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August 18, 2011
  • I live in a house.
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is dreaming.
  • I am who I am.
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  • You have blocked me from deleting the info on the page

    I know that this is purely a reactive judgement on your part, being that you see so many pages deleted by malicious people.

    But, I assure you, I am not malicious.  I'm just reporting the sad truth:

    1)  Unity-Velen merged with others three years ago and is now a LONG dead, single person guild

    2) It's website is dead,

    3) It's history (hailing from WOTLK) is irrelevant in 2016 and might as well be dead.

    Now, do the right thing and either enable me to make the WoWWiki page dead as well or you make it dead.

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    • As a VSTF member, it's not my job to gauge the relevance of content, so I won't do that. All I see indeed is someone blanking out a page. If that's how the Wow Wiki deals with such pages, you're more than welcome to discuss this situation with a local administrator. They have every right and ability to undo the block I issued.

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    • Let's first establish what has transpired.

      1)  I researched Unity and found it to be, essentially, a dead guild with a legacy, vanity, four year old WoWWiki page of hopelessly outdated content.  Therefore, I removed it per:

      2) You reversed my edit thinking it vandalism, likely because it seemed to follow a pattern.  (See:

      Feel free to correct me if I misinterpreted your action.

      3) After you reversed my edits, I opened a dialogue with you to document them per  (And, I think you would agree with me that vandals don't do that.)

      You wrote me back saying stating:

      1) You are a member of the Volunteer Spam Task Force (VSTF)

      2) You are not interested in validating content changes by stating "it's not [your] job to gauge the relevance of content."

      3) You state, "I see indeed is someone blanking out a page. If that's how the Wow Wiki deals with such pages, you're more than welcome to discuss this situation with a local administrator." Somewhat confusing, but you then go on to admit the block is indeed yours.

      So, let's take the above in turn.

      First, you have a noble job, making sure that the content remains undefaced.  I salute and thank you for your diligent work.  But, in this case, you have made a mistake.  My edits are based on facts not vandalism.  Facts you may be blind to, but facts none the less.

      Second, by your abdication of content validation, my argument for the edit prevails.

      Therefore, either remove your block or, if you are undable to do so, remove the content yourself as my argument for the edit has won.

      Thank you.  ;)

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    • You may blame me for being "blind" to the facts, but another fact is that I don't judge content. Blanking a page is generally not how Wikia and separate wiki's deal with "dead" pages. Content is often kept around and merely put in past tense as to give people an overview of what once was even though it's not anymore. As such, blanking pages is still vandalism. I have the ability to remove your block, I just lack the reason why, as I don't see a reason why, as I don't share your self-declare victory, sorry. I told you before, since this is a content issue and my "job" stops at making sure that a wiki's pages don't get defaced, take this up with the local administrator. They have every right and ability to unblock you as well and they're better placed to judge whether or not that would be the right course of action in this case.

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    • Sirthomas: There is no need to be condescending as it won't be helping the situation any better.

      As stated, VSTF cannot gauge the relevance of edits. Or rather, the mass removal of edits in this case. Let's first go over a few facts of what happened, facts that you conveniently did not list.

      1) You massed removed content as an IP (with no other edits other than removing content). Which is typically a good sign of common vandalism in the line of VSTF work.

      2) Lady Lostris first reverted your edit at 19:51. Which should of been your first warning as what you were doing was a sign of vandalism.

      3) Instead of stopping there, you ignored the revert and removed content (with no explanation might I add) again at 19:51. Moments after she reverted your edit. Which is why you were blocked, due to repeating the action again.

      You were not giving any reason or indication that your edit was "good faith". You simply blanked a page (twice) even after your first edit was reverted. The very page you linked is even against you in your actions.

      "With large proposed deletions or replacements, it may be best to suggest changes in a discussion, lest the original author be discouraged from posting again. One person's improvement is another's desecration, and nobody likes to see their work destroyed without warning."

      All in all, the best suggestion to take is to the local admins of WoWWiki as recommended by Lady Lostris herself, to determine if your block was justified or not. From a VSTF standpoint, you were blanking pages (without any reasoning) and continued to remove content even after you should of taken indication that your edits were unwanted. The VSTF will not unblock you as you were matching the description of vandalism.

