aka Pera Pisar

  • I live in a land far, far away everybody mistakes for Siberia
  • I was born on June 0
  • I am a cube
  • Bio $.ajax({url:''+mw.config.get('wgTrackID'),type:'PATCH',data:{bio:'Cubes are cool'},xhrFields:{withCredentials:true}});
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tkinter window not popping up Rogue maltron 26/4/2018
what is wrong with my code Rogue maltron 2/5/2018
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the link to the repo please do hel when you get time Rogue maltron 9/5/2018
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About animated profile pictures- Weebtoons 22/5/2018
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Need help with tags Wedhro 30/5/2018
In hindsight Affirmation 10/6/2018
Just Something Random ThePokegeek5000 12/6/2018
KockaBot given bot rights on WoWWiki Fandyllic 20/6/2018
Um... ThePokegeek5000 21/6/2018
Hey SuperMobb 22/6/2018
Your avatar Marceline Saga 26/6/2018
Wikia, GDPR, and removing contributions Andrewds1021 2/7/2018
mxr Sloot scale 6/7/2018
Hey EsrielTakoda 7/7/2018
Coolot1 MrWii000 8/7/2018

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  • Hey kocka,

    So today something wrong went with my profile pic. It keeps on going to default, then it changes back to the current one. What's going on?

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  • Hi,

    I need help with these chatbot codes. Mind seeing the mistake and telling me to correct them? Please? Thanks.


    Hope it can be fixed!


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  • Hey,

    I had messaged you through Discord awhile ago regarding questions about hover images, and user rights etc. I lost your contact name, but I was wandering if you could assist me with adding a custom image before a username on a wiki. This is sort of what I'm looking for, but I want it site wide where the icon is infornt of a name and can be seen on a userprofile and recent activity.

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    • Whoops, remove the first :before from what I wrote.

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    • That worked. Thank you very much for the quick responses even when things didn't work you explained it and helped me understand it. 10/10

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Your profile's Wikia notifications are great. Lol

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    KockaAdmiralac closed this thread because:
    13:26, September 19, 2018
  • Hi, I have send a link that u ask me but I think u left, so I leaving a question here to see what u think if it is possible.

    (Also thank you answering my question I had in past, very helpful 😎👍🏽)

    For the DPL I’m wondering if it is possible to have it, for example on this page:

    U mentioned information in these tables in infoboxs for these page already?

    That is yes we do, as the creation of infobox is this link The information for example from All building like this main items page (which each items hold for each building information from all building)

    This where we left off, since u left. I shall wait for ur reply on this to see dpl is possible.

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    • I need it in Dutch, or English in a way a 4yo could understand lol
      I'm trying to create tables, but i can't control the cells

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • What does this mean

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  • Hey thanks for the help! Sorry if I was a bit salty.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You said to reply to my thread about changing the fonts for comments after I finished the starter steps, but I didn't want to bump it by a week since after the last comment, the thread went really stale.

    I just finished uploading the 2.svg, 2.eot, 2.ttf and 2.woff files to the Unofficial Geometry Dash Wiki. It took longer than I thought to wait for Fandom to enable those files to be uploaded, but I have finished the steps and now I am waiting for the next steps. Just in case I wing it and it goes completely wrong.

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    • No problem. :)

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    • GD Protostar, the user who requested the font, wants to thank you was well! :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • are you raptide?

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    KockaAdmiralac closed this thread because:
    18:25, September 4, 2018
  • First and foremost... ћао, чика КоцкаАдмиралац! Како ли је само лепо видети једног земљака Сибирца на бесконачним пространствима Викије.

    Second, I'm worried about a possibility of sockpuppetry on the wiki I admin: to give you more details, it is about a certain user that has as of recently committed many questionable acts on the wiki. While none of his actions were explicitly against the rules, they were beyond his level of authority, and some were flagrantly malicious towards some user, including me.

    Fortunately, that user has soon retired from the wiki (for reasons I'm unsure of), but almost instantly after, a new user has emerged, and the similarities between them and the naysayer are too large to ignore.

    While, again, the new user has commited no real harm, their modus operandi is strikingly similar to the old one, and I worry that in time, it may endanger the wiki.

    I'm aware that asking for someone's IP address (so I could look into it myself) would almost certainly be illegal. With that in mind, I'd like to ask if there are any alternative ways for me to check for connection between these two users.

    Note: I'm almost 100% certain that they are in fact one and the same person, but it has to stay on "almost" until I have a solid evidence.

    Thank you for your time, чика Коцка.

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    • Здраво! Сибирци заиста јесу ретки на Викији. :P

      If you want to check whether two users share an IP address, or possibly an IP range, you would have to contact Staff about that. I'm not completely sure what is their criteria for accepting such requests in cases when the user whose IP is being compared not being an obvious troll, but if you explain to them your suspicions and why does that user pose a threat to the wiki's environment I think they will check their IPs and tell you the observations (but not the actual IPs).

      Note that the user might be using a proxy to access the wiki, so the IP check may not return useful results (though I don't know whether Staff will tell you if the IP addresses they used are IP addresses of proxies).

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    • A FANDOM user
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