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  • Hi! Since you seem to be the most interactive Staff member, and one of the few (if not only :P) who responds to message wall messages in a timely manner, I've got a few curiosities about Wikia which you might know.

    What are the intentions and uses behind the wikifactory, Wikia Translators, and restricted-login groups? I've seen these around, and used quite often, and I'm curious as to why they're needed and what they do.

    Something else I'm wondering is what risk the MediaWiki:Group-* and MediaWiki:Grouppage-* pages have. I can understand JavaScript restrictions and other potential pages, but why the simple MediaWiki interface pages?

    Lastly (I think lol), what criteria do Staff generally look for when considering granting local Check User rights? That's something which has never been completely clear.

    Thanks for any information you can give!

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    • Hello! I believe I can answer a few of these questions.

      The wikifactory group is related to mw:Extension:WikiFactory and allows access to internal wiki configuration.

      The restricted-login group is designed to prevent staff members with powerful rights from being able to login via Facebook, or use the forgot password prompt. (I think, anyway.) You may want to look through Special:Listgrouprights.

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    • Rider ranger47 wrote: The restricted-login group is designed to prevent staff members with powerful rights from being able to login via Facebook, or use the forgot password prompt. (I think, anyway.) You may want to look through Special:Listgrouprights.

      I have actually looked through the list, but the rights don't have any description, so it isn't too defined.

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    • I don't think it's appropriate for me to talk about the first part - however, I can give more detail on the rest. (Well, the translator one might be more self-evident, but our translation work has changed significantly in recent months - to be much better organized - so I'm not sure of the specifics around that one.)

      Since every MediaWiki message can potentially be utilized in a different way by multiple different bits of code, we have to start from the principle that they are all vulnerable. We then have to review all code involving them to be able to say they're okay.

      Regarding CheckUser - it basically requires extreme need, and very strong trust. It's the kind of thing that is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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  • I was thinking that there should be demo editor because, so that users can edit it, and preview what it should look like even if they are blocked or signed out of wikia. Can you discuss this with the team about it?

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  • Why is Wiki's New Visual Editor turned off in the edit dropdown box when users are blocked?, and why is the rename button still in the edit dropdown box when users are blocked?

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  • Hello. I just wanted to know if you've read tha reply I sent you two days ago (I'm talking about that Inputbox Bug).

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  • Why is Wiki's New Visual Editor not equipped on adoption pages on this wiki?

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  • Hello there, can you think you can do me a favor? I need a page deleted and done discretely. The reason being is that it's caused a lot of arguments with some of the members and I rather not cause another uproar similar to the last page I did.

    I'm gonna re-work on the character in my Microsoft Word, but otherwise - the page itself is causing too many arguments with other users. I would ask an admin on my site, but I'm afraid that would cause even more arguments and bigger headaches.

    So if you can delete this as soon as possible, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Hi there!

    I am an admin on the Ed, Edd n Eddy Wiki. I was browsing through the user rights log and noticed that we have three users left over from the early days of our wiki who still have bureaucratic capabilities. Two of these users (User:Max2 and User:InstantWinston) haven't edited since 2008 and 2009, respectively, and one User:NegaZilla has never edited at all. These users are no longer active members of the community (or never were to begin with).

    Can you help us by removing their bureaucratic status so that our Special:ListUsers page reflects our 1 active bureaucrat and not 4? Let me know if I am requesting this in the wrong place. Thanks!

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  • Hi! 

    I run the community newsletter over at Avatar Wiki, and the articles are formatted so that the users who wrote them are displayed with a thumbnail of their avatar next to their article title and information. Ever since the switch to the vignette thumbnailer though, I haven't been able to get the URLs of user icons to display their image. 

    I saw from this blog's comments that someone asked about this before, and that you guys were looking into it. Is there currently a way to display the newer wikia images from direct URL? I'd really appreciate it if you could help me with this! 

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    • Oh! adding to the end "?format=icon" to the end of the URL seems to have worked out :D 

      Would this work for all image urls on the Wiki? Just curious but I'm thrilled the icons are displaying haha! 

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    • Hey, could you send me a link to what you did in the end, so I can check it out?

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  • I have been requesting an unblock on at least two occasions. It's true that on the 11th - 12th July this year, there was some trolling that was caused by another of my accounts, but the reason there was abuse that had been caused by my account, was because a retired troll user had manipulated me into giving him my password so that he could use it to troll with my account.

    A couple of days later, another user was able to get me (under my EpicSimsPlayer account, since that's the one I was using at the time) to change my password, so that my account would be solely under my control once again. However over time, the troll user began reporting more and more of my accounts until just about all of them were globally blocked. Another user had requested an unblock for me on my behalf in the past, but the member of wikia staff who answered to their message said that I had to send the request myself. I requested an unblock on at least two occasions, but none of my unblock requests received a response.

    I wants to know if there's any chance in my ILoveMondler  account getting unblocked, so that I can edit constructively on the few wikis I edit on, such as C.Syde’s Wiki. I have matured, and have learned not to give my password to anyone, and if I do get unblocked I will make sure I don’t get into a sticky situation like I did before. I want to know if there's any way I can contribute to wikia under an account without the risk of getting globally blocked for the abuse that the troll user had caused with my account back in July 2015. I want to move on from the difficult road I have lived in the past from my days as an inexperienced and misunderstood user.

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  • Why did you delete photos that relate to Daniel Attard on Wigglepedia?

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