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  • Hello again, Ms. Sannse! I'm currently editing neira( but I have no idea on how to embed mp3/ogg clips into. I would be extremely pleased if you give me assistance.

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    • I strongly recommend not doing that. Autoplay music is generally not welcomed by visitors, especially if they are already playing their own music. It's much better to have a control to allow people to turn it on and off themselves.

      There's more about adding .ogg clips at Help:Audio (we don't support .mp3s). Or you can ask on the Forum for help from other users.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Sannse.

    I don't know who the Administrators are for that Wiki. I would like to become one as Fourth edition is really taking off and This Wiki is a great source that I can give to my players but it does need a lot of work which is what I am hoping to do a lot of. 

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  • Hello again, Ms. Sannse! Survivor Wiki is having a bug where whenever I go to visual editor, the tribeicon template accidentally shows some muck coding that if a newbie user ignores it, the coding shows up once published. Here is an example:

    Please help. Thank you. :)

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    • Try this:

      |color = kalokalo
      |image = Survivor37MergedTribe.png
      |version = {{version|us}}
      |season = {{S2|37}}
      |tribenameorigin = Fijian word meaning "star"<ref></ref>
      |tribetype = Merged Tribe
      |dayformed = Day 18
      |tribesmerged = {{tribeicon|jabeni}}<br />{{tribeicon|tiva}}<br />{{tribeicon|vuku}}
      |lowestplacingmember = [[Elizabeth Olson]] (13/20)
      |highestplacingmember = TBD (Winner)
      |flagimage = 112407 27107b.jpg
      |insigniaimage = 
      |buffimage = s37 Merge Buff.PNG
      |insigniaimag = 
      }}{{tribehl2|kalokalo|b}} is the [[merge]]d [[tribe]] of {{tribeicon|jabeni}}​​, {{tribeicon|tiva}}​​, and {{tribeicon|vuku}} from {{S|37}}. Their tribe color is blue.
      {| align="center"
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Alec Merlino|name='''Alec Merlino'''|image=S37 alec t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|vuku|''Vuku''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Alison Raybould|name='''Alison Raybould'''|image=S37 alison t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|tiva|''Tiva''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Angelina Keeley|name='''Angelina Keeley'''|image=S37 angelina t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|jabeni|''Jabeni''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Carl Boudreaux|name='''Carl Boudreaux'''|image=S37 carl t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|vuku|''Vuku''}}}}
      {| align="center"
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Christian Hubicki|name='''Christian Hubicki'''|image=S37 christian t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|tiva|''Tiva''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Dan Rengering|name='''Dan Rengering'''|image=S37 dan t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|tiva|''Tiva''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Davie Rickenbacker|name='''Davie Rickenbacker'''|image=S37 davie t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|vuku|''Vuku''}}}}
      {| align="center"
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Elizabeth Olson|name='''Elizabeth Olson'''|image=S37 elizabeth t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|vuku|''Vuku''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Gabby Pascuzzi|name='''Gabby Pascuzzi'''|image=S37 gabby t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|tiva|''Tiva''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=John Hennigan|name='''John Hennigan'''|image=S37 john t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|tiva|''Tiva''}}}}
      {| align="center"
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Kara Kay|name='''Kara Kay'''|image=S37 kara t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|vuku|''Vuku''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Mike White|name='''Mike White'''|image=S37 mike t.png|place={{tribehl3|goliath|''Goliath''}} → {{tribehl3|jabeni|''Jabeni''}}}}
      | {{ContestantThumbnail4|color=kalokalo|articlename=Nick Wilson|name='''Nick Wilson'''|image=S37 nick t.png|place={{tribehl3|david|''David''}} → {{tribehl3|jabeni|''Jabeni''}}}}
      ==Tribe History==
      Kalokalo_merge_feast.png|Kalokalo at the merge feast.
      Kalokalo_camp.jpg|Kalokalo at [[camp]].
      ring leader dvg.jpg|Kalokalo competes in the first individual [[Immunity Challenge]], ''Ring Leader''.
      Kalokalo tribal council 6.jpg|Kalokalo at their first [[Tribal Council]].
      Vo elizabeth dvg.jpg|[[Elizabeth Olson|Elizabeth]] voted out.
      Kalokalo_raise_the_roof.jpg|Kalokalo competes in the [[Reward Challenge]], ''[[When It Rains, It Pours|Raise the Roof]]''.
      S37_Ep8_SG_0007.JPG|Kalokalo competes in the Immunity Challenge, ''[[Can't Buoy Me Love|Don't Buoy Me Love]]''.
      Vo_john_dvg.jpg|[[John Hennigan|John]] blindsided.
      All mixed up dvg 1.jpg|The orange team at the second post-merge Reward Challenge, ''[[Snake in the Grass|All Mixed Up]]''.
      3709 IC 1.jpg|Kalokalo competes in the Immunity Challenge, ''[[Paddle Out|Roll Away the Dew]]''.
      Kalokalo_tribal_council_8.jpg|Kalokalo at their third Tribal Council.
      Vo dan dvg.jpg|[[Dan Rengering|Dan]] blindsided.
      dvg final ten.jpg|The final ten at the Reward Challenge.
      back in slack dvg.jpg|Kalokalo competies in the Reward Challenge, ''Back in Slack''.
      Alec christian uncomfortably numb.jpg|Kalokalo competes in the Immunity Challenge, ''[[Uncomfortably Numb]]''.
      Vo alec dvg.jpg|[[Alec Merlino|Alec]] voted out.
      3711 RC.jpeg|Davie competes for the orange team in the Reward Challenge, ''[[Hear About It Ladder|Beastie Buoys]]''.
      Vo carl dvg.jpg|[[Carl Boudreaux|Carl]] blindsided.
      Kalokalo ringo starz.jpg|Kalokalo competing in the [[Loved Ones Challenge]], ''[[Matt Finish|Ringo Starz]]''.
      Kalokalo_a_hand_out_1.jpg|Kalokalo competing in ''A Hand Out'' for immunity.
      Vo gabby dvg.jpg|[[Gabby Pascuzzi|Gabby]] blindsided.
      Kalokalo pole dancing.jpg|Kalokalo competing in ''[[Pole Dancing]]'' for reward.
      Kalokalo rollerball.jpg|Kalokalo competing in ''[[Roller Ball|Rollerball]]'' for immunity.
      Kalokalo tribal council 12.jpg|Kalokalo at their seventh Tribal Council.
      Vo christian dvg.jpg|Christian voted out.
      * Kalokalo is located at the former [[Tiva]] camp.
      * The tribe name was suggested by [[Elizabeth Olson]].
      * Kalokalo is the second merged tribe whose name means "star" in its season's host language, after [[Dara]].

