|jabeni|''Jabeni''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Carl Boudreaux|name='''Carl Boudreaux'''|image=S37 carl t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|vuku|''Vuku''}}}}
      {| align="center"
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Christian Hubicki|name='''Christian Hubicki'''|image=S37 christian t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|tiva|''Tiva''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Dan Rengering|name='''Dan Rengering'''|image=S37 dan t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|tiva|''Tiva''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Davie Rickenbacker|name='''Davie Rickenbacker'''|image=S37 davie t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|vuku|''Vuku''}}}}
      {| align="center"
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Elizabeth Olson|name='''Elizabeth Olson'''|image=S37 elizabeth t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|vuku|''Vuku''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Gabby Pascuzzi|name='''Gabby Pascuzzi'''|image=S37 gabby t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|tiva|''Tiva''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=John Hennigan|name='''John Hennigan'''|image=S37 john t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|tiva|''Tiva''}}}}
      {| align="center"
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Kara Kay|name='''Kara Kay'''|image=S37 kara t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|vuku|''Vuku''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Mike White|name='''Mike White'''|image=S37 mike t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|jabeni|''Jabeni''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Nick Wilson|name='''Nick Wilson'''|image=S37 nick t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|jabeni|''Jabeni''}}}}
      ==Tribe History==
      Kalokalo_merge_feast.png|Kalokalo at the merge feast.
      Kalokalo_camp.jpg|Kalokalo at [[camp]].
      ring leader dvg.jpg|Kalokalo competes in the first individual [[Immunity Challenge]], ''Ring Leader''.
      Kalokalo tribal council 6.jpg|Kalokalo at their first [[Tribal Council]].
      Vo elizabeth dvg.jpg|[[Elizabeth Olson|Elizabeth]] voted out.
      Kalokalo_raise_the_roof.jpg|Kalokalo competes in the [[Reward Challenge]], ''[[When It Rains, It Pours|Raise the Roof]]''.
      S37_Ep8_SG_0007.JPG|Kalokalo competes in the Immunity Challenge, ''[[Can't Buoy Me Love|Don't Buoy Me Love]]''.
      Vo_john_dvg.jpg|[[John Hennigan|John]] blindsided.
      All mixed up dvg 1.jpg|The orange team at the second post-merge Reward Challenge, ''[[Snake in the Grass|All Mixed Up]]''.
      3709 IC 1.jpg|Kalokalo competes in the Immunity Challenge, ''[[Paddle Out|Roll Away the Dew]]''.
      Kalokalo_tribal_council_8.jpg|Kalokalo at their third Tribal Council.
      Vo dan dvg.jpg|[[Dan Rengering|Dan]] blindsided.
      dvg final ten.jpg|The final ten at the Reward Challenge.
      back in slack dvg.jpg|Kalokalo competies in the Reward Challenge, ''Back in Slack''.
      Alec christian uncomfortably numb.jpg|Kalokalo competes in the Immunity Challenge, ''[[Uncomfortably Numb]]''.
      Vo alec dvg.jpg|[[Alec Merlino|Alec]] voted out.
      3711 RC.jpeg|Davie competes for the orange team in the Reward Challenge, ''[[Hear About It Ladder|Beastie Buoys]]''.
      Vo carl dvg.jpg|[[Carl Boudreaux|Carl]] blindsided.
      Kalokalo ringo starz.jpg|Kalokalo competing in the [[Loved Ones Challenge]], ''[[Matt Finish|Ringo Starz]]''.
      Kalokalo_a_hand_out_1.jpg|Kalokalo competing in ''A Hand Out'' for immunity.
      Vo gabby dvg.jpg|[[Gabby Pascuzzi|Gabby]] blindsided.
      Kalokalo pole dancing.jpg|Kalokalo competing in ''[[Pole Dancing]]'' for reward.
      Kalokalo rollerball.jpg|Kalokalo competing in ''[[Roller Ball|Rollerball]]'' for immunity.
      Kalokalo tribal council 12.jpg|Kalokalo at their seventh Tribal Council.
      Vo christian dvg.jpg|Christian voted out.
      * Kalokalo is located at the former [[Tiva]] camp.
      * The tribe name was suggested by [[Elizabeth Olson]].
      * Kalokalo is the second merged tribe whose name means "star" in its season's host language, after [[Dara]].

      Does it work?

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    • Yes, and thank you; but what exactly did you do? The complex coding is gone, yet you didn't edit a thing! 

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    • I removed the complex code and replaced with proper code. Also, if you click the SourceEditor in the ClassicEditor, it have the code set up properly, so you should edit there when the code wasn't properly in ClassicEditor.

      To head to SourceEditor, you need to be on the VisualEditor. Click on the three horizontal bars next to the cancel button, and tap "Source Editor" and the code is there.

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    • The code is {{X}} instead of the complex colors.

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  • I will explain my reason behind this. The block Kiwismurf put on me on GTA Wiki is totally irrational and completely nonsensical. He blocked me for something I didn't do. For me this block is not only an absurt but also an insult. Sorry for any trouble.

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  • Looks like I'm the only active admin at Downton Abbey Wiki, so you have my permission to do your portablization thingy. You can go all Vanguard on it. ;-)

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  • I understand that you are aport of the staff for all things Wikia. I feel that what we had on the Barney Wiki was fine and they were designed in specific ways for reasons (I'm not the designer of some of them however). Now thanks to the new Portable Inforboxes, the episodes of seasons ten and eleven are messed up. As well, some of the images aren't in full size like they use to be which is a little annoying. It would just be better for our community that they remain the way they are. With certain infoboxes, they were labeled at the top to be an episode or home video, but now there's nothing up top so our viewers know which is which. As well, episode inforboxes are in bold while albums aren't...Please revert them to the way they are. I and the admins liked it the way we had. Are you doing this to all wikia's? Thank you. 

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    • Hi, Barney. We've been moving many of our communities to use Portable Infoboxes for the last 3 years, throughout the FANDOM network. In the cases where a community is seeing a great deal of traffic (as Barney Wiki is), they are also generally experiencing high mobile traffic (for which Portable Infoboxes are almost always the best option). "It would be better for our community that they remain the way they are" and "we liked it the way we had" are not reasons we can really work with, especially when there are things we can, in fact, fix.

      Our Vanguard volunteer team tried to contact your admin and got no response. We'll be happy to work with you to create better templates, but we do need to actually interact with you to do that. Please contact Sophiedp about the changes you need to make the PIs work properly.

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  • Mendes2 has been bullying mw

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Isaac,

    The launch of the new design wasn't necessarily within my control... there were quite a few editors champing at the bit to get started with the conversion, so I didn't want to keep them waiting. The conversion to Portable Infobox didn't necessarily need to happen before the design conversion, so ultimately we just went ahead with the launch. There's no need to apologize about the timeline of things, it's just how stuff works out sometimes.

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  • I need help with several different types of infoboxes...

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  • I like your avatar and name :)

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  • There seems to be a serious size resolution problem across the wiki's can the staff please look into it.

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  • Hey FishTank, just wondering if you'd be interested in giving your two cents on this consensus.

    For some reason whenever I leave this on your Orville Wiki wall it gets eaten for some reason. :P

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