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  • I consider adoption requests as an application only requiring 2 contributions:

    1. a wikian who is volunteering to become an admin of the wiki
    2. yourself (or 1 of your Wikia colleagues) to process the offer

    IMHO the only other contributions on an adoption request page should be relevant information to help you decide whether the adoption-offer meets the adoption guidelines:

    • other contributors of the wiki giving reasons to accept or reject the request
    • from non-contributors giving other information that you may need (eg: the applicant repeatedly vandals wikis)

    IMHO the only reason JosephHawk is entitled to add to an adoption request page is to correct the application. But as shown with the Adoption:Ouran Highschool Host Club, he failed to read/research the request and gave his standard and inappropriate response.

    I have just applied for another adoption. I consider adoptions as my way to recycle unloved wikis. As I am helping Wikia, I do not appreciate JosephHawk patronizing/condescending comment he has left on the request page. I feel humiliated as he is talking down to me as if I am a child and is commenting on my drawing! If you wish me to continue to make a constructive use of inactive wikis, please advise JosephHawk to use his time elsewhere.

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    • I'm just gonna quickly poke my head in and give my opinion. I honestly believe that Joseph's reply on the request wasn't condescending/patronizing at all. His reply is very helpful; he's just saying that as far as he can tell you aren't missing anything that may be needed for the adoption to be completed.

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    • Like the others, I'm sorry you dislike Joseph commenting on your adoption request, but you are welcome to ignore his post if you wish to do so. In general he is very helpful at guiding users towards a more succesful adoption.

      I recheck everything in the requests anyhow, so even if he does make a mistake now and then it won't affect the outcome of the request (and it provides a nice double check of my own work, so I am less likely to make a mistake myself).

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  • Hey, could you review the Spotlights requests this week? We are counting on more sponsorship.

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    • Hello. I did them. Sorry I missed last week, but as they only go up every two weeks it would not have changed when the spotlight went up anyhow :)

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  • Hi Wendy!

    My adoption request was put on hold for a valid reason, I hadn't answered enough. I don't have much time right now because of halfterm tests so I would appreciate it if you left it on hold until next Monday or so as I will have lots of answers done by then. Cheers.

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  • Hello. I'm sorry to bother you but I know that you're management staff. I have a concern about the TV Database Wiki that I hope you would want to be informed about.

    I recently contacted Wikia Staff and requested that my wiki, Lost Girl Wiki, be added to the TV Hub on Wikia's main page. When I received a message informing me that it had been added, I clicked on the TV Hub area to see where my wiki appears or is listed. I didn't see it anywhere.

    It's not under the Recently Featured, Channels, and Participate tabs. And nowhere on the screen did I see an area where new users can find a "how to" have their wiki become active in the TV Hub. Last tab left to look under was Communities. I have no clue what "Official Communities" within the tab is supposed to mean since only two appear. Under "Popular" only five wikis appear. Under "Hubs" you find what you already first see on Wikia's main page. That left "Core communities" to check.

    Under "Core communities" you get "TV Database". I clicked on it and linked to the TV Database Wiki. There, at the bottom of the main page under the "Supernatural" category I finally saw my wiki. I clicked on it and linked to what appeared in the TV Database Wiki about it. It had been created on January 3, 2013, and the information was mostly out of date and incorrect. I immediately went to work on it and spent five days correcting, updating, and adding new information (including images).

    When I uploaded an image before remembering that I had wanted to edit its name first, I added the file to the Candidates for deletion, then re-uploaded the image and added it to the Lost Girl tv show infobox template. Two days later and the image I marked for deletion was still appearing in the "Photos on This Wiki". The next day I saw in the Wiki Activity page that an Anon had posted a comment in the Maren Jensen page asking "Is anyone awake on this site?" Out of curiosity I went to the page to see what it was all about and saw that on April 2, 2014, an Anon had pointed out that the image in the infobox was the wrong actress -- and five months later it was still appearing in the template. I responded to the last comment and advised those who were interested in how they could change the image themselves.

    Then, after giving it some thought, on October 12th I left a message in the Admin's (Brian Kurtz) talk page offering a proposal for the database wiki ("Proposal for TV Database Wiki").

    Based on what I had found after becoming involved in the wiki, I proposed the idea for having Admins that would be in charge of individual wikis in the database because, as I stated, "One Admin alone cannot stay on top of a database wiki that constantly grows with additional wikis and new pages within existing wikis." I pointed out as examples the mounting pages in the "Candidates for deletion" that were not deleted, and the wrong actress photo in the "Maren Jensen" page that had not been corrected months ago when it was pointed out. Making someone an Admin of an individual database wiki would ensure that the supervisorial person was knowledgeable about the subject, and problems and questions within that wiki would be handled asap.