      Does it work?

      Actually, it's because of the template that causes this mess. So that's why you are ended up in this complex code when you publish it. 

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    • If Applemasterexpert's advice doesn't help, the best place to ask is in the Forum. There are a whole lot of template experts there.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Maybe you can help. As the bureaucrat/admin for the Psycho-Pass wiki, I initially agreed to participate in a test program for a possible new landing page that I thought was only going to be implemented on the mobile page. Now I see the page has affected both the mobile and the desktop which is what I absolutely do not want and never did and never will.  I have tried to contact Brandon Rhea numerous times today and although his icon appears "active" on the wikia, he doesn't respond. I was willing to work with CC on this to a limited degree but, now, bc of the lack of respect shown to me as a wikia admin, I would like to withdraw the Psycho-Pass wikia from the test program immediately and the site reverted to the version it was before the coding was altered. There was never a stipulation that joining the test meant you couldn't opt out at any point. Yes, CC can bully us into participating or even force us into participating, but is that really how it wants to operate? Hope you can help and hope you respond in timely manner. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Angelle aka Luxartisan 00:18, December 17, 2018 (UTC) 

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    • Brandon is staff and if I remember right, staff doesn't work on the weekend as they're paid employees. That's probably why he hasn't replied yet.

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    • That's right. Some staff work weekends, but it's fewer of us than on weekdays; most of us only work Monday to Friday.  

      You need to remember time-zones too, we tend to work from about 9am to 5pm on our local timezone, so won't immediately be available at other times.

      And finally, you need to consider that we have other work to do as well as answering wall questions. I usually look at my wall first thing in the morning and, depending on other work, might not look at it again until the next day.

      Anyway, the best way to reach Brandon is probably by using Special:Contact/general.  Any message about the new feed will go to him there.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • User "League Fighter" just threatened violence against me. Here is a link to the threat . Below is photographic evidence in case he tries to delete it. 

    His ban was set at 3 days, but I insist that the ban be significantly increased (after all, he did commit a crime by threatening me with physical violence). Let me know what you can do. 

    Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 2.36.46 PM
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  • Hi, Is it possibly to have something saying volunteer staff for people who want to be staff but don't want to get paid?

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  • Please, I need help, I can not make an .ico image, how do I do it exactly?

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  • Sannse you’re really clever, thought it would be an amazingly sweet idea to create a timed random poll order. There doesn’t currently seem to be a built in way so over this season would such a system be able to be created?

    The ingenious plan is to have a random poll appear on the main page of a wiki like Seraph of the End  on the right for example for people to take part in – the random parts good to go. What needs to be added is having it on a timer, so say each week it will automatically change randomly to a different poll. 

    Rather than having it change every time the page is clicked it would better to keep it for longer. Like if people came across an episode related poll but clicked away then the poll was gone, if it stays for like a week there’s time to watch it then return to the poll to answer. Also if it changes say every week apparently that’s better for the cache as well, rather than change like every second for different people. 

    So yes that would save manually changing a poll (as much as a trial that is) makes things interesting with the random order and just seems a really cool thing to be able to do. Now that I think about it, that would be such a handy system for polls across wikis and so a great gift for you to bequeath onto FANDOM sites.

    With your magic make it snow and drop all the presents on us, Sannse Claus.

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    • Oh yes since everyone loves Christmas songs, a festive ode for you Sannse. Everyone join in singing!


      You better not spam

      You better not lie

      You better not necropost 

      I’m telling you why

      Sannse Claus is comin’ to FANDOM! 

      She sees you when you’re trolling

      She knows if you’re a sock 

      She knows if your edits are bad or good

      So make them good you massive… BLOCK!


      Couldn’t resist! Sannse it would also be amazing if in your display picture you added a Santa hat and those naughty or nice tattoos Santa has in Rise of the Guardians or knuckle dusters.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • People are saying that I'm underage and I am not. At least people guessed that I am underaged because of my immature behaviour. What can I do?

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    • It's not okay for people to ask for private information like age, but if you wanted to you could tell them that you are 14 and then move on and ignore them. Staff don't make guesses about who is what age, so what others think doesn't matter.

      I'd also suggest not acting immature!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • [1]

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