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  • Hey man, here are the AC Syndicate feats.

    Striking Stregth

    Both Jacob and Evie can casually break bones, twist them at severe angles effortlessly and crush necks and spines with a single arm or with a single stomp, even (which is by no doubt a Wall level feat).






    And there are many more videos of such feats.

    They can also detach trains by punching their linkages 4-5 times, a feat that is blatantly impossible to perform even for the strongest punchers with brass knuckles equipped. (You can do it to any train after you enter London for the first time. Here:

    Lifting Strength: Both can casually lift, flip and slam heavyweight characters with ease as seen in the videos. Also the feats above. They can also wield the 9-kilo Wallop Enhancer with a single hand.


    Now this one's fun. :P
    ACS 2018 10 06 20 09 26 782
    ACS 2018 10 06 20 09 33 271
    ACS 2018 10 06 20 09 35 208
    ACS 2018 10 06 20 09 37 193

    This one's essentially similar to the Kenways tanking explosions. This would upgrade both Jacob and Evie to a solid Wall level+ since they can tank multiple crates of dynamites and nitroglycerin exploding right under their feet. This would also mean that they can fight against those who can harm them. And the only time the Frye twins ever had difficulty against a Shroud-amped Starrick was when they tried to wrestle against him, otherwise, Starrick was getting pwned in terms of striking strength, with regeneration being his only saving grace.

    And that's it! That's all the feats I could gather up for Wall level Assassin's Creed.

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  • Hey, Hellbeast. I got some AC Odyssey and Origins feats you'd like to hear.

    First of all, the Misthios has the same feats as Bayek due to having the same game engine from Origins, but first, I have to mention Bayek and Aya's feats first.

    Both Aya and Bayek can do the same feats, so here they are:


    1. Being able to easily draw blood from and kill big game like lions (here:, hyenas, leopards, gigantic crocodiles, elephants and hippopotamuses in unarmed combat and being potentially capable of casually one-shotting several of them sans elephants with a single Overpowered Attack even in Nightmare Difficulty if you're at their level.

    2. Capable of sending three armored camels with riders on them a good distance (8 meters, in fact, you can check it for yourself) with a single uppercut with or without upgrades

    3. Being able to smash through stone and thick wooden logs (like smashing through walls and statues) with just fists

    4. Can easily one-shot donkeys

    5. Can swing around massive blunted weapons on horseback without issue and even throw them as fast as arrow shots.

    6. Can throw all kinds of weapons like they were throwing knives

    7. Can casually swat away attacks from Brutes in heavy armor with just his hands (Yes, you can do that if you time it right)

    8. Can one-shot multiple enemies with thick shields with a single overpowered attack

    9. Aya killed a hippo with just a rock after hitting it five to six times while underwater, wounded and tied up in the Assassin's Creed Origins comic in Rome

    10. If you wish to, there is a mission with Tahira where you save a big-ass crocodile by destroying its cage. With fists, you can destroy that cage with just a few hits. Wow.

    11. Jumping several meters from one ledge to another both upwards and sideways (like all the games)

    12. Both of them can fight with and effortlessly kill those who can harm them.

    Lifting Strength-

    I believe they should both be Class 1, since Aya scales to Bayek, who pushed back and defeated the Hoplite, who casually overpowered and fodderized lions in unarmed combat here:

    Not only that, both can lift gigantic soldiers in heavy armor without much issue and run around in top speed, even being capable of throwing them aside.


    Superhuman running speed at the very least, since both Bayek and Aya can outrun multiple animals running after them (like lions). Combat speeds and reactions would likely reach Subsonic, since Aya casually swatted aside an arrow from an enemy after it was shot, at point-blank range. Bayek also dodged Khaliset's arrows and can also dodge ballista shots, which are arguably faster. The husband-and-wife duo can also blitz multiple enemies before they can react. The Elite Ranger skill slows down time for both of them while in mid-air, and even ballista shots appear to be slowed down, so they should be At least Subsonic, likely higher with Elite Ranger skill.


    Both Bayek and Aya can run across Egypt through the hot deserts and still keep going without food or water should one wish to just run from Alexandria to Siwa on foot. :P


    1. Bayek took blows from Hypatos, who is the first and weakest boss you have to fight in the game. Hypatos with a single hit of his mace, collapsed a floor beneath them.