    I know that not every Admin is like me and responds immediately to messages from users, or handles issues within their wiki in 24 hours. So I figured I would hear back from him in two or three days (keep in mind: this was on October 12). October 13, 14, 15 come and go. No word. On October 16, Brian Kurtz becomes active in the wiki, editing and adding pages. Still, no response from him to my message. October 17, 18, 19. No response, but he's been very active editing a multitude of pages and uploading images. Today is the 20th -- eight days since I left my message on his talk page and still no response from him.

    He has totally blown me off.

    Not only has he blown me off, but from what I can tell he has blown off others before me. Is this any way for an Admin to behave when this database wiki is directly tied to Wikia's TV Hub?

    If the TV Database Wiki is simply one person's toy and hobby, then Wikia should make that known up-front so that every visitor and editor is fully informed about what to expect the first time they visit the database wiki.

    As I said to Brian Kurtz in the closing of my message to him, "I do not mean to rock the boat or step on toes…." and I hope that you take this message as an opportunity to look into what is going on with the TV Database Wiki. Because it could become a great source of data provided by Wikia, or go to waste and become irrelevant as a result of poor management of the wiki.

    Best regards, Virago a-go-go (talk) 02:44, October 20, 2014 (UTC)

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    • The pages for The Simpsons and Power Rangers both leave much to be desired too - both had wrong dates on them, which I just fixed. The wiki is probably eligible for adoption. Fancy taking it on, Virago?

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    • Oy! I'm familiar with characters from The Simpsons but don't watch the show, and dang if I know anything about the Power Rangers besides their costumes (and, because I'm hooked on the ID channel, the murder-robbery masterminded by a former Ranger). Besides, I learned a million years ago to not bite off more than I could chew. :-)

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    • Hello. I'm sorry you are disappointed in the admin at the TV Database, but he is welcome to run his wikia as he chooses (for good or for bad), as long as he isn't outright blocking anybody else who edits or otherwise violating our terms of use. It is ultimately just like any other wikia.

      As best I can tell the Lost Girl Wiki has been on that main page for quite a while and was not recently added. I do not know who you contacted about adding your wikia to the TV Hubs page for promotion, but I recommend you ask them directly what they meant when they said your wikia had been added.

      Alternately, it appears there is a forum board to request that your community be featured in the "From the Community" page; you could try that. The last two requests there both seemed to work.

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    • Thanks for your reply, Merrystar. At least now I know that all it is, is one person's toy.

      As for who contacted me about having added my wiki to the TV Hub page, it was Luis Castillo. I will find out from him what that actually meant.

      Thanks again! Virago a-go-go (talk) 08:48, October 21, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Hello, how would I go about putting a wiki up for adoption? I am currently administrator and bureaucrat (and would ideally like to remain such) but sadly I don't seem to have the time to regularly update. Here's the URL:

    Thank you.

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  • . Help me! Why is there an X there? please help me. Thank you :)

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  • Will you please close my request on the adoption of "The Burger King" Wikia? From this point on, DjSponge made me an Beurucrat. So I would appreciate if you would close my adoption request. Please reply back so I know that you gotten my message. Have a great day!

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  • Hi, I wanted to adopt the wiki for "Kamisama Hajimemashita Wiki" but I see that the request is already completed and I have no idea how to make a new request from that page. Currently, the wiki admin is not active and there is plenty I want to update but do not have the rights/access. I wonder if I can get any admin rights? The 2 admins of the wiki lastest edit date is August 10, 2012 and January 2, 2014 respectively. 

    Wiki Link:

    Look forward to your reply! :)

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  • Hi! So I didn't get much of a chance to edit on Wyrmstooth Wiki for a little while, but I would like to ask about one thing: the wiki's only founder has still not edited, which means the wiki is technically adoptable by anyone (the user's last edit was 17th August, which is now 60 days ago). I was just wondering if, despite my lack of edits to the wiki, the previous adoption request I made is now valid? Cheers!

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    • No. You only need sysop access to do the import; anybody can do the export. You can message any recently active (non-staff/vstf) users on their walls, and/or add a message to the main page. The founder is still active elsewhere on Wikia (and is barely 60 days inactive on this wikia) so it would also be polite to message him. I've enabled blogs and forums as well although if people are not in the habit of using them then they likely won't be seen.

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    • Merrystar wrote: No. You only need sysop access to do the import; anybody can do the export. You can message any recently active (non-staff/vstf) users on their walls, and/or add a message to the main page. The founder is still active elsewhere on Wikia (and is barely 60 days inactive on this wikia) so it would also be polite to message him. I've enabled blogs and forums as well although if people are not in the habit of using them then they likely won't be seen.

      Alright, I'll send him a wall post (although, last time I sent him a wall post, it was ignored and he doesn't reply to any article comments on his wiki) and see where that goes. Thanks!

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  • I have added proof to the Adoption page that the adoption was agreed on amoung the editors at the wiki.!_Comic_Wiki

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