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  • Hello Sannse, My confimation link is resended but I think that my e-mail was not confirmed to create a wiki again and again. So contacting you to fix the problem anyway.

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  • Is there anyway I can get my old username back?

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  • Hello there.

    The email linked to my account ( was deleted three years ago and anytime I change the email field to my current email ( and save, it reverts to the defunct email. Is there any was a confirmation email can be sent to my correct adress?



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    • Hi, if you send this to us via Special:Contact we may be able to help.  Please include all the info you did here, and make sure you are logged in when you send the message (it's also worth adding a reminder not to reply to the address in your preferences, just in case ;)

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  • Hello, there's a problem I'll like to talk about.

    The Fortress Destroyer Conception Wikia was created by TarTarisAwesome. TarTarisAwesome is a person NOT to trust. And I'll explain why.

    Awhile back, on the SAS Zombie Assault Wiki, there was an user, whose name was "The Augster at NK". Augster edited a page and adding to the trivia part a Halo reference. Many people cried an uproar, since it was HIGHLY unnecessary. Admin removed, stuff happened, arguments and flame wars started. Even though the admin had removed it and said it was unnecessary, Augster re-added it. (Blah, blah, rushing to the main point) Eventually, Augster vandalized the "Cheat Engine Wiki". He removed contents from pages, and replaced them with rude messages. That action earned him a global block.

    Augster then repeatedly tried making alts to fool us. We (SAS Zombie Assault community) did the right thing. Block him for sockpuppeting. Eventually, the Staffs gave him an IP-range block. That did nothing. He returned. Luckily, he eventually give up. But he had a trick up his sleeves.

    The SAS Zombie Assault community was addicted to a new game released by Ninja Kiwi; Fortress Destroyer. I myself, am trying to revive and adopt the Fortress Destroyer Wikia. Augster, with this knowledge that the SAS people also plays Fortress Destroyer, created the Fortress Destroyer Conception Wikia. With his bad history, and hatred for the SAS community, will abuse his powers or other unknown possibilities. I am begging you to stop this person.

    Edit: Sorry for the mix-up, it wasn't a IP-range ban.

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    • Wait so he created a different wiki to the one you are trying to adopt, how is that an issue? I mean wouldn't more people see the Fortress Destroyer wiki if their interested in the game, not the Fortress Destroyer Conception Wiki?

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    • Main point is, Augster is a bad influence.

      @Shadow That's true, but eventually, people will grow ideas for the game. And that's what's a Conception Wiki is for. Fan ideas. I don't want people suffering under Augster's ruling.

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    • Oh, ok well I can't help in that field but If he's creating a Conception Wiki why don't you creat a Fanon wiki?

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    • Speaking generally, we don't object to wikias on the same topic.  In fact, they can help by giving someone who is having a problem on the original wikia an outlet and a place to go, reducing conflict.

      Howevr, also speking generally, it's not okay to make a new account to bypass a global block.

      I'll look into it

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  • Sannse, Would you be able to give me admin capability on the Mr. Robot wiki? The three admins, including the founder, have all been AWOL for most of a month, none is responding to messages on their talk pages, and the wiki has been left to die. It's a terrible time for it to happen: the show is very buzzy with the final three episodes upcoming. There are two kids there trying to do what they can, but it needs a lot of work.

    As you may know, I'm part of the team adminning the Person of Interest wiki, and could likely bring the team and their skills over to manage coding, etc. and really elevate the wiki. I know there's an adoption procedure, but we're in a small time window to get this wiki in shape in time for the finale. So I'm just asking for admin capability for now Once the season is over and it's more certain the admins are gone, I'll do the adoption procedure properly. Thanks for considering my request!

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    • You should fill in an adoption for the said wiki in order to gain those rights.

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    • RainingPain, he knows that, he's clear in the message that he knows he is going  outside the usual procedure :)

      LeverageGuru, sorry for the slow reply.

      That's a complex situation.  As you say, the admins have been on the wikia within the last month.  That's a very short time to assume them gone, even if they haven't replied to messages.  Even with the importance of the upcoming episodes, I wouldn't want to jump in so quickly.

      I also saw that another active person on the wikia was talking about taking on admin rights.  So there is a community issue to be worked out before anyone is given rights.

      I would suggest an open community discussion, with the opportunity for anyone to make their case for being an admin, and the community as a whole deciding on the outcome.  I know that would take a while, but there is plenty that can be done to help the wikia in the mean time (see User blog:Sannse/Before You Adopt).  If you do this (and if you don't actually) it's worth putting another message on the admin's walls to update them.

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    • I did see the requests of the other two (who are each 15); one hasn't been active for a while, the other (PLLLOVER1234) is; I'd have no problem were we both given sysop rights. We've already started the discussion you suggest, and have begun to work out who will do what on the wiki (you may have noted that if you read the discussion in my wall), so you and I are thinking along the same lines. I've done adoption before, which is why I didn't start that procedure, as you clearly recognize.

