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  • Hello Sannse,

    I'm sure the article published by Master Ceadeus was done so with the intent to encourage better behavior on Wikia. Unfortunately, I don't believe this is the case. When Ceadeus sent me private messages with personal insults and even a zealous admission that he'll personally bother people who don't share his beliefs, he categorically denied this, all under his belief that all screenshots must be false. His behavior in public was a polar opposite of his extreme private messages and a categorical denial of that behavior.

    Because people as dangerous as Ceadeus will deny this, I would greatly appreciate it if moderators and administrators had all access to my messages, public or private, across this wiki... So that advising users wouldn't be able to hide under their own well written articles that they tout as gospel truth.

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  • Hi, Sannse. I'm not sure if this is worth Special:Contact, but I'd like to request the demotion of a Bureaucrat on this Wiki, DarknessDragon. She had stolen coding scripts from the Animal Jam Wikia, and refuses to abjure her actions. With the approval of the Founder of the An-Awesome-Girl Wikia, can you please demote her whenever possible? Thanks.  

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  • While reading the latest blog (The Zen Admin), I see it was recommended by 452. I was wondering if it can be suggested to make a new blog about image licensing. Despite being on Wikia for four years, I'd still like to hear more about that topic: when and which license to give. I bet many would like to be informed about that, too.

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  • hi again. proper this time. i forgot about bumping

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  • I will need you to change the genre of "Burger King" Wikia! It is currently Entertainment when I want it to be Lifestyle. You can see the Wikia at this link:

    Please reply so I know you got the message...

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  • Hello, Sannse. I am here to report GoAnimate V2 wikia because the whole community was being stupid and annoying. Can you close this wiki? And also, global Enderman50050/Jamiem2001/Optimus50050 and RobbiePwns135

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  • I'm a user from the Worms Wiki. I've been blocked permanently for no reason by an admin/bureaucrat there named Danuhau. I told him to remove my block, but he says he's busy and needs time to think about it (even though I have done absolutely nothing wrong), although I see him contributing to the Worms Wiki and interacting with some other user while completely ignoring me and my block. You really should do something about this, perhaps contact Danuhau or simply remove my unjustified block straightaway.

    It's a long story of why all this happened, click here or here if you want to see it, I'd recommend it. And one more thing, take a look at this. This is interesting, isn't it? It really makes me question Danuhau's status as an admin, or if he's fit for the role. Replying to a user in such a way.

    I do want my block removed, but a demotion would also be nice. I don't like Danuhau as an admin or bureaucrat. He'd probably end up driving off or blocking users soon, such as PartHunter. I'm already a victim.

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    Brandon Rhea
    Brandon Rhea closed this thread because:
    No further replies needed
    15:26, October 20, 2014
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    • AND one more thing: I am disgraced to hear that this has been going on behind by back for so long. I have the right to defend myself, to prove that the Community Central staff should not get involved, as that is a mistake.

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    • This has gone on long enough. You all have been given the advice, here and here, that you need to either resolve this or move on. If you can't resolve this, please move on. Thank you.

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  • I have an account, Suchomimus131313. I can't log in with my correct password and my email won't log in either. Please help

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    • In these cases, when users forget their password/insert an incorrect one, they simply send an email with a new one to replace it. If you cannot use your email either, I don´t think there is anything that can be done. The only solution I see is somehow to regain access to the email and then use it to change the password. 

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  • I have noticed that the Wings Of fire Fanon Wiki chat has been crashing a lot. Is this across other wikis? Or is it just us?

    Thank you.

    Draco The Wise Nightwing.

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