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  • The pictures weren't good quality.

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  • 761954 mad about his pics being deleted. They weren't good quality.

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  • In response to what was asked in my request thread, I created a forum post, and posted on the talk pages of those 10 editors who have contributed within the last month, directing them to the discussion I started. The discussion is here: Adopting the Wiki. I'll send you the link again in a week. 

    LehuaRose (talk) 03:07, September 15, 2014 (UTC)

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  • I know I'm supposed to send an official message to wikia but I was wondering if you could help us out at the PLL Wiki? Is there any way we can disable anons from commenting either temporarily or permanently? All we're getting is anons changing their ip addresses to go around their blocks and being offensive towards me for taking action and other users (

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  • I would like to adopt this Wiki. I have experience as a respected Wikipedia editor since 2006, and am admin and have made over 3000 edits over at Marvel answers.

    I have repeatedly tried reasoning with BeyonderGod, and provided lots of valid links to support my claims, but he never listens and retorts with lots of insults. He has a history of extremely insulting and unreasonable behaviour towards myself, and repeatedly markets his copycat wiki, which was started in May 2014, long after the real OBD wiki hosted at the Naruto forums. I can post excepts and links to his trolling behaviour in the post below.



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    Ozuzanna closed this thread because:
    see closing message at the bottom
    12:22, September 14, 2014
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    • You post hundreds of messages at the superpower wiki aggressively marketing e character, you post profiles at the factpile wiki with him at the absolute top, you even start your own wiki just to place him at the top. Of course you know very well that you market the Beyonder everywhere, despite that he was retconned long ago due to being so disliked by most Marvel staff.

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    • The adoption requests made will be used for adopting, you do not ask to adopt directly for a wiki, wait until the process finishes. I'm going to close this thread since it is mainly a hurdle of insults and bickering at one another.

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  • I am having issues with a member who already got me banned from another wikia but honestly the Staff chose pure favorites as someone else should have had the same punishment as me but gave him 3 days and i got until september 17th i honestly like to keep a vandalising user known as Antvasima off the wikia as he claims characters stats that are proven? but his claims are both proven wrong and even childish as maaaaany people proved him wrong on many wikias and look at VSBATTLES he was permanently banned for the same issue to vandalizing the wikia i would like to have admin rights here the last admin to edit was last year with 43 edits i have been editing there for now 4 months in a half with a near 200 edits

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    • Beyondergod -- whether or not you have any bans when I answer the request, I will not approve an adoption for a wikia when the person requesting is currently involved in a dispute with another contributor on the wikia..

      In other words, neither you nor Antvasima can adopt the wikia until you find a way to compromise/work with each other and stop fighting.

      Alternately one or the other of you can create a new wikia so you can each work things the way you think they should be done without having to fight each other; the person who continues working on the current wikia would then be able to adopt it.

      Or you can find somebody you both support to request admin rights on this wikia instead.

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    • Why not just make both of us admins so either way we will be equal in power.

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  • Hi Merrystar,

    This is user, Karen Petrova-Laufeyson.  You were the one who told me to put a message on a user's wall to ask their permission to adopt the Aquamarine Wiki (  The user did respond and he is okay with it.  I just wanted to let you know so that way everything is settled.  I would love to adopt the Aquamarine wiki ( and help with updatiing it.  :)

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  • I told them about and they still didn't respond.

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  • Hi Merry.

    I requested Adoption:Baseball Wiki and the request was completed as unsuccessful because I withdrew my request on User:FuzzyDice. This is my new account and plan to use FuzzyDice as my alternate. Can I get the permissions from that adoption request on this account?

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  • I made a post about this a long time ago. Dunno where to put the request.

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