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  • The block was made by [[User:|User:]].

    • Reason given: General vandalism
    • Start of block: 13:40, April 18, 2014
    • Expiry of block: 13:40, July 18, 2014
    • Intended blockee:
    • Block ID: #356
    • Current IP address:
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  • Hi, Sannse!

    I found a wiki that I want to report. The Jokes Wiki

    I know Wikia itself is 13+. However, that wiki has pages with EXTREME sexually graphic and explict stories, phrases, and such. I'm 13, and I actually almost got sick with it. There are actually a lot of pages containing explict content.

    The main issue with it, is that there is no warning on the homepage or any of the pages with explict content. So, any user could be going there in hopes of finding an innocent joke, click "Random Page", and come across one of those. Not to mention, some of the badges are actually in relation and not exactly age-appropriate.

    Please look into this if possible, and thank you.

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  • Hi, Sannse. Here to annoy you about that one Idea Wiki.

    Remember that little incident with some guy that wanted to be an admin? While I don't remember his name, but I remember when I told him "da iw shouldnt exist m8" or something, then things were out of control...

    Well I officially acknowledge I was sooo rude with him. Thankfully things went better.

    And while I still hold my view on that IW, I'm glad there's finally an admin on that wiki. Hopefully he'll put things in order. I've even congratulated him about that achievement on this, but... he doesn't even use the talk page.

    I know that I'm blocked nearly a year ago, and that my block expires next month, (inb4 sannse permablox me on iw), so I'm thinking about... you know, do stuff there again? I mean, I'm not gonna destroy/whine/hack/insultotherpeople, but I want this place to look like a better one (inb4 wikiman is permablock). I hope we can negotiate with Gree443.

    Or you can ignore this message and block me for another 6 months. I won't be in that wiki as much as I did before (that might be true, that might be not).

    All the best, -wikiman meet. talk. 01:27, April 18, 2014 (UTC)

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    • Whether you edit there once your ban expires is up to you, and the admin(s) on that wikia.  Unless things get excessive again and we need to step in.

      My advice would be to continue to avoid that wikia, and find other places to be.  There is no need for you to return, and plenty of other things to do on other wikias

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  • How do you get new wikis to have talk pages instead of message walls

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  • Would you say that "whitelisting" a chat is against wikia policies?

    By whitelisting I mean the opposite of blacklisting: that only users who are om a specific list of people can access the chat.

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    • That's a good suggestion Lumoshi

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    • Lumoshi wrote:
      It's just a suggestion, but maybe you could use a private IRC channel or something that other users wouldn't know about.

      We already have a backup IRC in case the wikia chat is bugging out, perhaps we could set up another one just for these purpsoes. Thanks for the suggestion.

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  • disable my sockpuppet pls 

    the user id is sockpuppet of ijaz 

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  • I don't wait to wait 6 months to edit on Memory Delta wiki, please unblock me.

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    Sannse closed this thread because:
    21:16, April 14, 2014
  • Hi! I need to ask you a question about redirecting. Just say someone makes a wiki about a movie but then stops using it and I create the real one how can I redirect the unused one to mine?

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  • The blogs that you created for bad admins relate to the situation I have. Lordganon is a selfish admin on Alternative History I have an article transwikied to Alternate Future Wiki and he deleted the link because he thought it was spam and blocked me for it. So I decided to say "hi" on every wiki he's on to intimidate him and then he permanently blocked me. He also blocked NovaSims because of her signature and the admins there are just instigator. I have requested to demote Lordganon and I think since you have sympathy with my problems, I ask to please demote Lordganon.

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    • Sorry, that was me.

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    • Please read the blogs again, especially the second.  That lays out what you can do, although from what I see, you are probably best simply walking away from that wikia and using others.

      Love Robin's first reply here is a good summary of that blog post.

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  • Hi Sannse! I would like to ask about a feature recently implemented across Wikia called Must Watch Videos, as not much was ever said about it, and it was implemented without notice. Over at the Call of Duty Wiki, we have a forum going on about whether we want this new addition to remain in place, and so far the consensus is no.

    I would like to ask if it would be at all possible to disable this feature, as it's looking like our community would prefer to do so.

    Thanks much, Joe Copp

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    • Hi Joe,

      We are just testing the "Must Watch" section at the moment - which is why you see it sometimes and not always (and possibly in different formats, I don't recall if that's in the test)

      The testing will be over soon, and then it will disapear while we look at the data... so this one is a "watch this space"

      Can you pass that on to the others in the forum please?  Thanks

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    • Thank you, I will.

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