• I live in Lebanon
  • My occupation is playing games and editing wikis.
  • I am male.
  • Bio I am a 15 year old Lebanese user who mostly is interested in Pixel Gun and Bloons. I also am a fan of Flow Free and Let Me Explain Studios, which is why I decided to create a wiki for each of those topics. I also have my own wiki ( if you would like to visit it someday.
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Welcome to my Message Wall!

Hello there, <insert name here> and welcome to my message wall! In here, you can leave me a message if you have any questions about me or just want to message me in general. You can message me in English or in Arabic, whatever you like. Here are some quick links:

- Report inconvenients: Report profile headersReport spamReport vandalismReport spam filter problemsReport inappropriate wikis
- My wikis: JustLeafy's WikiFlow Free WikiLet Me Explain Studios WikiPixel Gun Fanon Wiki
- Lists of code: List of JS scriptsList of spritesList of stylesheetsList of templates
- Frequently asked questions: w:c:justleafy:Q&A

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  • Staff member or not tell me.

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    • I'm not a FANDOM staff member. I'm a councilor, if anything, which is a person who has access to the Community Council. Over there, councilors like me send feedback to the staff for early products.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Weren't you globalled before? How did you become councilor?

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    • JustLeafy wrote: wrote:

      JustLeafy wrote:
      The global block was actually an accidental error that occasionally happens on some users.
      I thought you were globalled for vandalism.
      I once was locally blocked for vandalism, but I now completely regret vandalizing. You can read it here: w:c:justleafy:Q&A.

      The Last Booker DeWitt wrote: i've seen trolls get promoted to vstf and then wipe their contribs on wikis they trolled

      this is nothing lol

      What do you mean by that? They deleted their own bad contributions, I guess you meant?


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    • Kinda ironic and awkward. Though, my point is, I rarely vandalized back in the day. Now, I honestly no longer vandalize not ever plan vandalism on a wiki, and I do helpful contributions to this platforms instead of acting awkwardly with all the spam and swearing. Though, due to my helpful contributions, I'm now a councilor, a founder of 4 wikis, a staff on several wikis and a content moderator on the FANDOM Developers Wiki. That's probably all I ever need to be, and I feel accomplished for doing so.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi dude,
    Don' think we met, but grats for the 4,000 edits. Since i cannot spam i will just:

    console.log(new Array(4002).join(" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)").substr(1)); // it's over 4000!!!

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Fiddling around I managed to get some JS to work that autohides the navbar upon scrolling down and makes it reappear when scrolling up. It's not perfect, since the transition between scrolling downwards and the disappearing is instant instead of slightly drawn out like it used to be, but the transition for scrolling upwards is as intended.

    No need to credit me with anything, and good luck on the navbar!

    var didScroll;
    var lastScrollTop = 0;
    var delta = 5;
    var navbarHeight = $('div#globalNavigation').outerHeight();
        didScroll = true;
    setInterval(function() {
        if (didScroll) {
            didScroll = false;
    }, 250);
    function hasScrolled() {
        var st = $(this).scrollTop();
        if(Math.abs(lastScrollTop - st) <= delta)
        if (st > lastScrollTop && st > navbarHeight){
        } else {
            if(st + $(window).height() < $(document).height()) {
        lastScrollTop = st;

    #globalNavigation {
        transition: top 0.5s ease-in-out;
    .wds-global-navigation-up {
        top: -55px;
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    • Thanks for this. Ever since I started with this stylesheet, I wanted to include this as part of it. Thanks, anyway!

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    • There's a smoother and more polished solution already on the dev wiki here, so that's probably a better solution than the one I gave you.

      Edit: but you'd have to edit the JS to go up -61px instead of -55px.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I Didn't Bump The Old Comments, I Said "Hi" ( Dont Beg Me )

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  • I was interested in your JustLeafy wiki. And I want to make my own personal wiki. Because I love creating wiki's for no reason at all.

    What hub and categories should I choose?

    of course i will add a link to your wiki for the idea

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  • Why did you delete that post?

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  • It was a joke,and somebody hacked my profile but i got it back,so please don't ban me.

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  • Why are people treating you like admin,staff,moderators,beuatacat (whatever else) When it dosnt say where it says when that person is one?

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    • Well, that's because even as a normal, registered user in this wiki, I was able to help people with some problems that they have because I am becoming more and more professional in Wikia. In addition, I am a content moderator in the FANDOM Open Source Library.

      Hope this answered your question!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • He returned. I had him blocked at first, but he begged for a chance. For now, I unblocked him, but I told if if he messed up, or if you or Minecratian don’t feel comfortable with him, he was to be blocked for good. I wanted to let you know.

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