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  • Boyariffic and I have noticed that the admin of Sidekick's said and done a few things that have been kind of rude. Removing content from pages (In this case, he removed the transcripts for the Sidekick episodes, Those Who Can't Teach and Graduation Daze which the transcript is still not completed) which against Wikia's rules according to the blocking policy. Take this transcript of an episode for example, all most of the wikias have a section or page for transcripts. He insults and trolls users by calling them "stupid person" (It is insulting to users because users can make mistakes) and "kids" (also doesn't makes sense at all because users must be 13 years or older to get an account) and make really rude comments. Rude or insulting comments said by RaiderZ (insulting words was bolded):

    • Pointless categories; who the heck (substitute of What the F-Bomb) made them
    • Who the heck (substitute of What the F-Bomb) made them, Category villans is spelt WRONG!!
    • UGH!! I HATE WHEN KIDS (users) EDIT!!
    • WHO THE HECK (substitute of What the F-Bomb) WROTE PLEASE DONT EAT MY GLASSES!?
    • We don't need FANMADE STUFF!!!!
    • What the heck (substitute of What the F-Bomb) most of the info was redundant
    • Go yell on his (a user) talk page.
    • We don't need FANMADE STUFF!!!!
    • This is what happens when kids (users) edit pages. And also, the trivia isn't trivia at all
    • Cartoon, I think you should shut up for a bit!
    • Sidekick sucks. I like Digimon better.
    • Why would you like Spongebob now that he's a bigger idiot than usual today (Even though he's a cartoon character, it insults all SpongeBob fans, his voice actor and the creator who worked hard on creating that show).

    He said that he was not intimidative to others but this is really a lie because he demanded users to these things (yell at a user's talk page, telling users to shut up (a rude way to say be quiet) and yelling at somebody to correct the edits which an admin should not do) in order to make them do what he wants as seen in the comments: Go yell on his (a user) talk page, Cartoon, I think you should shut up for a bit! and SOMEONE SHOULD CORRECT ALL OF MARKMOSSINGS EDITS (this means that he is yelling at everybody).

    Can you ban him from all of Wikia and remove his admin rights of his wikias, he's in big trouble for doing these kinds of things. Thanks.

    P.S. If this is not solved what can I do?

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  • Someone copied my wiki. This is My wiki. This is The fake.

    Please delete the fake. Leave me a message.

    Thanks. That guy by your window 22:32, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

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  • So In chat I was thinking we can add a new thing where everytime someone comes on a sound can be heard so if someone is busy while waiting for someone but don't know if they are on they can hear some kind short tune or mabye the same noise facebook uses

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  • I write here (not in a special:contact) with two reasons:

    1. to draw attention to the position of some participants "my talk page/my profile = my rules" (however, I do not claim that a particular participant has a similar position)

    2. to find the person who will be able to explain the errors of man. Not just to correct the situation with the words "ay yay yay, that's wrong", but to explain that I personally can't do

    The problem page w:c:leagueoflegends:Message Wall:TehAnonymous

    My position with user reactions w:c:leagueoflegends:User:TehAnonymous/Talk#Troubles with closed message wall

    • theme not for conversation
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  • Hi Sannse,

    I understand either yourself, or someone from CC/Wikia has been in discussion with GarouxBloodline regarding a Tragic the Garnering (Magic the Gathering parody) tournament on Nukapedia.

    I, and a few other users have a number of concerns regarding the images used within the "cards" created by the tournament by Garoux.  Specifically, he asserted that most if not all of the images included in the cards used were within the public domain.

    One of our admins (Jasper42), and a regular on CC (ShiningArmor) have investigated the images used, and have in a large number of cases determined that the images used are likely to be the subject of copyright, and thus not within the public domain. 

    Although we've offered Garoux the opportunity to either show his source for his claim to public domain status, assert a fair use exeption, or show correct licensing (either by use of the Creative Commons license where this is offered, or through author consent), he has been unable to complete this.

    Appling the doctrine of good faith, I have looked into the US Copyright Office's explanation on Good Faith, and cannot find an example that fully fits this sitation.  The closest (Parody) implies that it only applies where the copyright being used is the subject of the Parody - in this case, the parody appears to be the game "Magic: The Gathering" rather than the subject of the images, and thus it doesnt seem to apply.

    As we cannot be certain a fair use excemption exists nor that they are licensed or public domain, we have taken the US Copyright Office's advice of removing them, pending clarification of their status.

    I would not ordinarily bother you with what should be a simple "on wiki" issue, rather than a CC or Cross wiki issue, but I understand there have been discussions to rehost the images here.  I felt it would be for the best if I apprise you fully of the situation, and what our concerns are.

    Just in case there has been any confusion in what may have been communicated about our action, neither I, nor Nukapedia have issues with "Public Domain" images.  However, we do have an issue where public domian is asserted, but does not appear to be true.

    We have no wish to disrupt this tournament Garoux wishes to organise, but we feel that it is important that it be done properly.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance in this matter.

