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October 7, 2011
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  • I am unable to submit any edits on wikis, as the page keeps sticking on loading editor.  This is for all wikis, whether I am the Admin of not.  Is there a simple solution?

    SENIRAM (talk) 10:55, January 31, 2013 (UTC)

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    • Rick120 wrote:
      Heya... I've been having this Loading Editor problem for weeks and nothing has changed, also the layout has been strange, and the pictures don't seem to be visible. Any sort of help? Before you say something about updating, I've tried, everything is Up to date.

      Pictures can take a few minutes after upload to become visible - that is normal.

      Can you link a few pages or something so we can have a look at what you mean by strange layout?

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    • Maybe it's just your Internet lag?

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  • Hey Sam, I'm a Bloonswikipedian, and I kinda need your help. With regards to the page in the title, is there any place where I can/cannot place code in? I got inspiration from another wiki to do a couple of experiments to see if it works, however, it does not. I am an admin, meaning that I can edit that page. Here are a few links from where I found inspiration:

    Basically, I'm trying to add the function to Bloons WIki and it doesn't seem to work for me so far.

    Could you also check this page for me?

    Btw, I'm asking you because you should have some background knowledge of this kind of topic.

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    • Trackers Interface Wiki has used the display username thing. Here is how to use it:
      Apply the following to MediaWiki:Common.js:

      $(function() {
          if(typeof(disableUsernameReplace) != 'undefined' && disableUsernameReplace || wgUserName == null) return;

      Also, add the following to Template:Username:

      |user page
      |page={{#ifeq:<span class="insertusername">#%*(%&@(#%</span>|#%*(%&@(#%|{{{1|an IP address}}}|[[{{ns:2}}:<span class="insertusername"></span>|{{{3|<span class="insertusername"></span>}}}]]}}
      |talk page
      |message wall={{#ifeq:<span class="insertusername">#%*(%&@(#%</span>|#%*(%&@(#%|{{{1|an IP address}}}|[[{{ns:3}}:<span class="insertusername"></span>|{{{3|<span class="insertusername"></span>}}}]]}}
      |plain=<span class="insertusername">{{{1|An IP address}}}</span>
      |#default=<span class="insertusername">{{{1|An IP address}}}</span>}}
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    • Although, we have already got it working, your code seems to make it better (i.e. adds more options). I'll try that too. Thanks!

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  • Hey, please sign your comments with four tildes on forum pages to help identify your comments. If you find it troublesome to repeat this protocol, you might like to make use of this script, which automatically signs for you. Thanks.

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  • i am having a nasty problem and i heard you could help. see, i have been getting on this wiki alot lately, and i really want to contribute by editing, but i get stuck on the "Loading Editor" and it never loads from there :'( can you help me out??

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  • Sorry, what question? Did I reply to it? Not sure I was notified of your message. Or if I was on chat when you asked it, sorry.

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  • Hey, in situations like this there's nothing we can do, as it's not a vandalism or spam issue.

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  • Please can you tell me if you like the song, "This wheel's on fire", sung by Julie Driscoll? I love that song, not my favorite song mind, I have other favourites too but I suppose that is on my favourites list.....

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  • Taking a look at your signature, I see you are using hex values that do not exist. Hex runs from 0-9, A-F. Colors like #bqbqbqbq default to #b0b0b0 because q does not exist in hex. So every value you have over F is defaulting to 0.

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  • Hey Sam. I just wanted to let you know that I reverted your addition to this page. Adoption requests are now handled at Forum:Adoption requests, with Community Central:Adoption requests acting as an archive.

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