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  • I need your help and How will I stop all A Wikia contributor as unknown in My web Disney Fan Fiction Wiki by all days and I pointed!

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  • Hey Wendy!

    I was going to make an adoption request for Jack's Journey Wiki because an admin had not made an edit since 28th May 2013. Well today, the only admin made an edit on the homepage saying "STOP EDITING THIS WIKI!". Here is the change [1]. I doubt it would but would the wiki still be eligible for adoption? This wiki is about an online game which I am staff on. I would like to adopt this wiki because I would like to give players an opportunity to show their knowledge of the game. I have also left the only active admin, Prominer321 a message on his wall.



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  • About my request (, I messaged the other active user on Friday about adopting it and yet he still hasn't responded and it is now Tuesday night. The user has also not edited on the wiki for almost a week.

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  • I was just checking up on the adoption for the EastEnders wiki, I was the person who has made a request on there, and where the categories is at the bottom of the screen it says its a completed request, but when I looked on the EastEnders wiki it still says what I was before so nothing has changed.

    I would be most appreciated if you could get back to me. Thank you

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  • Hello, concerning the Lies of Astaroth adoption thread you've requested for SecTau to be contacted in order to make sure that he would agree with promoting Lameria to admin. I have left him a pretty clear message and received a response that should in my opinion suffice. Agreed?

    Sincerely, Cipheos 19:05, April 21, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Hello! I am the guy who wants to adopt the Spongebob Answers wiki. You said to message you at the end of the weekend, as a week would then have passed for my adoption request. Well, here's the message! :D Can't wait to have the rights. :)


    OnioNS (talk) 02:09, April 21, 2014 (UTC)OnioNS

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  • Hello, Merrystar.

    Thanks for assisting me with my inquiries for the past 6 years here at Wikia and its Wikis. I hope you don't mind helping me once again with an issue we've been having at Adventure Time Wiki. As you probably know, I'm the Founder of AT Wiki, the largest Adventure Time online community in the world. Last year, a new user joined our community under the name Yuzura. He was a bit of a reformist, going against all the rules we have set. Although he has broken countless of Wiki rules within the past year due to this, he was really helpful with Main Space edits. The majority of the Wiki's users disliked him and were angry when we considered promoting him. We should have heeded the warnings of the other users.

    Earlier this year, he disappeared for a few months. He created a new account for an unknown reason and returned last month. At the same time, I had announced I was going on a temporary hiatus to catch up with work and my last year of college. He took advantage of this and instantly acted. The first thing he does is create a blog with his old account, making up lies and rumors about me and some fellow crats as an excuse to demote us. He also held a "false vote" on his blog to demote me, and the other crats. Despite the vote taking place in an inappropriate place, the votes were all made up by him and does not reflect the votes of the other users. He admit to holding a conversation via chat, regarding my demotion. He convinced a bunch of people I should be demoted because I am "never" on chat anymore, which was partially untrue and out of context. All these people commented against me in his blog to make it look like the community was against us. All the crats and admins were always against this blog because it created public disturbance and also because votes belong in the forums.

    All this also took place right after most of our admins quit and caused an uproar. I find it unfortunate that he had to cause another public discrepancy right after I managed to calm things down. Me and the other crats began talking to him in efforts to settle the situation. However, before we got anywhere, all my rights were stripped while I was on a trip. Along with some crats and admins, I have tried to settle this with him, peacefully, but we seem to be getting nowhere. This is why I am taking this matter to you. There were two main reasons Yuzura gave for my demotion:

    1. I am "very inactive" and "never" on chat. - The fact is I am on the wiki everyday, watching over everything that goes on. I am on the chat occasionally, but usually during the more quiet hours due to my schedule. Yes, I haven't made much edits recently, but a crat shouldn't be removed unless they have been inactive for 2 years, as you had told me. Besides, I have been constantly active with my crat duties although most of it take place through AIM with the other crats.

    2. I promote users according to my will - The fact is we have a rule where executive actions such as these cannot be executed unless with permission from two crats. Every promotion we have made were thoroughly discussed. It turned out Yuzuru was simply against the 2-crat rule. He claimed that Wikia is a "democracy" and that this rules, that we have put in place 5 years ago, is leading to a "monarchy". Me, Sparda, and Waddle were against establishing a government within our wiki and simply wanted to stick to the rules. Because of this, we naturally became his targets. His reformist ideals have caused much trouble for us in the past, but this crosses the line.

    He also managed to convince people that I was biased in promoting a user who had poor edits because I knew him in real life. This was also untrue. I actually met and promoted this user when he joined the wiki during its early stages. Yes, he has poor edits compared to the other admins, but that is because he was the best we had, 5 years ago, before the wiki was popular.

    I would appreciate if you can help assist in this matter. Also, I would like to check which user had ignorantly stripped me of my rights so I can speak to him/her. Whoever this user was, he/she never even bothered consulting me and looking into the issue clearly.

    Best, Tavis

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    • Adventure Time wiki would be good. How about my talk page? Yami?

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    • Hello, Merrystar. I lefts a message through Special:Contact. I received a copied/pasted message that does not even address the issue or consider anything I mentioned. What would be a good option for me to take?

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  • Not to be rude but

    Can you unlocked the Megan Sparkles page Hector Flanagan page and Sandy page?

    Because those pages are locked because I was not a admin :(

    Sorry about that.

    PS, please dont delete them because those characters are from Sanjay and Craig. will you give me admin on this wikia

    I'm sorry about that <:,-( because I was so nervous.

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  • If there's more than one wiki for a particular subject can all of them be spotlighted (assuming that they meet the "suggestions")?

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    • Absolutely you can. Although you may not want to request a spotlight for them at the same time as it is likely people won't realize that there is more than one and will simply assume it is different spotlights for the same wikia....

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    • Thanks, I'll have to get working on that wiki in question. To make sure that it's up to the standards before I submit it for review. :)

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  • Hello.  A couple of weeks ago, I made a spotlight request for the Dark Tower Wiki.  However, I checked the talk page and saw that my request was deleted.  After looking at the Wiki history, I discovered that a user named Torquil ( deleted it.  Is this user an admin? If so, why would he or she delete my post?  If the user is not an admin, I'm not sure if this was a mistake, or if the user was trying to get their Wiki spotlighted before mine (although I doubt anyone would do that).  Either way, is there a way to prevent this so it doesn't happen in the future?

    Thank you for your help!

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    • Torquil is not an admin. Usually it is just a mistake when something like this happens, although from the edit summary it's possible he thought he was removing a duplicate request of some sort. At anyrate, I'm glad you noticed and re-added your request.

      To answer your question, no, with the current setup there is no way to prevent this happening without preventing everybody from adding requests altogether. But it is easy enough to fix, and presumably if somebody makes a request then they, like you, will care enough to follow up if it goes missing.

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