aka KC/KCC, Rina

  • I live in Texas, USA.
  • I was born on October 11
  • My occupation is student, fangirl, wiki editor, writer, otaku, novice musicologist.
  • I am female.
  • Bio FANDOM user since 2014. Semi-experienced otaku. Noob coder. Passionate writer. I also fangirl way too much and over way too many things.

    You can find me all over the network, though it's important to note that I do not have a home wiki. I do, however, frequent Community Central, as well as a few other projects I've begun or discovered.
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found this in my suitcase, is it yours??
  • Q: What are the rules for posting on your wall?
  • A: Be civil and follow the Terms of Use, and you should be good to go.
  • Q: So that means I can just chat, even if I don't actually need help?
  • A: Sure thing!
  • Q: But what if I actually do need help?
  • A: Feel free to ask your question(s).
  • Q: Okay, 'cause I need help.
  • A: Can you specify, then?
  • Q: Can you help me appeal my block on another wiki?
  • A: Sorry, but no. I don't help appeal the blocks of random people from wikis I've never set digital foot on.
  • Q: But you're the one who blocked me!
  • A: Ah, now that's different. Provide me with the block ID and/or an explanation as to why you should be unblocked, and I'll check it out and make a decision.
  • Q: When should you get back to me?
  • A: It could be several hours depending on what's going on in my offline life, but if I'm online, it'll likely be in a matter of minutes.
  • Q: Someone's spamming/vandalizing my wiki!
  • A: Contact the VSTF.
  • Q: What does the "KC" in your username stand for?
  • A: That's confidential.
  • Q: Are you an otaku?
  • A: Yes, but I'm not the most knowledgeable one ever.
  • Q: Are you male or female?
  • A: Female.
  • Q: How old are you?
  • A: Nope.
  • Q: How much do you know about coding?
  • A: In a nutshell, I at least know enough about CSS and JavaScript to not have to promote design admins. You can ask me for help with intermediate CSS and JavaScript tasks, as well as nearly anything about Wikitext.
  • Q: Do you have Skype?
  • A: Yes, but I literally never use it anymore; however, you can find me on Discord as RinaVanguard#1942.
  • Q: Do you know any other languages besides English?
  • A: I can read and write Spanish at an advanced level (though I speak it horribly), and I also know basic French and German. You can ask me anything in any language, really, but don't expect a timely or grammatically-correct answer if the question is not in a language with which I'm familiar.
  • Q: Why do you like electronic music so much?
  • A: Not gonna lie, it has literally changed my life, so of course it holds a lot of meaning for me. However, electronic isn't my only genre – I listen to a variety of genres and am always open for suggestions. Seriously, feel free to hit me up with your favorites!
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