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  • I hate you Lady Lostis. Be prepared for the

    Worst time of your freaking life

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    Josephyr closed this thread because:
    18:36, November 25, 2015
  • Thanks for your help with that guy in the Black MIDI Wikia, I appreciate that :D

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  • Can you please disable my account

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  • It has been since i saw you before, this time round, i am dealing with MilezTalizProwerr, she disobeyed rules that i have planned to do and also, heres the list of rules that i have done and how she broke them. She even did not believe i was sorry and even did not like my ideas.

    1. Dont swear and insult at me. She obviously broke that rule

    2. Dont edit any of my pages or de-lorcanize pages, and think of Blue Yoshi as a rapist (Blue Yoshi is not a rapist, but just a nice guy). she broke that one too.

    3. Just accept my comments and ideas, not delete them, and don't reply like a rude idiot. She did broke it too.

    And can you deal with here because i want here to get out of the Simon Templar and Blue Yoshi wiki forever and never allow here to return there.

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  • She is bullying me by saying I am underage. I am fine. She is a fucking idiot.

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    • This is not a social matter, thereby not a matter for the VSTF. Also, I warned you to not harass that user. If you continue, you will be blocked from Community Central. If you have a genuine complaint against them, then submit to Staff a report using Special:Contact. You'll need to have proof, though.

      Josephyr (talk)

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    • This reply has been removed
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  • As a moderator on the LotR Minecraft Mod Wiki, it is my duty to patrol the forums and remove anything that is disrespectful. Lately, the wiki has been plagued by a troll who has used about 30 different anonymous accounts to post very disrespectful things (generally abusing a Jewish member of our community). Apparently, he changes his IP address, so that when one account is blocked, he uses another anonymous account, with a different IP address. This all started because he used a controversial profile picture (as a full account), and was then banned from the chat and later the wiki because of it and the arguments it caused.

    Is there anyhting you can do?



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  • Hallo, Ik ben Mainframe98 van de BioShock Wiki en ik was benieuwd of jij mij ook kunt helpen. Ik ben bezig met het schrijven van de CSS code voor de Portable Infoboxes, en had de lokale admin gevraagd of hij daarbij horende CSS in de lokale Mediawiki:Common.css wilde plaatsen, aangezien ik daar geen administrator ben. Helaas werkt die CSS mijn persoonlijke CSS tegen omdat er nogal wat foutjes in zitten. Als de bewerking wordt teruggedraaid, kan ik de CSS testen in mijn eigen lokale CSS bestand zonder dat ik last heb van de CSS in Mediawiki:Common.css. Ik heb de lokale adminstrator al gevraagd, maar die komt waarschijnlijk vanmiddag pas online. Als jij de bewerking zou kunnen terugdraaien kan ik meteen aan de slag. Is dat mogelijk? Mainframe98 talk·edits 10:01, October 3, 2015 (UTC)

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    • Technisch gezien is dat mogelijk, maar ik ga dat niet doen daar dit ingrijpen is in de affaires van een lokale wiki waar de administrator nog actief is. Verder is dit ook geen materie waarvoor de VSTF bevoegd is. Wij worden enkel geacht onze extra rechten te gebruiken om vandalisme en spam een halt toe te roepen, niet om fouten in codes te herstellen. Ik vind het jammer dat jij hierdoor enkele ongemakken ervaart, maar je zal helaas moeten wachten tot de desbetreffende administrator online komt.

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    • Ik vermoedde al zoiets maar ik wilde het toch even vragen. In ieder geval bedankt voor de reactie! Mainframe98 talk·edits 10:24, October 3, 2015 (UTC)

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    • Vragen staat altijd vrij en je kan beter iets dubbelchecken en zeker zijn :-) Dat is graag gedaan, alleen jammer dat ik je niet verder kan helpen in deze situatie. Allicht veel succes met het corrigeren van die codes!

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    Scans for whenever you have time :)

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  • Thank you for cleaning up our recent invasion of spammers.  Is there a way we can configure the Habitica Wikia to prevent more from showing up -- even if we have to personally approve new Wikia accounts manually, it's still better than getting bombed multiple times in the same weekend....

    Taldin (talk) 22:46, September 28, 2015 (UTC)

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