    Agent C - Bureaucrat - Nukapedia.

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    • Hi. Sannse asked me to look into this. I'm going to respond to the two major points of this discussion, as they relate to Wikia:

      1. Wikia involvement. Wikia will not be involved in this tournament, nor will we promote it if it takes place. As evidenced by this thread, there is too much drama and arguments surrounding it for us to be involved. Any program that we launch or support needs to be something that's community-based, and that's not possible if it's generating a huge argument like this.
      2. Copyright. We're also not going to get involved with the question of copyright here. Wikia does not police copyright, nor can we offer much advice about it. We only really get involved in copyright issues when we receive a DMCA takedown notice from a copyright holder claiming that their copyright is being infringed upon. Beyond that, admins have the right to set policies for their communities about image uploading, sourcing, and so forth.

      Given that, I would ask that this dispute be taken off of Community Central. Considering how much drama this tournament has caused, I would also suggest dropping the tournament. If you can't figure this out on your own, then I don't think it's really worth it to proceed.

      Thanks all.

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    • Yeah, hosting was already discussed a while back, and since there has not been any special events in regards to Fallout lately, I had already decided to independently host the game without Wikia involvement, since Wikia does not really have a good excuse to get involved. This was already decided quite some time ago.

      As for the tournament, it will continue without a doubt - however, I will need to think further on its promotional appearance throughout various Wikia communities. The drama was unfortunate, and in hindsight, I really should not have attempted to bring it onto a wiki where everything I do, whether it is attempting to make an edit, or trying to create a bit of fun, is scrutinized beyond belief by a few users that I have a history with. However, since Nukapedia is one of the largest communities for Fallout related content, I figured it was worth a shot.

      The trading card game itself is entirely text-based, meaning copyright is a near-impossible issue. The public domain images used, including the ones that have been removed once I was able to connect and verify them to copyright-holding artists, were only visual representations of the cards, and are in no way an actual part of the game itself (the visual example I provided in my blog, shows exactly what the actual game looks like in all of its text-filled glory).

      Since the matter of copyright in Wikia's hands has been clarified, I will have an update sometime next month on the tournament. I do plan on bringing the tournament to other communities, including CC, but I will likely leave out most of the images for now, since I still cannot find the time to thoroughly check everything and set everything up at the same time. So I apologize for this entire argument - many users know of my weakness to defend myself vigorously when attacked, and that is used against me quite often to turn simple matters into full-blow disasters.

      So thank you for your patience, and this will be my last message in regards to this discussion.

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  • HELP !!! Pinguisback was spamming Shrek on the chat and No mods in action to stop the User.

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  • So I read in the Wikia Guidelines that a forewarning could be put onto our wiki to let new users know about adult content ahead. We don't have any nudes or anything like that, but the amount of profanity on our wiki (wiki rules allow it) may disturb those that don't know about it beforehand. Basically, I was wondering if you could install one of those warning things. If you don;t I understand, but if you, thank you.

    Max Courtemanche 07:18, November 21, 2014 (UTC)

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    • Hi Call Me Z.  Thank you for reading the guidelines!  

      I'm sorry, that part needs to be updated.  We've not found the content warning to be very sucessful, so we aren't using them on any more wikias at the moment.  We didn't use them for proanity anyway, generally they were just for nudity or sexual content.  And even then, the wikias needed to stay within the ToU

      Cursing is not outside the ToU by the way, unless it is very extreme or if it counts as hate speach (like homophobic or racist slurs).  Of course, each wikia has it's own level of tollerance, and it's okay if yours is more lax that some others.

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  • TheSitcomLover: Please do not over-use this space. It is here for you if you absolutely must comment and our rules do not allow you to do so on the actual blog, forum, or message wall.

    Others: This thread is for TheSitcomLover and me to discuss various issues. Please do not reply to any comments here.

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  • Slygirlswagg is the founder of Searat mixels Wiki, the one which Creeperman messed with to get the global banhammer. In response to the Mixel wikians being sad that Creeper was banned she has taken action and banned some of us there.

    Hyperealistic Gaben: Banned for (Intimidating behaviour/harassment: another one of my stalkers friends) He was never on her Wiki to do any of this.
    AClockworkOrange: Banned for (Intimidating behaviour/harassment: promted by hacker) He did no hacking. Also was never on Her wiki.
    Green Ninja: Banned for (Intimidating behaviour/harassment: another one of my stalkers friends) Can you really ban someone for being a banned user's friend? Had no warning of the ban.
    ToaMatau2004: Same as above except I am called a stalker. Had no warning of the ban.

    I believe all of these are false.

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    Sannse closed this thread because:
    No longer required. Questions have been answered.
    16:26, November 22, 2014
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    • This message did not need to get revived.

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    • Indeed.  I'm closing it now.

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  • I was wondering if you could help me with importing templates for my wiki from another wiki.  The wiki I want to export from is and my wiki is  I've been to the import and expert pages before, but I don't remember how to get to them now.  Can you link them to me please? 

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