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  • Hello, listen do you know what?

    What are the advantages of having portable infoboxes? Because the only things I can see are disadvantages, 1st the design is difficult to make, 2nd it's not practical and 3rd literally no one wants to help, staff say that they are gonna give an answer and see their worry face I am waiting 1 week to have an answer and they say "thank you for patience :)" like they are worried about giving me an answer and I made a request on that wiki and no one answeres me, I think because of a beef I had on the discord channel, which made quit that channel plus they banned me of it.

    Listen, if you or anyone would like to help then help, if you don't want then don't do it. Why passing from wiki to wiki to get the same result?

    Thanks for your time

    "The Phenomenal" Team69Roll(talk) 08:20, January 18, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Hello Team69Roll,

      Portable infoboxes were designed to be visibly pleasing and compatible across the widest range of devices. Since about 60% of site traffic comes from users using mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.), staff needed to make changes that would improve usability on mobile devices.

      I'm sorry to hear you find them difficult to use, but they are far from impractical and are much more useful as means to convey information than the old style. They are also more customisable than previous versions.

      As for directing you to another wiki, the entire purpose of the Portability Hub wiki is to assist users in creating portable infoboxes. That's what they're there for, and they're good at what they do.

      Lastly, you haven't been waiting a week for a response. Your post on the Portability wiki is timestamped a little over a day ago. Please be patient, and someone will drop by to help you out. There is no one here, or there, that does not want to assist you, however Fandom is a busy place, while your questions may not be answered immediately, it will be answered as soon as possible.

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    • Ok, thank you but I've been waiting a week because last time I answered on special contact was a week ago, but sorry I don't the coders will help me why? Here's what happened.

      I needed help from a template and went to their channel at discord, I asked that I needed help and the problem, they were there unwillingly with me but ok I ignored until I said hello 3x, because I didn't know if in fact they were there and I was unfairly banned of the channel and they even trashed talked about me saying "Yeah, ask for the unblock, then say 3x times and banned" they even laughed at my face saying the most common expression "kkkkk". I mean I understood if said hello 100 times but 3 times only and that was unfair and even reported this to staff, but they said they don't control the discord channels, and that's legit.

      That 's why I think that no coder will help me because of that, luck I had with some helping me but I don't think that for that reason upstairs.

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    • Looks like I've managed to do the infobox, with some effort and understanding the pages like TableWiz said but thank you for the help.

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