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  • When you stopped posting in that first thread about the search I thought you had realized your attitude isn't helping anybody - least of all yourself. But now that another thread with a similar topic has been opened, you go at it again - in both threads.

    That new thread started out quite civil and constructive. If you read my earlier posts you will find that I quote a suggestion of yours and that Daniel from Wikia was open to the idea as such. I fear that your intervention has ended that discussion for good.

    You have done enough venting. You need to start asking yourself what your behaviour will accomplish. If you really want to go on a holy crusade you will accomplish only one thing: People will stop reading your posts.

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    • now I am going to shut up, and I am probably not going to talk on this wiki unless I can aide someone having a genuine issue.

      or until they update the search feature, or until wikia performs some other action that can be interpreted as a crime against civilized thought.

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    • There you go again.

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  • Hey Ralok. Whilst central is a place where staff can gather feedback from users about new products and features - which can include disliking the feature and explaining reasoning - your conduct in these threads and other discussions on the wiki is unacceptable. Feel free to leave feedback, but be more polite when you do so in the future. Thank you.

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    • Calm down, and realize RT isn't being offensive. It's YOU that is being offensive.

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    • I didnt say he was being offensive, he is doing his job! He is trying to calm down the fiery hearted madman stomping around on the front lawn! And I dont have anything against him for it!

      And I didnt say he was being offensive, nothing against him or Rappy! But I do have somethign against the people who impose changes onto everyone that break a well-used and well-liked system!

      Nobody is going to say "oh man, the only thing that was keeping me from using wikis on wikia was the fact that the search feature took me to the pages I wanted to go. Now that this feature is gone I will use wikia"

      that never happens and never will happen!

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