• I live in Vancouver, Canada
  • I was born on December 10
  • Bio Hello, whoever you are, lurking through my profile!

    Here are some random stuff about me:

    I am...
    ☁ Male
    ☁ 13
    ☁ Turbulent INTJ
    ☁ Sagittarius

    I'm a fan of...
    ☁ Lord of the Rings
    ☁ Percy Jackson
    ☁ Wings of Fire
    ☁ Harry Potter
    ☁ Twilight
    ☁ The Chronicles of Narnia
    ☁ Hamilton
    ☁ Clash Royale
    ☁ Town of Salem
    ☁ Geometry Dash
    ☁ Polytopia

    I code...
    ☁ Intermediate HTML
    ☁ Advanced CSS
    ☁ Very little JavaScript
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