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  • Hi, again. I came here to report a wiki that I find very irrelevant and offensive. , this is the one I am reporting. Thank you for taking the time to check this out. 

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  • While we at the Kamen rider Wiki don't mind it when someone else makes a Kamen Rider wiki, especially if it focuses on a specific series or is in another language, we do not condone outright plagiarism. We have no affiliation with these wikis despite being listed as such in some and some of our hard work was taken without permission.

    I know already that it is part of Wikia to live and let live and the copyright terms for creative license, but this is ridiculous. We do not plan on merging them, since most of the data was taken from us. Is there anything we can do?

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  • Wassup Sannse?

    I need you to sinc my Wiki's Twitter to my Wiki officially? Can you do that?



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  • Hi!

    I've been trying to figure out how to message the Wikia Staff on enabling .SWF uploads to our wiki, Bully Fanon Wiki, for a project the community is doing.

    We are creating a yearbook of fan-created projects, and I am bureaucrat/re-founder there, and also the only one who knows how to use flash, so I was making an SWF file to make the actual yearbook. Of course, we'll need the option of uploading SWF files on there available.

    It is a very low-traffic wiki, so malicious uploads are unlikely. 

    Thank you!


    Bully Fanon Wiki

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  • I decided to come to you instead of going to the thread again. I'll 1st start off by saying i thought it was ok to say the N word because in previous wikis i've been in they allow you to use certain curse words. I just thought the same applied here. but the saying i mentioned are what people go by where i'm from. people dont waste time hiding behind a computer. 

    2. here's the link to the wiki I was banned from and my logs.  I suggest you talk to both amins (Loveyea & DegrassiFan) about it. because I was mad about the comments i made on that wiki not matching the ban. I have several people look at it and they wonder the same thing like me. while your looking at the log.. go through comments starting with June 20th till the day I got banned & make sure to read the reasons I got banned for first that way you can see what I mean. 

    & honestly... is calling a character a "hot mess" or comparing their actions to a drunk person considered disturbing? & I think the amin got a comment mixed up. in 1 of those comments youll find that i SPACIFICALLY said "I wanted the storyline to die out. but I think the admin thought i said something different. & "harassment" like WTH man?! it is not against the rules to look at wiki activity everynight for 6 months no matter how much they hate it. 

    lastly... thanks for willing to help me. the admins are like people when they see a JW at their door.. they completely ignore them. I dont curse or say mean things to users... i dont even know anyone. I just leave my comments an thats it.. i only check replies when i go through the activity everyday at midnight. 

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    • well i learned 1 thing= do it but dont tell anyone. i forgot to do that. but i will spend my year traning. yes i am past angry with them but i will take my anger out the good way. other than the whole looking at the activity part, look through my long with the comments that have "Zoe Rivas" in the name. see whats all that about. also no need to tell me to see ur message. i was in a meeting so thats why i'm replying now. the meeting was fun. anways... i do like watching them talk about me on the site. 

      i just wont tell em what i do next time. after all i keep many secrets. i dont vven tell my parents of my gf what i do everyday. my house has a special security system that has a "invisible grid" stopping even bugs from coming through. anything that goes through it burns. 

      i looked through the activity cus i liked seeing what people talked about for the show and i liked getting character pics. if having over 100 pics of certain characters (only the girls) is wrong i never wanna be right. thanks for talking to me. women dont really "talk to me". online or in real life. so.. what would happen if i (or anyone) made a song or a series of songs about the admins and users without mentioning their names? would anything happen to me here? cus when i get upset I make

      songs. for some reason they made fun of me on my day back when i told them what i did when i was upset. whats wrong with taking anger therapy? yes after my 1st ban i got mad, firebommed my 1st xgf's car and went to an anger group. when i'm nice i'm calm but when i'm angry its like the hulk. last time i was this angry i "broke" flint. lets just say i'm the reason why Flint Michigan is poor and mostly made of trailor parks. the only way for me to get calm is to make music of to eat


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    • Posting songs about the admins, even without names, would not be a good idea.  Please keep anything like that that you write to yourself.

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  • I have an idea that will be great for mobile users of wikia. If you want to discuss this, please meet me on the ESB wiki (aka the spongebob wiki)

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  • Hi, on a wiki I am a part of, if you move the cursor over my username while I am in chat, it says I joined in January 1970. Obviously, this site was not around then, and I am not 46 years old haha. I was just wondering if this could be fixed. I tried refreshing, then waiting to see if it would go away, but it won't. Thanks.

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  • Hi ms. Sannse. I would like to report this site: as for the past several years it has violated Wikia terms and conditions, mainly, soliciting personal information from users, some of which are minors.

    This thread proves it:

    This community thrived because of this violation, and it surprises me that no one has reported this site. It's a Wiki converted into a gaming platform.

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  • What gives you the right to delete my stuff? Do you KNOW HD? If not, then stay out of my stuff

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    • This is a staff member? :/

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    • why don't you complain at special:contact/feedback

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    • Hi, I didn't delete your wiki, I deleted a blog post on this wikia.  Partly because it wasn't a real blog post, just a detached sentence, and partly because of the bad language, which we don't allow on this wikia.

      A wikia is a whole site, all the pages that exist under the same base URL, which will be something like

      If you see at the start of the URL, you are on Community Central, the wikia for learning and sharing about Wikia as a whole.

      If you want to start your own wikia, which you can add to with many pages of your own, you should go to or click the "Start a wikia" button above.

      Please check our Terms of Use first though, we don't allow wikias that attack others (which may or may not have been what you were doing with your blog.)  Thanks 

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