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  • Hi JoePlay, sorry if I disturb you. I just wanted to know if the Community Development Team requests have a time between requests. I mean, if a community asks for design help today, when are they able to ask for it again? or could they do that how many times they need? They just need to meet the best practices then?

    Thanks for the answer, this part is not clear for me.

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    • Yes. As long as the wiki continues to meet the best practices, an admin from the wiki can submit as many requests as needed. And there is no minimum wait time between requests.

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  • Also, I need to add the Special:Forum for the Heroes Wiki's Navigation.

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  • I need help to make the Heroes Wiki's Discussions page official like

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  • Hello! I need some assistant over at Jane the Virgin Wiki with the Home page. Andi heard that you're good with designing and I could use your help if you don't mind to helping me, please  :)

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  • Sigh, I really hate to bother you during holidays but it appears that CzechOut decided to have a bit of fun with css that resulted in documentation pages being barely readable and the home page not only is less useful; its almost a pain to read. The useful things on the home page were moved to the bottom for whatever reason.

    If you have time, could you take a look and perhaps revert the theme change?

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    • Hey hey :)

      Thanks for your comments!

      We here at Fandom are undertaking a multi-phase reshaping of Dev Wiki. Both style and substance are under review. In part, this is because we want to make the purpose of the Dev Wiki clearer, especially to new users.

      But, in a later phase beginning in 2017, we want our engineering staff to take a more direct role in the wiki. We're hoping to facilitate this through the basic structure of the front page, which is now strictly modular. Not only will this new structure allow for future engineering blogs, it'll also be easier to both slide in and remove particular bits of information as the need arises. You shouldn't assume that the current state of the front page is the final form -- or even that there is such a thing as a "final form". The current state, however, seeks to tell a story about the wiki, moving from a general introduction to greater specifics.

      Your views on font changes to documentation pages within the body of the wiki were shared by several, and so that change was rolled back on Thanksgiving Day -- probably around the time you started this thread.

      Thanks again for taking an interest in the Dev Wiki!

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  • Hi Joe,

    I would like to talk to you about an issue

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    • Hello Cacher97. What are you having trouble with?

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    • On the tekkit classic wikia, we've had a user register an account and complained about our most recent admin. normally I would prefer to discuss matters like this with the other admins, however it is only the other admin and I that are currently active. 

      My main trouble is I don't want trouble on the tekkit classic wiki, but when the trouble is apparently with the only other admin I'm not sure what the direction should be.

      Thanks, Regards.

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    • Hi Cacher97, Joe asked me to look in to give some advice. I'm more commonly involved in such situations then he is :) Watch out, this is going to be a long one!

      I've seen the thread about this, so I can answer a little more specifically This sort of thing is always tough, whether it's on a small or a large wiki. I think the key question here is: how much do you trust the other admin?

      If you trust him, then it's likely you would decide to believe his interpretation of events. After all, if he is being harassed, it's understandable that he wants to block the harasser. And his reasons for deleting the threads are plausible, even if not necessarily the best way to deal with them. But it's important for you to decide how you feel about working with this person as admins in the future.

      And that takes us to the second question: were his actions reasonable?

      There are a few things to consider here. Is it reasonable to block on Fandom for something that happened elsewhere? Was it best to remove threads that the admin saw as trolling, to stop that trolling from getting attention? Were the edits to the post reasonable? Or did he step over a line there? And was his response to you adequate?

      My view is that it is generally best to keep issues from another site off Fandom. But if the other user involved chooses to bring the argument to Fandom, especially in order to "cause trouble", that that makes it an issue for the wiki.

      I'm a big believer in Don't Feed the Trolls, but I prefer not to even give the troll the attention of deleting their words, unless they are extreme. But that's a personal preference, deleting can work too.

      On the edits, that's generally a no-no. It would, in my opinion, have been much better to reply as a new post rather than on the user's one.

      And I see his response as generally reasonable, if rather grumpy ;)

      Overall, I would have liked him to ask you to help with the situation, or at least to get your opinion. And I would hope that he discusses the best actions for future incidents, and comes to an agreement with you on what the policies should be. But overall the mistakes he made (in my opinion) were not major.

      These are just my opinions though, you will have to make your own assessment of the situation.

      So what to do next? You as bureaucrat have the right and ability to remove his admin flag. As there is no community to consult, that decision can be yours alone (you should expect some anger and reaction though). If you choose not to go to that extreme, then it is likely a matter of talking to him to explain what you are okay with in his actions, and what you see as a problem for an admin to have done. I recommend that the message is polite, clear, and leaves plenty of room for a good future relationship.

      The most important thing is to consider why he acted as he did, and the good (or bad) intent behind it. If you think it was all done in good faith, it makes it easier to take the talking route.

      This would also be a good time to consider the request to use Skype. The pros are the privacy it gives, and the ability to take discussions out of view of trolls; the cons are that it reduces transparency and can increase the feeling of "them and us". Personally, I have always used an off-Fandom means of communicating with key contributors and fellow staff.

      So that's a lot of digest and a lot to decide. Please ask if you have any questions or want me to expand on anything above - as you can see I love talking!

      Good luck!

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  • Could you please update the Liv and Maddie Fanon Wiki with the new photo's of the main characters and have them around the edge? And please do the same with the original Liv and Maddie Wiki?

    Ruby replaces Pete as one of the new main character's in season 4 and Maddie doesn't have a new promotional photo for this season, so maybe you could do the one below as a replacement for the original one that's in the corner. I want the layout the same, just updated photos, unless you want the outline of the photos to be different to a square. The photo's I want are below, thanks. :)

    Ruby Season 4 Promotional Photo
    Liv Season 4 Promotional Photo
    Joey Season 4 Promotional Photo
    Maddie promotional pic 9
    Parker Season 4 Promotional Photo
    Karen Season 4 Promotional Photo
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  • Hi, I'm trying to add "image" and "portrayed" to my infobox pairing template on a fanon wiki. The characters shipped shows up and the status but not the other two. I was hoping you could please fix the template so that the image shows just below the template title and names of the actors show at the bottom/end. Below is the link to the infobox editor and the page that is showing the current one. You'll see what I mean when you look at the template. The large image is the one I'm wanting to add to the infobox when its sorted. :)


    Page containing current infobox:

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  • Excuse me, is it possible for a normal users, such as myself, to be able to delete their own images that they've uploaded? I know I have to ask central about this because I was hoping there could be a possible way to do so. You see, this page on our site is starting to pile up and I was wondering if it could be easier for normal users (i.e. the original uploaders) to delete the images they've downloaded onto the site.

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  • I reverted your change to the Help:Tables page, but I did manually make your caps change to the page - The reason I reverted your change was because the link you removed lead to a 'Section' on a SUBPAGE of the Help:Tables page (Help:Tables/wikitext) not to a section on the Main page (Help:Tables).

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    • D'OH! I didn't even realize the section linked to was on the subpage. That's what I get for skimming and doing too many things at once.

      Thanks for catching that and letting me know!

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