      All the same, it's frustrating because all three admins have clearly not been on Wikia (anywhere) for a month in one case, and nearly two in the others', one of those two being the founder. It appears he simply started the English-language and Russian-language wikis for Mr. Robot and bailed. I hadn't necessarily planned to adopt, but given we have a ghost bureaucrat, I guess I'll have to watch the calendar then do so. We'll cobble on as best we can in the meantime.

      Oh, and just for the sake of the permanent record, it's she, not he.  ;-)

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  • Hi. As a regular browser of the forums on the Pvz Wiki, I would like to notify you about this. So, here I go...

    Last year, A user EPICMAN7556 blocked himself for being underaged. Since now he allowed in, I was wondering whether you could help with the problem of either 

    a. enabling his account and notifying him,

    or b. notify him that he can create a new account. 

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  • my account kinggabrieletheman got used by someone, and my two wikies has usselless. please accept this request

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  • Every few day, the staff post a new blog post on the Community Wiki's main page. I have an idea for the next topic: Security.

    With the recent attack on the dev wiki, this is a topic fresh in the users' minds, and I think it would be helpful to Wikia as a whole if a post were made on this topic.

    I have some ideas on what could be put in the post, if you're interested.

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  • Hello Sansee. I saw your reply to a block repeal attempt by BlazeSeed366 and was wondering if you could help me. (My block log is here). Apologies for the essay-length message, but I want to try and include all relevant details.

    I was an editor on the M.I. High Wiki (ironically, longer than both current admins) and began to get back into regular editing on the wiki earlier this year. There were minor debates over proper in-universe naming titles that were resolved fairly between me and both admins as seen on this thread (which was deleted by Syalantillesfel himself). While reverting edits made by him when he rushed through the wiki and changed the names in question in his favour before the agreement had been reached, I was accused of having "Double standards concerning disagreements, overuse of "as per agreement with admins" in edit summaries." And was consequently blocked on April 26 by Syalantillesfel for a ridiculous period of 500 years. I have attempted to politely converse with him and the other admin on Community Central (seen here and here) but have been rudely ignored. There is no solid reason to block me simply for overusing correct terminology in my edit summaries (that I had placed so that he would not ignore the agreement and revert them). I had been working hard on planning article overhauls and template rewrites, but since being blocked my planning and work has gone to waste. As you can also see on the IP block list, my ban has been made the longest one (longer than those that have vandalised the wiki) as a half-hearted attempt to get rid of an honest, constructive editor that was following the rules that did not happen go in his favour.

    I am asking you for help and I am out of options and do not want to make the situation worse by getting angry and writing something that I will regret. Please, help me.


    P.S. More context can be found in the links that I have provided, so I ask that you please read the message threads. Also, it appears that my case of an unreasonable block is not unique as MIHighSuperFan was blocked simply for adding articles to incorrect categories. Seeing the block reasons for other users makes me question how many of these blocks were similar cases to mine that escalated into harassment and abuse on other wikis, resulting in a block extension and a change to the block reasoning. Additionally, note how 95% of the blocks were made only by Syalantillesfel and there have been no blocks made before he became admin.

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    • Hi,

      I don't know which thread you saw regarding BlazeSeed366, it must have been Thread:861439? All I said there was that I thought his way of trying to get his block undone was unhelpful, and that he should move on. I'm afraid my reply to you will be as unsatisfying.

      Wikia staff rarely get involved in single-wikia blocks. we generally only get involved if there are special circumstances like ToU issues. Overall, it's up to the admins to decide who should be blocked and why - even if that decision is a bad one.

      If an admin makes too many bad blocks, or goes outside that wikia's policies, then the community and/or their fellow admins might decide to act. They can do this by having a community discussion about whether the admin should keep his rights, or perhaps a group discussion where they ask the admin to do things differently.

      But that doesn't seem to apply here. There is no outcry about your block as far as I've seen, or about the admin's work in general.

      I think you left a message for the admin in question and other admins via this wikia and got no reply. Remember, no reply can be a reply. They are saying "no, I don't want to talk about this, I don't want to change the current situation". You could try again in the future, to see if they would reconsider, but I would suggest that's not for a long time.

      So my suggestion is the same as it was to BlazeSeed366. I recommend moving on and finding another wikia to contribute to.

      Have a look at User blog:Sannse/Why staff don't remove bad admins for more about our policy of non-intervention. You may find other articles in my blog useful too.

      Sorry not to be of more help.

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  • Hi Sannse,

    I wanted to run into you on chat but I missed you. I wanted to ask if I could have two new user groups added to my wiki, the Crazy Kings Wiki. These are Jr. Admin and Ultra User. Jr. Admins have all the rights of a regular admin but may not block or unblock users. They are in training and will be promoted to administrator when the bureaucrats think they are ready. The Ultra User will just be a tag on a users page, when they get 300 total edits on the wiki. I know you have to add the Jr. Admin user group, but is there a way I can just make an" Ultra User" tag appear on a user's profile without makin a new user group? Thanks!

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