November Klause

aka yoooo

  • I live in Hell with your Uncle
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is Wiki Fanatic
  • I am a narly narwhal
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  • Hello. I would like to say that you need to stop your harassment and disrespect towards other users. You already been blocked on the Regular Show Wiki because of your attitude, and now the Original Banjo Kazooie Wiki for harassment. YOU are the one acting like a baby: "gunther, im pissed at you" and "SHUT UP EVERYONE YOURE GETTING ON MY NERVES" is a sign of a baby attitude, as well being a troll. Here is your message to TheGunther on the Original Banjo Kazooie Wiki:'

    "Dude. stop being a whiny baby on chat on RS Wiki, yes im November Klause, yep thats meh name, don't wear it out :). You need to stop acting like you can just bann someone for nothing. Even if i say im mad a t you, You bann me. STOP BEING A LITTLE BABY. come on, whould you tell the cops that i told you im mad at you, no you whouldn't so why whould you bann me for that, and yes i am mad at you for banning my bro Zourough. You babey. WAWA WA. SHUT UP. I think i know why i am banned. i told you and your'e freinds to shut up. Do you expect me to tell you to be quiet. ITS THE INTERNET!!! I think you whould be the only "nice guy" in youre mind. So unbann me. You took my anger to the next level. If you do another wreckless act like this. I will contact the staff of wikia. Supreme Court of Wikia. You're Temporary Enemy, NOVEMBER KLAUSE!!!"

    You are showing disrespect and harassment. And what are you, 8? You are the baby, and consider this a warning:

    "Intimidating behaviour/harassment: Internet bullied me. I KICKED you from chat! Meaning you can come back! Jeez dude, and I did it because you were rude to other users!"

    That was TheGunther's reason for blocking you on the Regular Show Wiki. Consider that a warning, because if you continue to disrespect/harass users, I will report you to Wikia. So if I was you, I would watch my behavior in the future, because I'll be watching you...

    You're Temporary Enemy,


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    • no, i never vandalized on here

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    • No. It WASN'T just for you saying shut up. Yes, you were saying shut up - numerous times after we told you to stop. Then you were saying that you hated TheGunther - right there is disrespect to an admin. Then you were sending harassment messages to TheGunther, demanding for an unban, though, you were just calling him a whiny baby and such. You disrespected, harassed and was being insolent to other users. You violated UTP among Wikia policies. And I will tell you this: You are the one who brought this to yourself, you are a user who needs to STOP AND CALM DOWN if he wishes to edit in the future. Now, this is over. DO NOT consult me for anything or I will report you to Wikia staff for harassment. If you wish to consult anymore information, speak to the admins. No more messages or I WILL report you for harassment.

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  • Hi November Klause. If you need help in German language, you may contact me on my talk page on the German Community Wiki. But I think German isn't your first language, is it? In that case you could write to any English helper around. Regards. Hi November Klause. Falls du Hilfe in deutscher Sprache benötigst, kannst du mich gerne auch meiner Diskussionsseite im deutschen Community-Wiki anschreiben. Aber ich vermute, dass Deutsch nicht deine Muttersprache ist, richtig? In dem Fall kannst du genauso gut jeden anderen englischsprachigen Helfer hier im Wiki anschreiben. Viele Grüße.

    --Weas-El  @fandom 17:40, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Hi, welcome to Community Central! Thanks for your edit to the Admin Central:Main Page/Wikis that need editors page.

    If you need help, feel free to leave me a message; you may also want to visit the forums or join us on Chat. You can also check the staff blog to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events around Wikia.

    Happy editing!

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