aka Pera Pisar

  • I live in a land far, far away everybody mistakes for Siberia
  • I was born on June 0
  • I am a cube
  • Bio $.ajax({url:''+mw.config.get('wgTrackID'),type:'PATCH',data:{bio:'Cubes are cool'},xhrFields:{withCredentials:true}});
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Welcome to my Message Wall. Please keep the discussion below civil and refer to the FAQ before asking any questions.
It would also be great if you read the useful links dropdown. It should contain useful links. You know, the links that are useful.

Helpful links
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Question Answer
Can you be my friend? Not really
I need help Can you be more descriptive?
I'm banned Why do I care?
I'm banned on Undertale Wiki Ah, that changes things. Have you tried checking out the ban reason before contacting me? If you still think your ban is unfair, please explain why do you think so.
Are you from Hungary? No, read my User page.
Are you a boy or a girl? I'm a cube.
No, seriously... Read my User page.
How old are you? Why do you care?
Can you help me with JS/CSS? If I'm currently not busy, of course, could you come into chat, or leave a message here if I'm not online?
Can you make <insertnamehere> plugin? Probably, but I don't take scripting requests.
Can you host me a bot? No. Unless I offer you to.
Stalk me Unstalk me
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