    2. Bayek can easily tank paw swipes from lions and maulings from them, leopards, crocodiles (regardless of size) and hippoes. He can also tank attacks from elephants and even tackles (albeit barely). He also tanked blows from a gladiator named the Hammer, who was noted in the descriptions to wield a hammer with the concussive power of a stone block. Aya should also scale as she took hits from the Guardian, who effortlessly smashed marble pillars with his hammer, and from an Artifact-amped Lucius Septimius, the final boss, who could easily create massive craters in the ground by pulverizing it with his mace, regardless of difficulty levels and equipment, and these are the best feats in the game in terms of durability.

    3. Both can survive falls from over 25 meters.

    And in Curse of the Pharaohs, Bayek becomes even stronger. Now he can fight against supernatural zombies and gigantic scorpions

    And that's all the best feats for Origins.

    The Misthios of Odyssey should scale to all these feats due to being able to perform them as well, minus the hippoes, leopards, hyenas and crocodiles, and due to sharing the same game engine. The Misthios has her (as Kassandra is the canon choice according to the Odyssey novel) own feats:

    1. Surviving a fall from a cliff as a child

    2. Being able to kick enemies tens of meters away, Spartan style

    3. Being able to kill bull sharks underwater

    4. Can kill gigantic bears

    5. Can fight against gigantic deers

    If you need anything else, Hellbeast, lemme know. ;)

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  • Hey bro, I wanted to talk to you about something. It's Assassin's Creed.

    Ezio doesn't scale from Altair's feat of tanking Moloch's mace blows. That's because he has his own set of Wall level feats. These are as follows:

    1. Taking sledgehammer blows from enemies (happens in regular gameplay, and the sledgehammer is a regular mace)

    2. Tanking full-powered Wall-level slash attacks from brutes (If you don't dodge from brutes or Almogavars)

    3. Killing armored enemies with a broom (I LOL'd at this, but hey, it's an actual feat)

    4. Snapping necks with utter ease

    5. Tanking Cannonballs in AC Brotherhood Sequence 9- Pax Romana, just after Cesare runs away, Ezio gets struck by a cannonball and survives, as seen here:

    6. He tanks his own bombs.

    7. He can swing around sledgehammers as fast as swords and can smash an enemy's head multiple times in quick succession.

    8. Defeating enemies in plated armor with his bare hands (Just like that, without the metal cestus, as seen in AC Revelations)

    9. Jumping several meters into the air from just a ledge (Like, all the protagonists in the entire game series have this ability)

    Not only that, Altair himself has the same feats due to the same game engine and he could also pierce through chain-maille with his swords, and even defeat armored enemies with his bare hands. It's a bit hard because they block, but once you get to hit them, they're as good as dead.

    Also, Edward Kenway should be Wall level himself for 1. Having most of the same feats as his son and grandson, and 2. him having the same kind of feats as the rest of the AC cast. I believe he was supposed to be upgraded via this thread which mentions him tanking swivel cannon shots which bypass the Mayan Armor even (yes, you can survive them even with the base outfit) but it never went anywhere and was later shut down:

    Not only that, Edward has survived massive explosions consisting of massive gunpowder barrels you see on ships, and not only that, he can easily tank the bite of a jaguar and nonchalantly kill it, as if nothing happened to his arm. He can also beat up bull sharks so hard they swim away in fear (Just like Batman beat up a great white). Also, shouldn't Edward receive Class 1 lifting strength for overpowering an American crocodile (Males are usually this heavy: 450-460 kilograms)?

    Overall, Assassin's Creed has a ton of Wall level feats that have simply been ignored for too long and they must be added.

    I can't comment on VSBattles wiki yet but I've sent a message to Ant to fix it. I hope this helps you. ^_^

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    • Damn, nice find

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    • Thanks.

      Antvasima has added the Joke Battles thread to the VSBattles thread, but there were a few more feats I mentioned in Luffy's message thread at Joke Battles we couldn't add back at VSBattles due to 1. the shutdown, and 2. Ant being too busy with his work. It's the same thread linked on VSBattles, so I'll just screenshot the last remaining feats for the game series here.

      Yay finally
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